Candid Camera Classic: First Female Pilot

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spu3 : What's the problem, it's not as if they have to park it.

Partyall : The flight attendant was probably in shock thinking, wait a minute, I could have been a pilot??

Dr. Dawlin Ureña : Isn't it amazing how much more beautiful women looked back then?

RacinGIRL911 : Isn’t it weird how women were looked at back then?

A Who Snackbar : The men seemed skeptical but they seemed to accept it. But the women just couldn't accept being piloted by another woman! Go figure !!

Randall Flagg : too funny - even women were uncomfortable with the idea!

MrEdwin57 : Look who brought down that plane safely in Philly when that engine blew! ! ! ! 4 /17/18.

FilmsFor SMARTpeople : That stewardess is so cute with that "60's Flip" hair

Gordon McCoy : Flight Attendants were a Damn sight prettier in '63 than the group we have to look at today....!

Chuck Keough : 2:46 beautiful eyes

dsmj : Oh God, another moment from history that is going to make Social Justice Warriors heads explode. Just what we need.

Randall Frame : Golly...things like this keep happening and soon women will be allowed to vote!!!!!

Dalan Andrews : Monica Lewinsky at 2:00.

unclebobunclebob : I still haven't flown on a plane with a woman pilot. Now THAT'S amazing.

david2020 : Back then most women looked so classy with those hairstyles!!

eight inches : None of these people had ever heard of Amelia Erhart?

M Julian : I LOVE Fannie Flagg...she is the ULTIMATE forever

August : wow this was only in 63...crazy to think how far we've come.

Daniel Frost : I'm watching this and today we had Tammie Jo Shults save a Southwest airline after the engine blew up. Thank goodness attitudes have, mostly, changed.

Chick Bait : I want my pilot to have had a passion for flight since birth, to have flown a long and distinguished stretch in the military under high stress missions, and then enter the commercial arena with 1000's of hours under his belt. If women fit that criteria, then I have no problem with them being commercial pilots. What I don't want is some gender quota crap that will inevitably kill thousands.

SuperHuia : how times have changed.

Cool Yajets : When the World was as it should be

Kip Tucker : They didn't delude themselves with progressive nonsense in those days.  They instinctively knew the concept of Woman Pilot was wrong...just like Fire Woman or Police Woman.

Gary J. : I think women pilots is a great idea: no need to reverse.

SuperPussyFinger : People were much wiser back then. They knew that women were dangerous and ill-equipped to handle complex tasks, long before women were unleashed to ruin the world.

Noel Coffey : and it was a lady that thought it so unusual if that was a man saying that be uproar lol

poetcomic1 : Fannie Flagg - she was the most natural of all. Carried it off beautifully.

France D'Ahn : THAT’S GOLD

Hojung Kim : wow she look so classy

Buzz Lightyear : RacinGIRL911 No, it's weird how they are looked at now 😂

bd C : Yes, that is the way it was. When I would choose a lawyer, CPA, doctor or a dentist in those days, I would select a woman because they had to be more "qualified" to go to graduate schools in those days.

Island_Kermode : I was born in the wrong era XDDD... the stupid sjw's today wouldn't even laugh at this :(

GyrlBlaque : That's so sad, thinking a woman can't fly a plane

Caged : Back in the 60s this was probably shock as dismay. But I wonder what if, today after 9/11, they put a pilot who was woman wearing a nijab? Would we get similiar reactions? What if this was in Saudi Arabia?

Him Bike : All kinds of hate up in da house

Charlie Tango : We have come a long way since then.

Jade Martin : Females back then would've had a funny reaction to a male nurse.

Michael RS : That was funny. But you would think back then they would have heard of the WASP ( Women's Airforce Service Pilots) from World War II and not have been overly shocked. But I guess after the war women left the factories and so forth and people went pretty quickly back to gender roles.

V. E. : Amelia Earhart would've rolled over in her grave, at that kind of gender bias. My mother and Father were both certified pilots, no wonder I got my first certification at age 17 (that was the youngest you could be to be eligible for a pilot's license). While I don't have the resources to keep up my flight time, I can and do still fly, Its just that I do it in hang gliders and parasails.

big spoon : Oh women got the right. Women just got the right to drive a car, recently, in Saudi Arabia. We're coming up, and bumping that.

chris columbia : Fanny Flagg! Great comedian.

Rayarena : That stewardess looks like Monica Lewinsky.

Silver Girl : It’s like they heard a child was flying the plane!

wannawatchu66 : And when that first female pilot was hired, how much ya wanna bet it was some sort of EEOC requirement?

Jake Williams : There is a job for a man. There is a job for a woman. Woman shouldn’t be cops. Firefighters. Pilots.

Toni Al : very interesting

Danny Hamilton : No one seemed to have confidence in, nor regard for the female quotient back in that time zone...yikes!! We've come a long!! Let us all NOT FORGET..Miss Amelia Earhart~

Big Kitty : Terror in the skies!!

Warren NZ : How times have changed...

seanmc 71 : Wow next thing you know women will be allowed to vote. What's this world coming to? Lol