This Bitcoin millionaire who lives in tree house

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Versaucey : **sees creeper blanket** I see, you're a man of culture as well.

Ivan beers : He'll probably hang himself from that treehouse when bitcoin drops to zero

Airøspace : dude looks like a virgin

Konstah : imagine being this autistic

Eddie Sille : Can’t hate on him He looks happy

NoFapPhoenix : One of those smart stupid people

Chloe Young : Why this dude remind of adventure time?

James Punting : I guess he bought at 19.5k like me lol

SeaJayBelfast : So he inherited his family's billion, invested at 19.5k USD and became a millionaire?

Crypto Hizz : Not all heroes wear capes.. some wear cat-paws scarfs !!

MA AS : he bought in at 19.5k amazing now its 5k lol %75 loss

Jason : Dysfunctional man-child

Ned Yalko : the guy is a lot more evolved soul than 99.9% of society... yeah he dresses weird because he feels like it and that's all it matters... a minimalist lifestyle is pure bliss because the limited materialism keeps him focused on his true self and happiness, instead of squandering money on mansions,idiotic relationships and keeping up appearances... this dude will be so much more filthy rich in the next couple of years that he may help millions of lives...

Adhik Joshi : HODLING is going to next level!!

Armen A. : Mom: What do you want to do with your life after college? Me:

Do You Even Dab Bro : And now he’s broke still living in a tree house

pedro : big respect for this guy ... this is true believe about crypto for shure

Daniel Roig : The CNBC documentary only showed the people that acted and looked different, making it look like the blockchain technology is for loonies only. This was a disservice. Believe me this is just an act - this person is as normal as they come, but for narrative these guys have a gimmick to get attention as if they are somehow different or more intelligent than the average Joe. It is merely a branding effort so that people remember and recognize them. Same with many others in the cryptocommunity world. There are lots of really intelligent folk working round the clock for this technology, also lots of posers. CNBC did not show the really smart folk who are doing the actual work.

Stephen McAllister : and this is what he’ll be living in when it crashes.

Shqipe : Something fishy bout this dude.

Issac Phillips : I hope he gets brutally murder with a shank and put on bestgore.

The Crypto Chiropractor : You need to upload the full documentary immediately. I caught the last 24 minutes and I was shaking with anger. I’m assuming you didn’t have Jordan Belford and some kid wearing stuffed animal gloves talking trash for the entire hour. Now I can’t even find the full one hour segment anywhere. To anybody who didn’t see this yet... DONT watch just the last 24 minutes unless you want to hear commonly described reasons btc will fail over and over again. They even got on Silk Road and talked about btc being used for heroin and hitmen... lmao

Hate Monger : And ladies he only had a touch of autism 😁

BB Studios : The world is weird these days...

Daichi123 : This dude probably got tricked into buying 1m plus worth of bitcoin xD

Whiterun Guard : Tbh, I like to live in a house like that lol

Jordentabor : -10 celsius **wears swimming short**

kid Trojan : He’s just trolling

Rexler : Oh yeah yeah

Marcelo Deo-Gracias : Keep on hodling like they say scared money never wins

Orion Hughes : Fake News at its best! Way to go CNBC


Michael O : How uneducated is the person who titled this video?

The_ Einsight : I'm living in my computer lol

MARIO : Aka Alex Cobb

Hachi Kyna : this guy is awesome I would totally be his bff

moneymakelifeez : thats how average /biz/ poster looks like

49692 subscribers with 1 video challenge : bruhhh

Im Dronn : Bit more cringy than i expected

Shane Butler : *WiFi Signal is better*

William G : Literal virgin

Berend Kuipers : ypu LIVED like that! Now youn are trash

WINSTON MOSCOW : My man in shorts in the middle of winter

Bonkiru : The HODL is strong in this one

xSynomical : God we all wonder how much head he’ll get if he wasn’t this cringey

Otis_075 : Is he a furry?

Zagro : wtf lmao this guy?

great wall wingle : he like me but worse 😂

LivingDeath101 : Have fun being rich cause bitcoin fell like over $15 thousand lol

Alec Urquhart : Bitcoins nothing now in the year 2018 😂 it’s bad