Teen Titans - Intro [1080p]

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Alfonso's ALT : Since this video is getting a lot of traction, I'd like to mention I also uploaded the Japanese version used in fun episodes complete with Closed Captions in English, Japanese, and Romanized Japanese :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjSdFmVZQbM


Benjamin Eppel : Anyone else here after the weird edgy live action trailer we got? I loved how this series was a bit angsty but still so much fun.

DiggyDwarf 2002 : Dear DC This your chance to bring Teen Titans on Disney Channel and Nickelodeon

9-BitFox : "We found a way back" - Robin

The Red Eft : Teen titans and young justice coming back! Only thing that could make it better if we got The green lantern animated series, Spectacular Spider-Man, and Justice League cartoon back. Though to be fair Justice League had a pretty long run.

Aaron : Dear DC. This is your chance, now you're competing with marvel for movies. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO BRING BACK THE TEEN TITANS. DO IT, SO MANY PEOPLE WANT IT SO JUST DO IT Sincearly, Another Teen Titans fan missing the series

Aran Kudo : SEASON 6 BABY!!!!!

The Little Western : SEASON 6! SEASON 6! SEASON 6! HERE WE COME!

Victor Martin : Who's here after teen Titans go movie after credits?

StarKiller 56 : This is the Teen Titans, can anyone hear us? We think we found a way back!

Baby Shenron : Anyone else going on a childhood spree

super feather dude : Teen titans Is better than teen titans go

Evelyn : I had a crush on Robin. I miss him soooo much🧡💔😢😢

mike dragon : SEASON 6 IS COMING

Stop Motions Wars : Nostalgia activada

Justin Y. : Now this is the best anime opening.

BangJang96 : *This is the Teen Titans...I think we found a way back.*

Comical Cosmonaut : EMERGENCY ALERT: The mid credit scenes of the TTG Movie shows the original team saying "they found a way back." #Season6confirmed




Carbuncle from Puyo Puyo : Comic book fans: Titans was surprisingly good. TTA fans: *angry tantrum*

Disgaealikerasap : Who else is here post TTG to the movies?

Galaxy gamer : Teen Titans vs teen Titans go 😮😮😮

Waheed Abdullah : Robin: This is the Teen Titans. We believe we found a way back.

Weebus Christ The Hentai God : Anyone else here after that god awful live action trailer?

Michael S. : Who came here after Teen Titans Go to the movies after credit scene??? SEASON 6!!!!!

Daniel Acosta : Im here because the new Titans trailer has disappointed me so badly :(

Brock Lesnar 2020 : Here to see the real titans

Melicor Surprises : This is INFINITY times better than the garbage(Teen Titans GO!) Teen Titans Shorts(titled New Teen Titans) may have comedy and humor, but at least it's INFINITY times more tolerable than Teen Titans GO!

Chris p : Season 6... it's happening... Booyah!!

Herb Caliburn : I just had to come here after that post credit scene from Tean Titans Go! To the movies! It was compulsory. To think that we might see this return!

Baby T Rex : watching this after I watched that shitty DC Titans trailer

Devastator941 : Who else thinks Raven is the best Titan?

Maruchan Chiken : Anybody else here after the teen titans go movie post credit scene ?

Bailey Bullus : Teens Titans go is for Kids Teen Titans is for Men

Deepak Sabu : who came after watching that shit teen titans live action trailer..

Ivan May : I love both the original teen titans & the new teen titans go. I mean it. Screw everyone who hates both versions, they can kiss butt

Erick Perez Lopez : this are the real TEEN TITANS

SaberBlaze25 : 0:36 "Never met a villain that they liked" **Shows a clip of cyborg, who had a crush on a supervillain not just once, but twice!**

Clee4000 : Good News! Everyone? Teen Titans might be coming back! Ending credits from 2018 Teen Titans Go movie!

PAOerful One : The day this theme comes back will be the brightest day in DC and Cartoon Network’s history in the last 12 years.

UGANDAN KNUCKLES TRIBE : *When there super powers unite* Robin : I don’t have powers although I should have Cyborg : I don’t have powers I only have tech weapons

Bold and Brash : 2003:fighting villains and character development 2015:outdated memes and toilet humor

Deskon Azubuike Onyx : Who else came here after watching the Titans trailer?

Mr LloydVal : i still remember when i was 7 years old i had the TV on and i was waiting in the final minutes before the first episode of teen titans aired for the first time. i was so excited for this show. i'm 23 years old now and i feel the same excitement for season 6, but i need confirmation that a season 6 is coming. the last time i saw a new teen titans series air i almost had a heart attack from excitement thinking it was a continuation of the classic, only to see the art style and scripting of teen titans go, and then i almost choked to death on my tonsil. if these guys are trying to troll us again with a tease then someone is going to get fucked up, and it will be me.

Tech : Why did CN ditch this masterpiece for a crappy Teen Titans Go. The first episode is about a SANDWICH for cry out loud! A FREAKING SANDWICH!'

THE RAY RAY : Who's here after seeing Teen Titans Go to the movies credit scene?

backthefuckupoffme : "Never met a villain that they liked" Except for Terra.