Wearable 2K Camera | FrontRow Lifestyle Camera Review | DansTube.TV

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Saad Sayyed : Awesome

PapadumGeek : Awesome video review mate, really enjoyed it. Its a quirky little product isnt it

ItzAravind : It's somehow expensive than Gopro Hero 4 but it does look easy to film, many great features in it and The Video Quality looks Really Awesome, I would get it if it was abit cheaper

Pawlaka : Nice

Two Gay Reefers : It looks like it needs to be weighted as well, to stop it bouncing around so much. Interesting product

OzzieTech : Awesome video mate

holy shit : That price 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏾‍♀️😄

OAKLAND SUNSHINE NEWS : Dope I gotta get one of these I always felt this is what the iPod should have evolved into. Thank You so much for the video.

FatmanDD1 : this was a lit review bro