Man found alive in sunken ship

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The starbound : this man deserves a movie about the time he was stuck in there

Eastern Explorer : It makes you wonder how many times this sort of thing has actually happened in other ship wrecks and nobody went searching them.

NXBULA : Imagine how his fingers and toes look after being in the water for 3 days

Sébastien Jonas : The relief he must have felt, I can't imagine.

Benjamin Filbert : That look on his face at 0:30 gets to me every time. Imagine you've already said your goodbyes in your heart to your friends and family, having come to terms with your situation and inevitable end, and suddenly here comes hope...

Bored Troll : The look on the poor man's face when he first saw the divers was priceless. He knew he was saved.

SKYY V : Okay, what's your name?? Alvin!!??... Okay I'm Dave and you have Simon and Theodore. We're gonna bring you home...

Carlos Acosta : imagine how this guy spent his time sleeping i mean all the dead bodies around him there is darkness and souls/dead people around you....

smeghead666 : The lengths Alvin will go to to save his friends...

ArtemR sk : Lucky man. Can you imagine being alone under water and no way out, then this fucking alien pops up and gives you a thumbs up!

Charlie Johnson : * Rescue team goes to find living people * * finds dead people * * Dead-body recovery team goes to find dead people* *finds living people * Hmmmm.....

Mark Rogers : God bless the people who saved this man.

Meyepadwe : 2:35 "Harrison?""Yo!"

Maya 525 : Thats really an incredible story, surviving 3 days no water and its pitch black? Thats amazing

Pigeon : "No food or water" drinks a bottle of water during the video xD

The Beginning Of Knowledge : 2:25 "What is your rank?" Harrison: "Im the cook" "Youre the cook... They always survive."

Dom Burke : Poor bastard thought he was a goner. Props to the divers.

alahatim : pretty awesome, good job diving team - the narrator was great and very reassuring to harrison.

billyboyjennings : The one true GOD of the universe, THE FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER, decided to save his life.  But the others weren't worthy and died a horrific death..

Aruanamic : hey must of had alot of wrinkels

Bogdan Vera : Rescued by chipmunks.

Balloon poPPeR : Wow! I have chills. Awesome video. Also, the divers were very very calming and professional. Cheers!

Daniel Robinson : Harrison seems very calm about all of this. He did a really good job keeping calm.

The Milkman : This is a miracle. Bless those divers.

David Murphy : This is absolutely amazing, I can only imagine the initial fright the recovery diver got when he found him, followed by the joy. An incredible story and an amazing job getting him home safe. I can only imagine the poor nightmares that must still plague him being stuck there for 3 days.

Beans : That's so cool that Alvin and the Chipmunks we able to save this guy!

k mid : This is like those weird dreams you remember later in your day

Red : I can't fathom being in that horrible situation but i would cry like the biggest baby in the world as soon as i saw the Diver, i would of hugged him whilst crying. xD

jibberjabberman : The cook always survives

Silly Sausage : I will never let go, Harrison

ProfSquirrel : Nicko lets go bowing

Owen Breen : that dude has been through some shit

You have no power here : It sounds like they rescued a Minion...

John Smith : The scary thing about this is imagine how many people in history were still alive in the ship only to die slowly in pitch black.

Cristina Paunescu : God wanted this soul saved

Ashley Williams : omg! poor man! I cant imagine the fear he felt during this. I'm glad they were able to rescue him. God Bless

Spanish Inquisition : You welcome lads (@spa_inquisition here)

Jimilynn : God Bless this man.

Ryan Clark : My brudda my brrudda.... I nevaa brreeeeth....

Brian : Scary. That’s basically the equivalent of being buried alive.

Keanu Marinas : that guy is soooo lucky!!

James R Dean : That poor guy, God , brought tears seeing the fear on his face, thank god you saved him.

Synick : Incredible!

Satdvr27 : Thank God for Saturation Divers!!

William Teamer III : God is great

Jeremy King : People thanking god for this are morons. Thank the divers and the scientific inventors who designed the equipment that made this possible.

Hamza Halal : this is beyond luck crazy ......

obglobgablob : Sitting in a small tank that's slowly filling up with water.... In pitch black... On your own... With no food or water... For three days... That's fucked up.

Redsparrow633 : Terrifying experience!

CASI2274 : omfg that guy is so lucky I'm glad he was rescued and surprised he didn't panic.