Man found alive in sunken ship

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blumgum : How does this guy sound completely calm and collected?

Jeff Remas Photography : Thanks for putting an ending click box over your text at the end so we can't read it.

Eastern Explorer : It makes you wonder how many times this sort of thing has actually happened in other ship wrecks and nobody went searching them.

Red : I can't fathom being in that horrible situation but i would cry like the biggest baby in the world as soon as i saw the Diver, i would of hugged him whilst crying. xD

ImThatGuyYouWishYouWere : "im the cook" "they always survive" lol

John Smith : The scary thing about this is imagine how many people in history were still alive in the ship only to die slowly in pitch black.

Dan Bate : What a life story that'll be to tell. Hats off to the recovery team also.

jibberjabberman : The cook always survives

Bimmer : Proof that... *IT DO GO DOWN!*

NXBULA : Imagine how his fingers and toes look after being in the water for 3 days

Bored Troll : The look on the poor man's face when he first saw the divers was priceless. He knew he was saved.

SKYY V : Okay, what's your name?? Alvin!!??... Okay I'm Dave and you have Simon and Theodore. We're gonna bring you home...

Mrs.Nickadeemus : 3 days underwater in complete darkness with no food, water and now he has the voice of a chipmunk....

After Hours : absolutely lucky he must've felt. Probably didn't think it was real.

Beans : That's so cool that Alvin and the Chipmunks we able to save this guy!

Mark Rogers : God bless the people who saved this man.

ONYOURWAYTOOBLIVION : With that kinda luck he needs to go to the casino asap

abdou dia : Respect to the divers

Silly Sausage : ocean man. take me by the hand, lead me to the land. that you understand

Dom Burke : Poor bastard thought he was a goner. Props to the divers.

Ryan gst : My brudda my brrudda.... I nevaa brreeeeth....

Brian : Scary. That’s basically the equivalent of being buried alive.

K. Benedict : Finally, the black guy was the last to survive.

Wee Yeex : did he inhale helium?

Squirrel : Nicko lets go bowing

V58/2days : I recomend watching this with one earbud

Cristina P : God wanted this soul saved

Silly Sausage : I will never let go, Harrison

I sell kids for memes : His family: We really appreciate that God was with him all that time Scuba divers: Oh well thank you

Maya 525 : Thats really an incredible story, surviving 3 days no water and its pitch black? Thats amazing

William Teamer III : God is great

ss922822 : And they say black people can't swim smh

Emanon : No water? He was drinking a bottle of water when they found him....

Cooper Laforge : I just realized, this man was in total darkness, can u imagine how scary that is.

Benjamin Filbert : That look on his face at 0:30 gets to me every time. Imagine you've already said your goodbyes in your heart to your friends and family, having come to terms with your situation and inevitable end, and suddenly here comes hope...

gerty tk : You will never know how a true relief feels. But this guy does.

Peter Nachtwey : How deep was Harrison? There is no need to use helium unless they are very deep. Harrison is a survivor. Amazing. The rescuers needed to keep Harrison from going up too fast. I know Harrison was breathing a oxygen-helium mix but there still must be some nitrogen in his body that had to be purged slowly to avoid the bends

Redsparrow633 : Terrifying experience!

John Rambo : They must have been very very deep. Diver and rescue are breathing helium mix. Cant believe that guy was alive

Sébastien Jonas : The relief he must have felt, I can't imagine.

Mac N Cheese : I truly believe God must've put that air bubble there, it's just too perfect

Farva : Can you remove the video at the end so I can actually read the words

Alexandre Bora : 9gaggers?

Bird Man : The voices are fake

Buzz ard : I've been in some f up places, but this guy wins.

Synick : Incredible!

NDABE ZITHA : 7:23 how are we supposed to read the text?

Jolli_2000 Fortnite Battle Royale! : Remember at the beginning when the text said that he had no water? well right here he is drinking some water. 0:51

KahunaKool : They sound like Kenny from South Park

Brenyn Fernandez : Wouldn't he have used all the oxygen in the pocket of air?