PUBG: Xbox One X vs Xbox One Early Access Frame-Rate Test!

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damesdamo bickel : Lmao that camper in the toilet got taught a lesson with the frying pan 😂😂

Barry Benson : This pains me.

DangerVille : People, don’t use the excuse that it’s ‘early access’. The fact it’s early access is not an excuse for them to steal your money with an unfinished terribly designed product.

Vlad Romanenko : Drops down to 10 FPS...

Joshua Gamez : Well I’m sticking to fortnite for a while. That 50v50 mode is fun af

RobberClobber : the lobby is always crap xD

Jibran Haider : You know, I was actually really sad at first since I have a PS4. But after seeing this, I think I'm good with fortnite.

The Somebody : "15 fps is more cinematic" - Phil Spencer

Ronnie B : and this was one of The Game Awards GOTY nominees!?!? 😂😂😂

Haze : But the human eye can't see past 12 FPS so it doesn't matter


Gameplays : kkkkk essa é a realidade do caixista jogando em 12 fps no xbox one x kkkkk

Christ9s : 4k 60fps they said.... 1080p 10fps true power

Aaron : I don't feel sorry for anyone who bought into the 4K hype and purchased the Xbox X. I'm playing this on my OG Xbox One and we are both experiencing the same lag, memory leaks and low-fps. Don't be a victim consumer who has to have the latest and "greatest" tech.

DeathStalker : 15 fps feels more "cinematic" hahahahahhhhaahhhahahahahah LOL.

Cleanprincegaming : Blows my mind that this game couldn't be optimized for these consoles. Played a few matches on Xbox One X and am genuinely surprised they released this in this state on consoles.

UKLeegend : Horrible proformance. Expected tho considering even PC has problems running PUBG. Just shows how badly optimised PC games can be and how they so heavily rely on raw power.

Daniel Wullems : Love how people blame the One X while it's actually the developers fault for optimizing it as hott garbage

Panda Xkills : Where's the "Power of the cloud"? Where's the "uncompromised 4k gaming experience"? *LMFAO*

jkbobful : $500 system no thanks also just play Fortnite

EK2 : There is a problem just one problem, just a problem that I cant specify!

Justin Watson : So many amazing exclusives for the Switch and PS4 this year and Xbox has...this? lmaohahahahaha

Orlando Velazco : B-But muh 6 Tflops

Bimbo Baggins : 'THE MOST POWERFUL CONSOLE EVER' they said gahahahahahahahaha

shane silva : Ah the true power of consoles

Veronica Heart : YESSSS!! NJOY YOUR 60FPS !!!!!ahahahaahahahhahaahhaahhaahahahhahahaha REALLY CAN'T STOP LAUGHING AT POOR XBOOOTS!!!

Nikko v : Now we see how bad consoles are

BORBOBtv : It's not Xbox fault. It's PUBG fault.

2m8y4u : RIP most powerful console ever 2017–2017

Salvador Valladolid : This game better not be like ark, which stills running with a terrible frame rate until today.

Marz : 20 and 17 fps 😂😂😂 even 12 and 10

MrEpicNeo : If this was on Switch people in comments would say it's amazing.

Thomas Parsley : Just play fortnite. Runs flawlessly for me and its free.

ZPEX : "Most powerful gaming console"

NFHtheboss : After watching this I just smiled at my pc. But hopefully they optimize it because pubg is really fun.

RUDY FOOLIANI : Microsoft says its because they need the 30fps lock on PUBG between the Xbox consoles for multiplayer parody, but the truth is the "lame box" can`t do 60fps on PUBG anyway.

464batman : B...b...bu...but the game is in Early Preview. 😂😂😂😂😂😂. The most common damage control comment you'll see from Xbots, 😉

Bruno Pelizzaro : Peasants

NerdRalls : meu pc de 5 anos roda melhor

RUDY FOOLIANI : PUBG is very cpu heavy and the X will never run it anywhere near 4k/60 - Fact!

Long Lost Puss : Look, just make sure it all goes down when you flush. These consoles are garbage.

Gabriel Braga : Meanwhile I play at 45-70 fps in 1080p on my old GTX 660Ti AHAHSAHSHASHASHASHASHASHASH

Azuma G : People want 4K, people get 4K...and if you want to play ''30 fps'' with that stutter...i need to say...good luck...

MUKEKE GOIABA : Mano vou ser sincero esse jogo tá todo cagado gráficos horríveis jogabilidade estranha a física dos veículos nem se fala estou jogando atualmente fortnite que está melhor mesmo também com bugs

Ryan Davis : This is funny there aren’t that many dislikes not because the Xbox fanboys dont dislike it but they’re not even clicking on this video they’re so butthurt

Joseph Faulkner : LOL Console gaming

Efimiljan January : Just quick reminder: this video is made by the guys who got paid by Microsoft to promote their console as a most powerfull console ever. If even they say everything is bad... Well, it is bad. Ladies and gentlemen, belive the hype, 4k, 6 trflops, most powerful console in the world. Lol.

Eric Hamilton : What were you expecting with you potato boxes?

WickedRibbon : Hopefully the console "early access" will help the devs figure to out these issues.

Hugo Meira : 18~23 fps... Children and their toy consoles lol