Thug Life Magic

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winlip2 : This whole documentary is a goldmine. Magic Camp from 2012 if you haven't had the pleasure

CLEVER.CAT : this is the best thug life song

Batman : 0:01-0:03 you can hear somebody start whistling the first three notes to Lavender Town (c, g, b)

Francisco Salcedo : What kind of weasley is this?

GeometricalError : *Puts on 0.25 speed*

TheHunter5301 : May god help us with thugs like this in the streets, please god have mercy

Samuel Grubbs : Hi! Do you own the rights to this video? If so, does Whistle Sports have permission to post your video across our social media platforms with credit to you?

Gumball Watterson : Its an easy trick hes just good at it

Harry indeed : Cool kid

Heidi j : what song is this

Lausac Sanduan : Pulling a pimp cane out of thin air is an act of god.

jack lajoie : next big meme: gingers are magic

Giancarlo Biondino : That's legitimately the baddest dude alive

PANTHER NIGHT : I know how he do this its easy

Alexander Mazuraitis : why im here

Berny Gonzalez : Quien más está aquí por ALEX xD

Mr. Kenspickle : You Shall not pass! thug life...

Canned Soup : Legend says it they next day he killed everyone.

House Bearcrusher Late Night : This is probably the pinnacle of the Thug Life videos lol

Hard Bear : Where do i get one of those

Darkshot88 : Can someone please tell me where I can buy this...

CloverParsley 2917 : How... HOW! Witch burn him at the steak

Molto : waut is that harry??

ayo_tok 95 : Ron weasley getting his magic on.

dreary coma : can someone give me the link to that stick thing he used? i really want one now...

Lark Macallan : if you think about it, this might just be the best clip ever of anything

Rob Main : I thought this was an outtake from Superbad :/

ZieglerGaming : Where can I buy one?!?!

Joe Young : I cannot love this enough

King John : Is this a field trip for Hogwarts?

X. Y. : Ginger Jew fro swag

Jerzey55 : Why do I keep coming back to this?

TheUnnamed : where do i buy one of those? like what is it called?

jonathon322000 : the amount of swag cured my cancer

Sithlordbob78 : Is this that Harry Potter the kids are talking about?

Kim Portillo : 😀😁😂😃😄😅☺😉😊😎😀😂😂😂😂😂 Jesus

CountTentacula : I knew it must be Ron Weasley's American cousin.

mightmurder : Seriously guys, what's the name of this magic stick ? and please tell me :(

Kievan Hartup : What is that

Usuario Promedio HD : what is the name of the song???

Tyler Presents : Where do I buy this?

Naviin7 : that douche bag behind him tho 

RoRo Hennyman : How do you do this and where can I get one

Boris B : KING

chris reimer : one thug life to rule them all

Adrian Alvarez : magic pimp cane.

Outlaw : watch out, this dude is stealing girls left and right

Juninho Brazil : qual o nome da musica que toca???

Supremium : It's a stick called huaha metal appearing canel. Nvm

phatkat : That kid is magic. On a side note- to all you redditors leaving comments. Stop thinking you're better than 4chan and trivializing videos because lel you're so funny and above fedora neckbeard fatties. Just stop. The joke is done and it's not funny anymore.