I Live Alone in an Island Paradise

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bone moisture : god I wish that were me

bluzshadez : This man reminds me of a story of a recluse who lives up in the mountains. Visitor: Hello Sir! Don't you get lonely living up here? Hermit: No, I don't. Not at all! Visitor: So, what do you do during the morning Sir? Hermit: I have coffee and Rosary. Visitor: What about during the afternoon? Hermit: I have coffee and Rosary. Visitor: What about during those very cold nights? Hermit: I still have coffee and Rosary. Visitor: Wow! Sir, you must be a holy man! Hermit: No, I am not! Visitor: But you must be Sir, after all of the praying that you do all day and night. Hermit: Before you go, I would like you to sit down with me. Visitor: But of course. Thank you Sir! Hermit: Rosary, Please bring us 2 cups of coffee!

NecroZEX : Minecraft in real life

Lyn h : He said his books are his friend and they don't betray you, it makes me wonder what happened to him in the past that makes him want to isolate himself.

LeviAndz : “It took 10,000 years to make this beach. Mankind has destroyed it in 20.” I found this so powerful and sad

GraceDcastle : Beautiful island and he's rather a very interesting person. Loved it. He looks so in peace. I wish one day I can get to be so comfortable with my life like he is with his.

Linnea 97 : Of course he hasn’t had a cold if there are no other humans around

Kay-leigh Kasan : “Beauty is where there are no people” damn that hit me

Melodie S : This is the wealthiest man on the planet. Wish it was me.

Tawheed Samad : Watch how the whole world arrives there next morning 😂

Chunk Vader : Just imagining the amount of introverts who have boners right now

Not a jojo Fan : The fact that there’s no one else makes it paradise island

AnhelKreep : As an Italian, I loved this video but I feel sad that the actual history of Butelli was not covered at all, so there are some facts about this beautiful island: - The only period in which the island was inabitated was in prehistoric eras, no modern settlement has ever been established on it. - The 'Pink Beach' that you see briefly on video owes its magnificent color to the shells of Miniacina miniacea, a foraminifera that lives in the habitat around the rhizomes of Posidonia oceanica, the most important flora in the Mediterranean Sea. Over time, however, the beach has lost almost completely its color due to the human behaviour explained in the video. In 1994, the Pink Beach has been put under severe regulations, and now is forbidden to access, walk, rest and even swim near it. In recent years, the park has given the possibility to visitors to walk on the hill that surround the beach, and boats have to stop at least 70 meters away from the shore. - Since 1800, the island had been private property, sold and brought by several people over the years, until a New Zealand man made an offer to buy it in 2015. All of sudden, a national campain started to prevent Butelli from being brought once again, in order to preserve its beauty (even if the new buyer had promised to mantain all the rules that were already established to preserve the natural state of the island). In the end, a sum of 3 million euro was put together to add the island to the already pre-existing National Park of the Maddalena Archipelago, but since then Mauro Morandi, the man in the video, has reported the fact that the Italian government is not taking care of the island at all, especially regarding the matter of the plastic waste that comes from the sea.

Razørblade : He's lucky. He can live as he wants, dress as he wants... I like that he's not living following the society 'rules'

B. M. : When you love simplicity, honesty and truth, you don't end up not yearning for the company of humans, but the embrace of nature.

FalconGamer58 : Basically what it feels like to play solo Minecraft on xtra redux shaders 420+ ambient weather chamber

Cademan Caden : I would happily live on the other side & promise not to bother him

_Bob McCoy : *I hope he has a volleyball*

Diffup : Yeah but, where does he get his clothes?

Gabriel Smythurst : I love this guy, I admire his choice to pursue a solitary life, surrounded by nature and reading

HEMA TP : Beauty is where there are no people! Sadly, this is becoming the truth!

Joshua Neyman : I'd love to live like him.

Byron Poliah : *Christopher columbus has joined the chat*

honda197056 : I see there are lots of I feel sorry for this man. Please don't be sorry for him, he has found his place in the world. Whatever life's path led him there can he truly understand and be at one with himself. Not all humans need social interaction. I envy this man and wish him all the best his chosen path can give him. To truly know ones self is true wisdom and pure happiness.

Ravi Jani : If he retires, i will replace him.

Beeg Yoshi : The island looks like the most beautiful thing i cannot lie however i would want to live with like my 4 closest friends and we can do what we want individually and have our own houses on parts of the island all within walking distance and we can just meet and chill :0__~ if u know what i mean

ALPHA- الفا : But he met the interviewer

TheCookingNerd : For each like I will add a 🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴 🌴🌴🌴🌴

Avery Lopez-Baines : Cool island bro

epSos.de : Has no wealth. Has a private beach. House near the beautiful beach. *Nice life for retirement :-)*

Lets Go To Mars : Now I Understand, Thanos.

St. Herip : that's one sarcastically-made Christmas tree

Ryan Meakin : "Beauty is where there are no people" So true

Mr. Awesome's Animations : Now this is epic!

Renwoxing13 Hacked By Scarce : You just KNOW there is a tragic story behind this guys decision... Thanks be god he didnt turn to a junkie insteas!

Play Track : Shows us christmas tree, he decorated it with some garbage he collected and said *these are the garbage they sent me from the ocean, generous aren't they?* LEGEND

MoonaticDestiny : Being selfish is a good thing. It means you like to take care of yourself.

Mr. Ara : That’s not true! At least 30 People From the Battle bus Lands At Paradise Palms!


J.Sullivan : That one eyebrow looks like @

really? : This guy took the word "introvert" to the next level

Weakesers : Wait where's that cigarette from

That'sSoBeki : Great story but so much left uncovered. Please do a part 2!Would have been interesting to hear about his life before, what was his profession, did he have family, what happened to them, why he didn't want to talk to anyone for years, how did he find the island (besides "by chance"). Also how does he live? Does hunt or fish? What kind of fruit and veg grown on the island? What about the plants he takes care of? Where would he go if his health deteriorated and he had to leave?

Cerdaspedia Indonesia : I want to live in isolate island too, but i can't live without internet 😩

GDPro23 : Thanks, going there for winter break

Anubhav : I am soooooo jealous.... I would probably be naked most of the time. Also if he reads so much, where does we get new books?

AyyRosh : Me when someone yells at me

Glassy : Heaven on Earth, truly stunning!

Spongebob SquarePants : Get some wine and he will be just fine

XpertPandazz : Im lonely sippin 40's/