Today Now! Interviews The 5-Year-Old Screenwriter Of "Fast Five"

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okrajoe : How does the Onion get access to interview Hollywood talent of this caliber?

Board Game Brawl : The most chilingly accurate part of the video is that there will be 600 sequels.

Jasiek Chrust : The joke is that you think it is a joke.

nateyj11 : You've got to hand it to the kid, he knows how to translate his vision onto the big screen.

Isaac Johnson Caddell : Funnily enough this kid is probably a better writer than Michael Bay.

Thrifty032781 : "She's a girl so she likes to kiss so she doesn't play with the cars but sometimes she does but mostly just the boys!"

Povilas Sabaliauskas : did he also wrote Batman v Superman?

LAdamJ1 : Only 593 more to go.....

steven schwartzhoff : He should act in the movies, it would add depth.

Inspector Javert : The kid's a good actor you gotta admit.

Daniel Rios : Report: Donald Trump has no true friends. Those subtitles are still relevant 6 years later

mrhappyhead mrhappyhead : surely a 5 year old could have come up with a better script.

yoadrie : It's all about the demographics -- in this case, five-year-old male adults.

Vargur Live : Still accurate as of Fast 7.

mikvance : Hello NASA? Can you find my sides?

Colby Nguyen : This kid is a true genius. I enjoyed his latest movie, "Fate of the Furious". Can't wait to see the next bazillion movies. Keep up the work kiddo.

wjlasloThe2nd : On the ticker: Report: Donald Trump has no true friends

Hash Frowns : This is the guy who also wrote Pacific Rim, right?

Wrinkled Pugoda : I thought the Onion was satire?? I'm very confused

TrevRockOne : Half in the Bag brought me here.

Ka-o-nabo P : OMG I almost laughed my kidneys out of back

ENZOtaki : “Can I take off my shoes now?” Haha

Lost Cause : Where is the interview with the old woman who thinks it is 1958 and thinks Jim is her dead husband? I was really wanted to see that one.

Allen M : God this couldn't be more accurate

Can't_snap : this explains too much.

elmSTREETnasty : Just when you thought The Onion was satire, they slip in some truth.

Tesla Death Ray : i prefer his early work

Croxby1 : They stopped doing satire?

Michael Beaudoin : So before watching this video, I got an ad for Furious 7. 😆

nomadben : 1:32 "California wildfire engulfs previous wildfire in flames"

Mr. Butterworth : Car come, gun shoots and car go boom, and there’s a big explosion. Hollywood action in a nursery, I mean nutshell. 🥜

Soviet Loli : I really want to know what the actor thinks about this, now that he's a teenager.

Lone Star : Onion really needs to bring back Today Now.

Stone Harrod : "600"

Angry Kittens : He's so adorable. @-@

Tre G. : he didn't actually write it... did he?

Rensarian : I have just discovered this (courtesy of IB), and this is the best channel ever.

Martin Poulter : "Report: Donald Trump has no true friends". Called it in 2011!

Hamsaphina : I'm an idiot.. I believed this

Missy Quill : 6 years and 3 sequels later

Ms Kids : That's so cute tbh!!!

Jianfei : No Spoilers!! cute kid

Professicchio : "Monster Trucks" was actually devised by one of the producers' child son: never underestimate the future prediction powers of The Onion!

8Paul7 : I love the fact that they had this kid write all the future sequels as well including this eight one. NOW WITH NUCLEAR SUBMARINES!

Patriot Jefferson : As soon as I saw the title & little boy in the chair I thought... *"This looks about right!"* 🤣😂😅

jaxxstraw : This is the best video ever on Youtube.

Funguys Productions : Wow this fake news is ahead of its time. Right at the beginning of the video, the scrolling news on the bottom says “Donald Trump has no true friends” 😂😂

Raptor3400 : Pure gold!

Euphoric Atheist : Fake. No way the screenwriter is older than 4.

Dixon Adair : No spoilers, no spoilers LOLOL