Full version "The Nightman Cometh"

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Rikila Thorrougood : nothing gives me more hope then the fact that Charlie and the Waitress are married in real life.

archie : i love hamilton 😍😍💦💦

linafelina : Charlie's last song is actually wonderful

Ben Moran : Mac singing "sun sun sun sun" in the background at 0:24 might be the funniest thing I've ever heard.

Andrew D : Actually a decent musical number

larsepwn : Sweet Dee looks like a bird

Ricky G : Charlie's ending song was a real pleasant surprise

Skep Jonsen : Sometimes this fucking song just gets in my head and I start singing it -- most people have no idea what the hell I'm doing (except the really cool people -- they know immediately).

Victor Le : Mission Failed. We'll get em next time

TheNBX : "Stage freeze!" "Don't say stage freeze just do it."

J.M : Please say yes and do not bone me please-just-mar-ry-mmeeEEEEEee... #wildcard

kevs musicandstuff : So I know Charlies a stalker but if someone write you a musical and a beautiful proposal you should be at least a little flattered and grateful. I would've said yes and I'm not even gay.

asdf852asdf : I wanna believe Mac came up with repeating the words himself and it was pissing Charlie off so much

Trouble_Always_Inbound : I'm proposing to my SO in this exact manner.

Billy Bob Joe : me: hand me the aux friend: ok but you better not play trash me:

Tony Elizondo : (Sorry but I had to do this) Friend:What kind of music do you listen to? Me:

My Art Page : That voice coming in at 0:56 gets me every time

Charlie Banks : Now I am a MAaAaaAN!

JavTheNoob : Jokes aside, Charlie actually has a great singing voice

gomezesmorticia : Reminds me of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Tony H : “Sun sun sun sun sun sun”

fawkthescene666 : pleeeAAAAse say yes and do not bone me!

Lunaseur : FiGhtER oF tHE NiGht MaN AAAaAaaaAAAa

Bock : praise the sun!

Janae Fuller : Way wasn't this the half time show

Gabi : If someone actually proposed to me like this, i would marry their ass ON THE SPOT!

Joseph Schneider : The waitresses reaction = my reaction after 90% of musicals and theatre pieces.

ChillKanna : I really liked Charlie’s song

Javier Evora : I get the cast is in costume but why is big bird there? Is it like a happy sesame street thing?

Frewster Thirty-Three : "Is that it?"

Karl Marxsteingoldberg-Kikenschmitt : I was driving and saw someone with a license plate saying "Dayman;" the rest was history.

K R : So is nobody going to talk about the fact that there's a giant bird in a pink dress in this production?

Commando 723 : When Charlie appeared it's like almost every single queen song

ForTheWin : Anyone else here from Roosterteeth's Michael Jones?

Alex Orozco : Did Charlie actually compose the song? Man is better than Lethal Weapon 5

Parth Sharma : These guys are pretty good singers though!

gypsieladie : My boyfriend will propose to me this way if he knows what's good for him. #ChampionOfTheSun

Jamie Wells : Your a master of Karate and Friendship for everyone !

kilrelevant 1314 : my favorite song ever so mystical my friends hated it I got soooo mad


Master's Sword : lol love this song

mike van vliet : Horus vs Set

analogdistortion : Should blur out the groin section

asap chorizo : raini could never 😍😩✨🙈💘😤

Mike V : Rhonda Rausey looks like the night nightman....

kkkfts : 0:17 best part

Pedro Tavares : Dayman ist krieg

Ajokein humanskin : APUSH DBQ?

Gethin Lindley : PEPE SILVIA

Redpeace410 : "well come up on stage in join me, in this thing called matrimony" hahaha