Candid Camera Classic: First Female Pilot

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RacinGIRL911 : Isn’t it weird how women were looked at back then?

Chuck Keough : 2:46 beautiful eyes

spu3 : What's the problem, it's not as if they have to park it.

Randall Flagg : too funny - even women were uncomfortable with the idea!

M Julian : I LOVE Fannie Flagg...she is the ULTIMATE forever

Gordon McCoy : Flight Attendants were a Damn sight prettier in '63 than the group we have to look at today....!

Partyall : The flight attendant was probably in shock thinking, wait a minute, I could have been a pilot??

Dalan Andrews : Monica Lewinsky at 2:00.

James Herington : Hilarious

dsmj : Oh God, another moment from history that is going to make Social Justice Warriors heads explode. Just what we need.

Pepe Guitarra : In 1982, I was working in a large engineering company and hired a woman engineer (the first one to work that company). As usual, the first day of work, I took her around the office to introduce her to the other coworkers. The first thing they said, even before I introduced her, was: " Hey, you hired a new secretary!!" Today, the president of that company is a woman.

GyrlBlaque : That's so sad, thinking a woman can't fly a plane

unclebobunclebob : I still haven't flown on a plane with a woman pilot. Now THAT'S amazing.

Kip Tucker : They didn't delude themselves with progressive nonsense in those days.  They instinctively knew the concept of Woman Pilot was wrong...just like Fire Woman or Police Woman.

Marc Hoffman :

FilmsFor SMARTpeople : That stewardess is so cute with that "60's Flip" hair

Noel Coffey : and it was a lady that thought it so unusual if that was a man saying that be uproar lol

SuperHuia : how times have changed.

Dr. Dawlin Ureña : Isn't it amazing how much more beautiful women looked back then?

August : wow this was only in 63...crazy to think how far we've come.

Caged : Back in the 60s this was probably shock as dismay. But I wonder what if, today after 9/11, they put a pilot who was woman wearing a nijab? Would we get similiar reactions? What if this was in Saudi Arabia?

Chick Bait : I want my pilot to have had a passion for flight since birth, to have flown a long and distinguished stretch in the military under high stress missions, and then enter the commercial arena with 1000's of hours under his belt. If women fit that criteria, then I have no problem with them being commercial pilots. What I don't want is some gender quota crap that will inevitably kill thousands.

Randall Frame : Golly...things like this keep happening and soon women will be allowed to vote!!!!!

A Who Snackbar : The men seemed skeptical but they seemed to accept it. But the women just couldn't accept being piloted by another woman! Go figure !!

eight inches : None of these people had ever heard of Amelia Erhart?

MrEdwin57 : Look who brought down that plane safely in Philly when that engine blew! ! ! ! 4 /17/18.

Gary J. : I think women pilots is a great idea: no need to reverse.

Hojung Kim : wow she look so classy

Mitch Stone : This brings back a lot of memories of watching this with my parents so long ago!! Such a shame how they treated women back then and the women, well most of them, were brainwashed into thinking that's how things should be!! Women can do anything, as long as you take their cell phones, makeup away and don't ask them to park it correctly!

joseph karl : All kinds of hate up in da house

Charlie Tango : We have come a long way since then.

Cool Yajets : When the World was as it should be

david2020 : Back then most women looked so classy with those hairstyles!!

France D'Ahn : THAT’S GOLD

Daniel Frost : I'm watching this and today we had Tammie Jo Shults save a Southwest airline after the engine blew up. Thank goodness attitudes have, mostly, changed.

Caged : Happy Women's Equality Day!

Ten Bears : RacinGIRL911 No, it's weird how they are looked at now 😂

bd C : Yes, that is the way it was. When I would choose a lawyer, CPA, doctor or a dentist in those days, I would select a woman because they had to be more "qualified" to go to graduate schools in those days.

Mark Riley : So this is where the world started going to hell

V. E. : Amelia Earhart would've rolled over in her grave, at that kind of gender bias. My mother and Father were both certified pilots, no wonder I got my first certification at age 17 (that was the youngest you could be to be eligible for a pilot's license). While I don't have the resources to keep up my flight time, I can and do still fly, Its just that I do it in hang gliders and parasails.

wannawatchu66 : And when that first female pilot was hired, how much ya wanna bet it was some sort of EEOC requirement?

Visionery1 : Back in the days when women were supposed to be nothing more than barefoot and pregnant this must've been unbelievable.

starofcctv94 : Have none of these heard of Amelia Airhart?

Stephanie Baughman : It’s weird and sad that this was a joke at one time. My how far we’ve come

Danny Hamilton : No one seemed to have confidence in, nor regard for the female quotient back in that time zone...yikes!! We've come a long!! Let us all NOT FORGET..Miss Amelia Earhart~

Oshow : First!!

Warren NZ : How times have changed...

big spoon : Oh women got the right. Women just got the right to drive a car, recently, in Saudi Arabia. We're coming up, and bumping that.

Jake Williams : There is a job for a man. There is a job for a woman. Woman shouldn’t be cops. Firefighters. Pilots.

seanmc 71 : Wow next thing you know women will be allowed to vote. What's this world coming to? Lol