Understanding Dave Grohl

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Lie Likes Music : What band/artist should be next? 🎸🎧

Bryan Oliva : Brian Wilson from the beach boys

Maximiliam Andersson : Another killer video, my man! Absolutely loving this series.

EL DUDERINO : Its TONY Iommi, not Tommy......

Matthew Kraig : Understanding NothingButThieves!

John Bradford : Tommy Iommi... (facepalm)

GamERs : do understanding royal blood please <3 (thanks for liking my comment BTW)

Bruno Silva : Understanding Thom Yorke.

Tazzwar Azam : Understanding buckethead. I think this absolutely needs to be done, people need to know his story. It's truly inspiring

Junkie Chan : Do Arctic Monkeys

The Lax : Understanding Robert Fripp?

silver bullet industries : Understanding Chuck Schuldiner please

Have Guitar : He is... maybe not a genious but def very talented. What a fantastic journey and it seems like he just doesn't stop to look back.


Daniel Soliz : Understanding Henry Rollins

Daniel Alejandro : Next Thom Yorke or Matt Bellamy. Please.

John Mc : smashing pumpkins please

cruelsmmer : Interpol

VB MUTT : I’m sorry to say this but dave would have been nowhere if it wasn’t for Cobain..

RandomGuy : You forgot he has an amazing sense of humor

Connor Cunny : Rage Against the Machine (without Zach) didnt make the mention list but Cage the Elephant did... come on man xD

fran991213 : Dave is the reason why I play music. Love him so much.

David CM : Understanding Jamiroquai

David Dwayne : Them Crooked Vultures not only created some of the greatest rock songs of the modern era… But of all time! Banger after banger on that album.

Goofys100 : Understanding Billy Corgan?

Javier Sanchez : Understanding the GALLAGHER BROTHERS!

dk tar : please jim morrison or ian curtis

Tom B1rks : Thom Yorke and Matt Bellamy are defo two you should do

Junkie Chan : Do Bloc Party

quattraspeione : "Tommy" Iommi? It's Tony, man. Tony.

pocahoetrans : Jim Morrison, Ian Curtis or Freddie Mercury

Jonathan Gillis : Here's a philosophy. If you play an instrument and you're getting annoyed or tired of it, just remember this: you are making an inanimate object sing...

ChinkenNungents : this channel slowly becoming my favourite... keep it up

Joe Lowry : Thom Yorke next!

xxx_BURNTTOAST_xxx : Do Matt Bellamy or Thom Yorke

Ashraf Rahman : Great stuff as always, Dave is very versatile. Please bring back Them Crooked vultures

Alex's Fun Channel : FRESH POTS!!!!!

Eric Quaye : Great video man, keep it comin oh btw I think Kurt was Lennon and Dave was McCartney.

Frederik Johannsen : THERE WE GO! and like always a great video man!

x0nlyOne : Alex Turner - Arctic Monkeys. PS: Great video !

killanzuxxu : Can you do Layne Staley/ Alice In Chains? Maybe Chris Cornell/ Soundgarden?

Snakewarp12 : Understanding oasis

Bastián Yorke : Understanding Thom Yorke please

mally smithy : Understanding Billie Joe Armstrong?

Ally : Love this so well done man! Def subscribing to your channel and looking forward to more videos like this. ps if I can just give a tip: in a future video you could try talking just a tiny tiny bit faster, not much just a little. keeps the watchers glued to the video :)

Mark Foster : Understanding Axl Rose

Elaine Callas : Understanding Eddie Vedder please??

Oscar Martinez : Neil Young Pleaseee!!

Joe Redfield : His starting is pretty similar to mine..... He hates authority and so do I... He hated school, so did I.... He got bored of taking guitar lessons and learned it by himself, so did I... He's really inspiring to me! I want to be huge like him someday...this guy is very influencial in modern rock!

Mitchell Stewart : TOMMY Iommi? That’s where you’re wrong sir.