Brave Indian Boy - Lied Under the Fast Moving Train (STUPIDITY STUNTS)

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Nick Gordon : That isn't bravery that's stupidity

P D : Nice title. Too many people confuse the word 'brave' with 'stupid'

Chris McCormack : Do more stunts like this so that you may die and end the misery of your existence.

Vikash Kumar : Indian man always bravely and Pakistan ghuspait....

Suraj Suman : Usse to mar jana chaie tha..

Paradigm _sh1ft : If anything, India could do with a population cull 😂

mohhamed jafar : Super man

Ahmad Mateen : Thre is no lack of stupid people in indea

Sahil Rao : Brave seriously???

W W W. Where We Went : Such people should die... He and his friends and such people are slowing India's progress.

Ankush Rana : r u crazy this shows that u r too much stupid......just b safe ok.....don't do this silly stunts...

Denis Pușcașu : He is not brave,he is idiot

Kundan Singh Rajput : Sala koi upar se muut deta is par to thik tha

arun arun : show maleness in saving needy people

Singh Ravi : Grand chutiyapa... That's not bravery dude

jelly doughnut : Retard

Mr Transport - mainly buses : Why do that?

keerthana keerthi : Brave??? Height of idiocy... Craps

Zeesahn Shani : is ko jothay marooo mil kar sab