The Nazi Pedophile Apocalypse Cult
The Nazi Pedophile Apocalypse Cult

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Francisca Ugalde : I remember the summer of 97 or 98, being in a family vacation down in the South - as we call it here in Santiago - and how my cousins and I used to scare each other saying “don’t you know Paul Schafer is missing? He’s going to come and get you in the middle of the night!”. He was a Boogeyman of sorts. We knew he had done something ‘bad’ to kids but obviously the adults didn’t told us the details. Years later I, and many other Chileans, came to understand the extent of the atrocities that happened in Colonia Dignidad. Thanks for shining a light on it, the episode is superb as always. PS: I wanted to add that the ex colony, now Villa Baviera, is truly doing good, and they have a line of very good cheeses and charcuterie that is sold country-wide. Very hard working people.

Steve Evans : Whilst I'm familiar with various South American Nazi refuges, this is the first I have ever heard of this one. Quite simply, Wow. Not in a good way obviously. It's a sad state of affairs that I'm rarely shocked at the depths to which humans can descend, but congratulations Mr Schäfer, your depravity has shocked me. What a pity that you lived such a long life, you should have been strangled at birth. Many thanks for making this video.

Matías Vásquez : Hey, I'm chilean and I've been watching all the videos that you've filmed here, liked every single one so far. I think those were the most obscure years in chilean history, no doubt about it. Such a beautiful landscape ruined by those events. I'm really hoping you film one about Mapuche people, so you can show more of their culture and the beautiful chilean patagonia.

AlucardNoir : ...this was... powerful, extremely so. Some stories need to be told and I'm afraid most media has no interest in telling them. Please don't stop making these.

darkhayou : The title has four words you don't really want hanging out together.

net81j : I remember an advice, "When somebody tells you there really is an Utopia, it probably is a Trap!"

beef flow3000 : I hope Henry Kissingers funeral comes soon...and everyone spits on his casket.

Brent Braniff : This one brought me to tears. Unbelievable. Thank you so much for your work.

John Early : When I launched YouTube with the intent to show my own uploads to a bunch of guests and this video was the very first one on the top left corner of the page... well, it was beyond awkward. Possibly the most embarrassing moment of my life. The good news is that the only way I could think to explain the vid (and reassure my guests that I hadn’t been searching for some bizarre intersection of kiddie porn and Stanley Kubrick movies) was to show a quick “top five” Rare Earth vids, and let the works speak for themselves. I think everyone understood, but I’m not sure. As for this video, with its nearly unclick-able title, I gathered my courage and watched (great vid, as usual) and so far the police have not come knocking.

Justin Y. : * Looks at video title * *What?*

takineko : I doubt he believed in God. He just uses the faith people have in the Lord to manipulate people.

George Kanchev : Wtf you're the best storyteller I've ever heard. And this was interesting from start to end. Subbed!

Intergalactic Human Empire : That title is so crazy and yet not clickbait. Good work.

Mycel : sedation and electric shocks to torture, brainwash and enslave people? secret executioners for pinochet? anti-communist cult, running over 35 years with continued government support before and after the american-sponsored coup? it's not just me seeing CIA written all over that project, right?

Claire Poirier : title was a rollercoaster

BangDroid : It is so courageous what the survivors did. Not running, and transforming a place of horror into a place of peace. This truly moved me.

Max : "The sheep had put their faith in the wrong shepard" I don't know if that's an intentional pun, but the leaders name is Schäfer, which means shepard so yeah... they really did put their trust in the wrong shepard

Tau Manifesto : I've watched and liked. This was very well done and compassionately told. Subscribed!

bL1X : If you're interested, there was a movie about this called 'Colonia'. I think it was last year. It's good.

Charlie Clumsy : That title is probably the oddest and most interesting title I've read this year.

General Nick of the Holy Zest Empire : I hope he’s burning in Hell. Tbh,he probably knew he was going to Hell,but didn’t care.

Name Name : "Anti-communist" *Creates authoritarian agricultural commune*

Daminkz : I can't believe last year in Chile we had a presidential candidate who is the grandson of a runaway nazi, whose whole family was involved with Pinochet's dictatorship, and who profeses an extreme ideology of conservatism and fascism. I can't believe he actually got 8% and formed an oficial political party. AAAAGH people never learn.

Lightzpy : Damn this video had a dark vibe to it at the end, the meaning of life is the ability to learn from suffering and gain wisdom and knowledge for bliss, what they suffered was pure physical and phycological torture and indoctrination. May every communist and facist suffer the most excruciating experiences for the rest of their lives, while i smile at them and enjoy their evil being drowned by vengeance and punishment until death

merdufer : The only word in the title that wasn't horrifying was "The."

