Bill Gates Pie in Face

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TheNathanNS : I feel bad for laughing, he's one of the kindest and most insperational people in the world, he didn't deserve that.

TheHorsenation : "a cowardly attack from pie-terrorists, probably Al-Pieada"

Manu Anand : Must have been an "Apple Pie".

Alex Mich : I love how the news anchor makes it sound so dramatic, like they were terrorists.

Mason Brown : "a team of... hit-men" LOL

panncecoucker : He could see nothing through his windows

PotterAndMatrixFan : Poor Bill. He should've had Steve with him.

דוד : Well, ill say it: Cream Pied.

sculpter : they're mad because windows keeps crashing

kopigjd : "cowardly sneak attack by a team of hitmen" hahaha

Bonkaholic ! : This happened in 1999. No doubt, the hitmen were frustrated beyond rage with their Windows 98 installations.

SuperMrBentley : Those were Apple pies

TheTruthIsTheWay11 : So this is how they did trolling in the Ancient days...

tomythekiller38 : it's just a prank bro

Jonathan Tan : Steve Jobs sends his regards!

danhi333 : See how freaked out Gates is after the first pie - he has no idea what could be in that thing - it could have been acid or some shit for all he knew.

kentardi : Poor gates man, he's just the kind of man you would feel so horrible to make sad. He's this happy successfull man that and smiles all the time, what did he do to deserve that..

xxBlackpspxx : It's pretty amazing to see how easy it is to attack even the richest man in the world. Not only that but also the guards did an extraordinary bad job.

ColeOfCentauri : You gotta love the media spin. If this happens to you or me, it's a prank. If it happens to one of the wealthiest tycoons in the world, it's a cowardly act of terrorism. Now all the other wealthy tycoons have to tighten security out of fear of pie-throwing terrorists.

Kevin 'Back To Prelims' Lee : Cowardly sneak attack? that was brave

Zambato : all because of xbox one

Quyen Mojos : That's how he made Windows XP, in which the "X" is mark for No, and "P" is Pie. XP = No Pie

ZoomBoom124 : I bet it was an apple pie.

François : It's not a coward agression lol, he's Noel Godin a famous European ( he's from Belgium actually) & well known professionnal cream pie thrower, these last year, he has cream pied Nicolas Sarkozy ( ex French president), some European ministers of present & previous governments, some European C.E.O's, some journalists in prime time as well as writers, philosophers You can check other videos on YT for "Noel Godin l'entarteur"..He's always doing this with absolutely no physical violence & premium quality cream. One thing I can say --> Be really carefull Donald Trump, Noel is preparing his suitcase for his U.S trip

Luke Glass : During that time there were groups of people that didn't appreciate Gates and his monopoly in the computer industry. Gates eliminated all competitors. Read up about the Netscape story.

GaeasBlessing : Fun fact: one of the pie throwing "hitmen" was Rémy Belvaux, director of the infamous mockumentary _Man Bites Dog_.

Julia : i think the first one was funny but the other ones were just mean

Jake Eckert : Don't feel bad, people, he has all that money to wipe his tears with.

RoJoFilipino : lol i feel so bad for laughing, it's just sad to see him sad

Arrow Maker : Got banned form xbox live no dout

Kim Jong Un : we should do this to Mr. trump

WyldFire777 : Hitmen? Hitmen?? Exaggerating a bit, no?

Divine Mercy : Karma in action

jazzzz1066 : takes some of the pain out of the unauthorized Windows 10 update

spamtelevision : Monsanto puppet !

Nick Sexton : Get rekt nerd

Geoff Goldy : Leave it to CBS to make a pie in the face sound like an assassination.

Richard Rising : anyone else from iFunny?

Ratzombie81 : Lol Hitmen with pies

B : Aw I feel bad for him

Benny Bang : Hitmen? lol, Imagine the new Hitman game with an arsenal of various pies that you could unleash on unsuspected victims ^^

Colin Ng Ngai Teng : If only that cream pie was dyed blue. BSOD.

Vicky Ray : The two who attacked Bill Gates must be unhappy Microsoft Windows customers lol

Daniel Bull Runner Lamb : Love every second

Blueyfooheyguy : Probably wiped the pie off his face with his money

VIPKID Vault : This was the start of Al-Pieda.

Ярослав Ерохин : I'm from 9GAG.

Commenting Account : The motive was the result of a POS operating system.

Gamehenge : Open source vs closed source, the battle rages on.

Alex Mandrake : Apple pies or Penguin Poo