Man found alive in sunken ship

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Dan Bate : What a life story that'll be to tell. Hats off to the recovery team also.

Bimmer : Proof that... *IT DO GO DOWN!*

Toasted Fan Art : The guy on the surface is amazing at his job...

Newhistory - Drakensang Online : For the people that cant read the ending: *Harisson Okene the ships cook is alive and well. Unfortunately all other sailers were not so lucky. A total of 11 seaman drowned as the ship sunk.*

Jeff Remas Photography : Thanks for putting an ending click box over your text at the end so we can't read it.

Viet Villain : All i can say is he is lucky as hell..usually when ships sink they just recover dead bodies. But for him to find an air pocket in pitch black darkness and survive for 3 days with no food and water shows his will to survive is fckn strong.

Xbot4Life : That must have been hell, darkness and silence for too long = hallucinations

Dorion Bauman : Poor guy probably thought it was Jesus taking him to heaven lmao

Alexwasthere : XDXDXD He be like ; aye wats up bro. Welcome to ma crib, fridge is over there if you want some water, and thats pretty much it yo

broccoli Sneeze : Sitting in the pitch black, surrounded by fish eating your dead mates, slowly running out of air, basically waiting to die. I would go insane with fear. I wouldn't ever be the same after that.

LemonOVA : Who lives in a -pineapple- sunken ship under the sea

Sal Musa : PROUDLY South African.

Ryan gst : My brudda my brrudda.... I nevaa brreeeeth....

Peter Nachtwey : How deep was Harrison? There is no need to use helium unless they are very deep. Harrison is a survivor. Amazing. The rescuers needed to keep Harrison from going up too fast. I know Harrison was breathing a oxygen-helium mix but there still must be some nitrogen in his body that had to be purged slowly to avoid the bends

Nejco : maybe a movie about this in a few years who knows

BeanBagJoe : "My brudda my brrudda, do u know dey whey?"

Eastern Explorer : It makes you wonder how many times this sort of thing has actually happened in other ship wrecks and nobody went searching them.

NDABEZITHA : 7:23 how are we supposed to read the text?

freemancarl : @ 2:24 COBY: What is your rank? HARRISON: I'm the Cook. COBY: You're the Cook? HARRISON: Yes sir. COBY: *THEY ALWAYS SURVIVE!* ;-)

Gulliermo Abarca : This made me cry man tears he must have felt gods presence when the scuba divers rescued and gave him the thumbs up

Farva : Can you remove the video at the end so I can actually read the words

Red : I can't fathom being in that horrible situation but i would cry like the biggest baby in the world as soon as i saw the Diver, i would of hugged him whilst crying. xD

Mara Chenqa : who would thumbs down a rescue mission like this?

Your friendly neighbourhood Nazi : He had no food or water? *I'm questioning the ' no water ' part.*

Plain Idiot : *OCEAN MAN*

shailu : I salute these rescuers....

GersonM : "im the cook" "they always survive" lol

KD Customs : I seen this study that said when people were in total darkness below ground for a few months not knowing if it was daylight they could sleep for 30 hours thinking they only slept a few minutes... idk I just thought it's interesting :) congrats to the man the for not giving up... and much respect for the guy that coached him to air above the water!

Peacock For Sale : He was scared to death by looking at those white men

Baker _ Muffins : Mans not dead

Brenyn Fernandez : Wouldn't he have used all the oxygen in the pocket of air?

blumgum : How does this guy sound completely calm and collected?

Michael Liu : south african afrikaans accent, love it

Eric Tandy : God you're so good I love it when I see a video of people of different races and cultures erasing the color line and helping each other maybe there is help for us we need to be more compassionate toward or human beings this world is in such a place I haven't the energy to Bass the police too bad white people to bash anyone I am so tired of that state of mind I would love to be able to see videos like this more often world I don't want to be the monster that this place has created me to be can we all just open our eyes and see the bigger picture and start being human again God will handle Trump and all his baggage God will handle all the police brutality Until then people can we just start being people again it hurts so much to be in the place that I'm in I don't want to be there any longer

Lewis R : It's really nice of you to put that bit of text at the end just letting us know what happened shame we cant read it now as you have thrown a thumbnail for another video right across it thanks.

Moises Alonzo : God answered his prayer because he would have died if the diving rescue team wasnt there any sooner , i mean how did he sleep not to mention being in complete darkness for 3 days straight shit by the end of the 2nd day i would have accepted my fate and thanked god for my life but that wouldnt have stopped me from trying to swim out of there by making a makeshift pocket of air that would have been my 1st invention to help me escape alive😉

Calamity James : This is an hollywood movie waiting to be.


A Burrito : that is literally my worst nightmare... i can't imagine how he kept his sanity through that. id have probably killed myself within a day

Dabomb921 : “he had no water” you mean no fresh water.

John Smith : The scary thing about this is imagine how many people in history were still alive in the ship only to die slowly in pitch black.

Phuwnaren : totally real dude

Marcelo Gouveia : Just wondering during the ascent, when he saw sunlight again...🤔🤔🤔

Bird Man : The voices are fake

Tim Boddington : Just try to imagine the roller-coaster of emotion that man went through. ✌️

Maya 525 : Thats really an incredible story, surviving 3 days no water and its pitch black? Thats amazing

MotigEx : "Yo guys, this is MTV cribs and today i show you my place"

Youssef Martinez : It's funny how all these militant atheists on YouTube are so much more enlightened than the rest of us. Not to argue from popularity, but did you enlightened "geniuses" know that 65.5% of Nobel Laureates in the natural sciences are Christian, and all but 10% believe in the God of the Christian or Jewish faiths? In fact, in chemistry, the Nobel winners are at 76.5% Christian. That's right, thank a Christian for your milk not spoiling. Also, the founders of science were all Christian, from Isaac Newton to Galileo, to Bacon and Copernicus. Moreover, some of the greatest minds alive, from Saul Bellows to Kierkegaard to Husserl (founder of Phenomenology) to John Lennox of Oxford, to Francis Collins (founder of the Human Genome Project and an evolutionist) to Richard Swinburne and even Stephen Colbert (comedy is genius, right?) are all Christians. Of the ten smartest living people (all with I.Q.'s above 160) six are Christians, the other two are theists, and the final two are agnostic; not an atheist among them. Lol. So, please, do go on spouting off about how Christianity is for the uneducated and unenlightened. I'll sit here and keep rereading the Pew Research Center's study on how atheist regimes (specifically BECAUSE they were atheist in their philosophical commitments) managed to kill over 100 MILLION people in the last 100 years; many more than ALL the world's religions have (when COMBINED) over the past two thousand years. Atheism IS cancer. But then again, so is fundamentalist​ religion. The issue is the two are often one and the same.

FreeKillsJust4u MMAMJF : Brings tears to my eyes and makes my heart feel warm. Thank you for saving him... Thank you so much. Thank god

Justin Why? : What a nightmare, poor guy.