Understanding Dave Grohl

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Lie Likes Music : What band/artist should be next? 🎸🎧

Bryan Oliva : Brian Wilson from the beach boys

EL DUDERINO : Its TONY Iommi, not Tommy......

RandomGuy : You forgot he has an amazing sense of humor

Tazzwar Azam : Understanding buckethead. I think this absolutely needs to be done, people need to know his story. It's truly inspiring


Bruno Silva : Understanding Thom Yorke.

fran991213 : Dave is the reason why I play music. Love him so much.

*insert clever nickname* isn't a clever nickname : Dave Grohl is my hero See what I did there

John Bradford : Tommy Iommi... (facepalm)

GamERs : do understanding royal blood please <3 (thanks for liking my comment BTW)

silver bullet industries : Understanding Chuck Schuldiner please

mally smithy : Understanding Billie Joe Armstrong?

Jonathan Gillis : Here's a philosophy. If you play an instrument and you're getting annoyed or tired of it, just remember this: you are making an inanimate object sing...

killanzuxxu : Can you do Layne Staley/ Alice In Chains? Maybe Chris Cornell/ Soundgarden?

John Mc : smashing pumpkins please

pocahoetrans : Jim Morrison, Ian Curtis or Freddie Mercury

Papa Jefe : "Tommy" Iommi? It's Tony, man. Tony.

Tryfon Sot. : Rumor has it Grohl can play the guitar with drumsticks

Javier Sanchez : Understanding the GALLAGHER BROTHERS!

David CM : Understanding Jamiroquai

Daniel Alejandro : Next Thom Yorke or Matt Bellamy. Please.

Matt : Understanding Billy Corgan?

VB MUTT : I’m sorry to say this but dave would have been nowhere if it wasn’t for Cobain..

Maximiliam Andersson : Another killer video, my man! Absolutely loving this series.

Francisco Rodrigues : understanding Layne Staley!! Chris Cornell!! Tony Iommi!!

David Dwayne : Them Crooked Vultures not only created some of the greatest rock songs of the modern era… But of all time! Banger after banger on that album.

dk tar : please jim morrison or ian curtis

Geoff Baumgartner : Foo Fighters aren't my absolute favorite band, but I feel like Dave is like the Ambassador of Rock at this point. He's like the public face and best representative of it. Deservedly so. Great series, btw. Just discovered it 2 days after APC's new record. New subscriber.

Mitchell Stewart : TOMMY Iommi? That’s where you’re wrong sir.

Trey Kelly : At 10:00 He says John Paul Jones from Led Zepplin, but then John Bonham's symbol appeared on screen

Daniel Soliz : Understanding Henry Rollins

Tom B1rks : Thom Yorke and Matt Bellamy are defo two you should do

Matthew Kraig : Understanding NothingButThieves!

Connor Cunny : Rage Against the Machine (without Zach) didnt make the mention list but Cage the Elephant did... come on man xD

Rotisserie Chiggen : Make one for the pixies/ Joey Santiago

Fin Roe : Understanding John Frusciante?

halfghost : Interpol

x0nlyOne : Alex Turner - Arctic Monkeys. PS: Great video !

Bastián Yorke : Understanding Thom Yorke please

Elaine Callas : Understanding Eddie Vedder please??

ben barnette : Understanding Kurt Cobain please!!!!

Joe Lowry : Thom Yorke next!

xxx_BURNTTOAST_xxx : Do Matt Bellamy or Thom Yorke

LilEngland : Understanding Rivers Cuomo!

The Lax : Understanding Robert Fripp?

Nicolas Mendola : Understanfing Alex Turner

Alex DeLarge : do understanding varg vikernes and keith moon please

Jackson Shults : Do John frusciante

And W : It's TONY Iommi not, Tommy.