Brave Indian Boy - Lied Under the Fast Moving Train (STUPIDITY STUNTS)
Train runs over a guy and he does not even get a scratch

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Crazy Train Stunt - Man Lies Down Under Moving Train. This is Really crazy to sleep in the train tracks while train come by? Man Sleep on Railway Track When Train You must check this video out. It's insane and rather stupid of someone to do this. This could have resulted in.... Teenager Lies Under Moving Train Subscribe for more amazing videos @


Finnegan : Nice title. Too many people confuse the word 'brave' with 'stupid'

keerthana keerthi : Brave??? Height of idiocy... Craps

Suraj Suman : Usse to mar jana chaie tha..

Sahil Rao : Brave seriously???

Chris McCormack : Do more stunts like this so that you may die and end the misery of your existence.

Ankush Rana : r u crazy this shows that u r too much stupid......just b safe ok.....don't do this silly stunts...

garjeet Bajwa : fudhu

Singh Ravi : Grand chutiyapa... That's not bravery dude

W W W. Where We Went : Such people should die... He and his friends and such people are slowing India's progress.

Zeesahn Shani : is ko jothay marooo mil kar sab

mohhamed jafar : Super man

Vikash Kumar : Indian man always bravely and Pakistan ghuspait....

Paradigm _sh1ft : If anything, India could do with a population cull 😂

Kundan Singh Rajput : Sala koi upar se muut deta is par to thik tha

arun arun : show maleness in saving needy people

All About da money - Friends/family and buses! : Why do that?