GAC995 : Keep up the good work man, your vids are addicting.

Flash Gordon : The incredible trauma and suffering of the victims, is only quelled, by the unimaginable relief, when they were eventually freed. Those that survived this horror that is. That is the only light in this terrible story. Thank God it was brought to an end and there were survivors. And we can see the boundless evil, that humans are capable of. The beast that lies within us all. We must do all we can, to teach Love and peace to the young. One can't help but wonder, what the lives of the perpetrators, was like in their childhoods and what lead them, to commit such foul and sinister crimes?

Bananenstaude007 : Was Schäfer really a Nazi? I think he was just a selfish loser who knew how to take advantage of other people. This is a brief summary of his life, before he fled to Chile in 1961. It is based on German sources, please comment if anything is incorrect. I found out about this story recently and was surprised he lived just a 3 minute drive away from my home town: Schäfer lost one eye as a child and could not join the Wehrmacht as a soldier in WWII, but he worked as a paramedic in occupied France. When the war was over, he worked as a youth leader for the Catholic Church. But when they found out he was abusing children and punishing them in sadistic ways, he was dismissed. Of course, the church did not report anything to the police. He then went on to preach in other Protestant churches and later built an orphanage in Heide (Siegburg). It was funded by the state and by the money Schäfer earned from letting the children work without any salary. By 1961 he had quite a big group of people and especially children under his control. When he was accused of raping two children the same year, he fled to Chile, taking about about 150 children with him. What I find hard to understand, is that he must have had quite some help from the German government. All of the children that followed him were allowed to leave, also those who still had parents. Schäfer was able to charter a plane and bring them all to Chile. And when some years later, children escaped from the colony to the German embassy in Chile, the embassy just called Schäfer to pick them up.

Mandy B : Just horrible. Not even close as a description, but my mind has numbed, probably out of self-defence. Outstanding video. Despite the horror, thank you.

DarkKnightK : Rare Wisdom + Rare Earth = Rare Video

Roy Unit : This story started out horrible and kept getting worse. But I'm glad you've told it; these are the kinds of stories that need to be heard if we are to find reconciliation.

SummerWizz1 : 1:20 not to be confused with Canadian musician "Paul Shaffer"

Some f*ggot : Yep that's my country Allowing this to happen

Nick : *See title* You know what? I think I'm good. Imma skip this one. *a few hours later* Goddammit fine I need to know what that title is about

Abdulrahman Magda'a : Wow, your narration is amazing, you’re a talented man. This channel is awesome. Good job.

Daniel S.P. : Excellent video. That's all I can say. I am at a standstill. Truly a beautiful illustration of horror and growth. A place born monstrous and made miraculous. Thank you for this.

Master Bob : Been subscribed since you and Chris announced your series. Nice to see you're still at it!

Cristobal Elorza : it´s 1973* not 74 6:06 The ones who found Schäfer 7:44 were journalists from Teletrece and then they told the police, there is a documentary in youtube where they found his location in Argentina

Kayraaa2 : Dude, I know enough things about 4chan. Thanks anyway.

jerk fudgewater : I kept thinking it was the band leader from the David Letterman Show 🙁😏🤣😂😅

Riley Marshall : Nazism is the spawn of Satan. Schafer was not a real Christian

LostinTheRuins : Putting billy Graham and Jim Jones in the same sentence is a bit of a stretch.

Xavier : Strong video. Thank you for sharing.

Andre Vieira : That's some Alex Jones title

ZuRriX : 3:48 - 'The inevitable hormones that you'd have always been a cause for rebellion rebellion'. Damn, what a good sentence.

Patrick Holt : It's the demon of the Inquisition in new forms, passing through the totalitarian eradication of the Spanish left and centre by Franco and the ultraconservative catholic right, on to Pinochet and others in Latin America who saw that annihilation of democracy and movements for reducing poverty as their ideal, into US sects of evangelical protestantism. And all of them, all, completely betrayers of Christ and his message of social transformation that does away with class differences, poverty, oppression and violence, which is the kingdom of God on earth.

Ahmad Iskandar Shah : Nope... nope... burn the entire village down and build a new one.

Rosie R : Wow. Wow. Wow. This video The editing This story The emotions that are almost forced to be felt. You are an amazing storyteller and you did justice to this story. I am so glad i found this channel. It almost feels like I am seeing a part of the world I never met but knew existed. And even though its dark, you somehow make things look a bit brighter. Amazing work.

LJCyrus1 : Right, that's the 3rd video or so I've watched on this channel. Where's the patreon link, they deserve some of my money.