Rodney Mullen best 3 minutes Full HD | Bones Brigade Autobiography

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Skate Warehouse : #LEGEND

SoberBeatz : The dislikers don't realize how influental Rodeny is to modern day skateboarding. It basically came from him. You know that ollie? The first trick you learn on a skateboard? The trick that almost every flatground trick came from? Yeah, he invented that at 15 I love Rodney. He will always be the godfather of skateboarding

Mark Yang : no one would ever be able to beat Rodney in SKATE

LATNG : the m2k of skateboarding

Hockey Life : Damn right no one said a word. Too much respect, even back then. Can all y'all please stop trying to label the dude, this aint even one of those PC comments, it's about how back in the day no one gave a fuck about trying to figure out what was "wrong" with him, there's too much right with him. He's just the coolest weird dude you know. It's Rodney Fucking Mullen. You don't need to bring out the DSM-V to figure out what he's about. Just watch his clips. Sheesh.

Ahmed Tairab : Greatest street skateboarder of all time. Period

fcastle : just shredding solo with no shirt and hot pink pants....beyond badass. the 80's RULED

Robert : This is easy the dude had anxiety disorder.

Unclejona : I love all these guys soooo much it makes me cry

undeadr4nge : He reminds me of Shaggy from Scooby Doo lmao

amerus Rudd : I'd bet my last dollar he's got a form of autism

firecrakka : It's pretty sad how people feel the need to label unique characters in a negative way. "He's Retarded, He's Autistic, He has something wrong with him...." How about just letting the guy live and enjoying all he has contributed to the sport. Recognize Greatness.

E F : When Mullen competed, the only question was, "who's coming in 2nd place?" GOAT

Muppio : Rodney Mullen, a very special person.

pedro gomez : Rodney is the Ronaldinho of skateboarding. Insanely Unpredictable

petestrat07 : Rodney Mullen is to skateboarding what Jimi Hendrix is to guitar.

jack mayhoff : LOL "no one said a word " hahaha

DonnyPokemaniac : The godfather of skating still my inspiration no matter whats wrong with him

BettyMasterPain : Rodney Mullen is not autistic, people with passion speak that way, it's something you never will know, do not talk nonsense Cody Riddle

Joe Partsch : 0:27 - 0:35 wtf?

Rt Harmon : 1:53 Rodney Mullen was fucking crazy hahaha lol

vzlan999 : this guy is the best, and he has aged pretty well also.

Artoo DeckU : Watching Rodney Mullen speak, for me, is just as entertaining as watching Rodney Mullen skate.

TheFlual22 : He isn't autistic. Thats called passion.He is just dedicated to skateboarding. I hate when people try to box somebody in.

Ajey : Check out Rodney's Ted talk. It's amazing.

DonVito Gaming Channel : What's wrong with Rodney now, poor him ;(

KaramelLolaBunnie91 : epicness & awesomeness

KaptainCrunch : Feeling sick, Freaking out and then just disappearing like that is all signs of a junkie going through withdrawals! The man was/is addicted to skating! He left to go get his fix so to speak! lmao!... Rodney Mullen the best in the world!

Oliver Aeternus : People take the piss out of autists these days but the guy basically created modern skating

Baka Skateboards : yeah for those interested should check out Rodney autobiography The Mutt: How To Skateboard and Not Kill Yourself.  Dude was about to have a nervous breakdown. and understandably so

Riley Woods : You know Mullen was the best at what he did when people STILL can't do some of the shit he did.

Sector 760 : Oceanside❤

Richard Hicks : by far the best skateboarder ever......a great human being....

ConorMc : the best thing about rodney mullen is no matter how many people tell him he's amazing and inspirational, he still remains so humble.

The Sun : he clearly has aspergers, hes not crazy

Nick Eckhardt : G O A T

Dhika Wikibi : You guys who mock this uber smart man should thank him. He put his genius into the skateboard, not become a sadistic politician like lenin or hitler

Minor Aesthetics : Song in the background is Up and Down by Chad Valley. In case anyone was wondering :D

Oleg Kot : rodney mullen is jimmy hendrix of skateboarding

Whisky Rebel : The best street skater of all time.

Adrian Otto : pals short work looks pretty sexymention .

Samsgarden : 00:46  What's William Lane Craig doing in this video?

Thaïla Khampo : Crazy to think that he was slowly creating modern skateboard decades before.

Yoshihiro Akiyama : Grosso has the best take on this Spinal Tap of a documentary.

Sleeper Dabs : he seems like he is peaking 25/8

graz ryan : Rodney Mullen is a genius. He may talk like that his great analysis over the technicalities of the tricks and his want to share it to the community is so damn inspiring

nihl hinz : The King!

World Parachutist Organization : Like Jay Adams, Rodney Mullen cared about skating, the rest was ridiculous fluff that only mattered to the greedy and fame-hunters. A modern day guru.

skatopolis II : seems like skateboarding was there for him in a big way. <3 much love.

Logan Wild : Best Skateboarder to ever have lived.... Period