PUBG: Xbox One X vs Xbox One Early Access Frame-Rate Test!

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EK2 : There is a problem just one problem, just a problem that I cant specify!

Barry Benson : This pains me.

Noel Vermillia : You don't need full DigitalFoundry analysis to say that this game looks like shit.

Joshua Gamez : Well I’m sticking to fortnite for a while. That 50v50 mode is fun af

Vlad Romanenko : Drops down to 10 FPS...

The Somebody : "15 fps is more cinematic" - Phil Spencer

Christ9s : 4k 60fps they said.... 1080p 10fps true power

Noob-Gameplay : kkkkk essa é a realidade do caixista jogando em 12 fps no xbox one x kkkkk

Haze : But the human eye can't see past 12 FPS so it doesn't matter

Archivist42 : I have a friend who was recently involved in a tragic accident. His pelvis was shattered, feet basically obliterated and left housebound for weeks. Today I decided to visit him. I placed my hand on his shoulder, looked him in the eye and said “Don’t worry Dave, you still run better than PUBG on Xbox one”.

Nightowl358 : CPU dependent game running on platforms with shitty CPU's. This is the new Just Cause 3.

2m8y4u : RIP most powerful console ever 2017–2017

Long Lost Puss : Look, just make sure it all goes down when you flush. These consoles are garbage.

Joseph Faulkner : LOL Console gaming

LEEROYUK1 : Rubbish CPU is a rubbish CPU regardless of the graphics capabilities

Женя Полещук : say thanks to jaguar. xbox one x get decent (not great really, but solid middle-end) gpu, but potato cpu, in cpu intensive games you will get this

UnKnownLeegendTV Gaming : Stick with Fortnite

Taylor Shockley : My xbox one x sounds like a jet when playing this game

Random Ish : For everyone claiming it's just a bad optimize game and that's the only reason you're getting below 30 FPS hell even 12fps at one point don't go blaming it on the optimization it is as badly optimized as the PC but yet I'm running it at 100+fps. Wanna know why. Cause PC MASTER RACE

Daniel Wullems : Love how people blame the One X while it's actually the developers fault for optimizing it as hott garbage

Dan T : game of the year nominee on the worlds most powerful console

Archie Deluxe : MAG on the PS3 ran better than this crap

Huey : Why does the other guy reminds me of Gordon Ramsay

Cameron Winters : No it's ok guys, the human eye can't see above 12 FPS!

MrEpicNeo : If this was on Switch people in comments would say it's amazing.

theqz08 : Sony fanboys are looking for reasons to hate this console lol. They mad they don't have PUBG


Louis Chambliss : I run 140 frames on pc but Xbox it's a pile of crap! They need to get rid of shadows and a few other things to boost frames.

Penny wize : If so in One x imagine on PS4 pro '-'

UnKnownLeegendTV Gaming : Horrible proformance. Expected tho considering even PC has problems running PUBG. Just shows how badly optimised PC games can be and how they so heavily rely on raw power.

Techkey1 : Dude was laughing through most of the video as to how crappy it is lol.

Chris Cobra Elite : It's in ( Beta ) preview program and I don't buy beta's. I'll wait til this game is fully finished before I buy!

F*ck You xd : "The most powerfull console" "6 teraflops of cpu" and 20 fps!?

CHIEF MORON : It runs pretty good if if you have a 3.0ghz cpu or more lol

Marz : Xbox one x, strongest console in the world

Finity ZPEX : "Most powerful gaming console"

Ripcord : 4k/60 fps...

LIONYUNG C Long : That texture isn't 4K ?

Kaztrofy : "Running" on Xbox...

Licky Lucki : Now the Ponys laughs about a Beta it Runs Same Shit on Pc😀 How does the Game run on the Soupstation????😂😂😂 Oh sry maybe in 2 Years😀✌🏻

Max Beefsteak : 12 FPS CINEMATIC LUL

Chaz Stevens : 30 dollars for an Arma 3 mod. Tyler Perry's Playgrounds.

Itz Aaron : AHAHAHAHAHA and these fanboys out there talking shit about other consoles having "bad FPS"

sebastian Navarrro : 1080p 60fps OHHH HEEEEEELLL YYYEEEAAAHH

Kellen Pinkston : Blame the developer honestly. The Xbox One X framerate output has been consistently on a high end PC level on every other game that's been enhanced.

Nixer16 : 11 fps LOL

Shigeru Miyamoto : "The world's most powerful console" LUL

Danny M : If I were in charge of the xbox gaming division, I would not let something like this be released even on early access.. This makes the xbox one x look really bad, even though its a great console.

PlaystationQUAD-Pro : 𝓧-𝓟𝓸𝓼𝒆𝓭

Wayne Walker : To the dumbasses blaming the Xbox for this, PUBG is TERRIBLY optimized. Nothing to do with hardware.