Today Now! Interviews The 5-Year-Old Screenwriter Of "Fast Five"

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Board Game Brawl : The most chilingly accurate part of the video is that there will be 600 sequels.

okrajoe : How does the Onion get access to interview Hollywood talent of this caliber?

nateyj11 : You've got to hand it to the kid, he knows how to translate his vision onto the big screen.

Jasiek Chrust : The joke is that you think it is a joke.

LAdamJ1 : Only 593 more to go.....

Isaac Johnson Caddell : Funnily enough this kid is probably a better writer than Michael Bay.

TrevRockOne : Half in the Bag brought me here.

mikvance : Hello NASA? Can you find my sides?

steven schwartzhoff : He should act in the movies, it would add depth.

mrhappyhead mrhappyhead : surely a 5 year old could have come up with a better script.

Killermike2178 : News headlines that scroll across the bottom: -Hostage situation rebranded as hostage event -Report: Donald Trump has no true friends -Advertisers rush to exploit newly discovered flaw in human psychology -Enthusiasm apologized for -Report: Majority of Americans can't recall last time they got a real good look at a bird -Congressman asks Senator to wait up -Uterus thwarted again by new drug -California wildfire engulfs previous wildfire in flames -Newt Gingrich announces plans to have sex in a graveyard -Worst player on team enjoying victory celebration more than he is entitled to -Maxim praised for its "How to Fuck Fat Chicks" issue

Vargur Live : Still accurate as of Fast 7.

Ka-o-nabo P : OMG I almost laughed my kidneys out of back

Michael Beaudoin : So before watching this video, I got an ad for Furious 7. 😆

Colby Nguyen : This kid is a true genius. I enjoyed his latest movie, "Fate of the Furious". Can't wait to see the next bazillion movies. Keep up the work kiddo.

Daniel Rios : Report: Donald Trump has no true friends. Those subtitles are still relevant 6 years later

Rensarian : I have just discovered this (courtesy of IB), and this is the best channel ever.

Allen M : God this couldn't be more accurate

Virtuous Villainy : I usually don't like children, but this one is really adorable and knows how to make movies too!

Hamsaphina : I'm an idiot.. I believed this

Lost MInd : Where is the interview with the old woman who thinks it is 1958 and thinks Jim is her dead husband? I was really wanted to see that one.

Raptor3400 : Pure gold!

Mklain : He is so fucking adorable. IT'S KIDS LIKE HIM THAT MAKE ME WANT TO BE A MOTHER OF 10.

Missy Quill : 6 years and 3 sequels later

Martin Poulter : "Report: Donald Trump has no true friends". Called it in 2011!

Ms kids : That's so cute tbh!!!

Douglas Brendel : And so the Internet Box Podcast enriches my life, one video at a time.

Lone Star : Onion really needs to bring back Today Now.

Inspector Javert : The kid's a good actor you gotta admit.

Povilas Sabaliauskas : did he also wrote Batman v Superman?

Rex Batt : Who are the A-holes that downvoted this? How does every single video on youtube get downvotes, no matter what?

dfg Warmonger : "600"

hyle : RIP Jim Haggerty

Hash Frowns : This is the guy who also wrote Pacific Rim, right?

Aisling Oharrigan : Bring back Today Now!!

alonso171000 : what's funny is an real 5 year actually wrote a real movie "monster truck"

Tre G. : he didn't actually write it... did he?

gamernerd1992 : that little kid is ADORABLE

wjlasloThe2nd : On the ticker: Report: Donald Trump has no true friends

Steven Jones : Who else just discovered the onion and is Benj watching?

mr8I7 : How have I never come across “The Onion” Youtube channel before?

jaxxstraw : This is the best video ever on Youtube.

yoadrie : It's all about the demographics -- in this case, five-year-old male adults.

Ryan Morrigan : This is waaay over the head of most Americans.

Mark Chapman : I was the 10,000th upvote. Do I win a prize? This was almost cruel to the degree that it skewered this nonsense.

Dixon Adair : No spoilers, no spoilers LOLOL

Tony Gunk : Spoiler alert @ 0:53

Angry Kittens : He's so adorable. @-@

Steven Cook : A 5 year old can be a successful screen writer, and I can't get passed the first paragraph... I'm a disgrace to my country.

doodelay : ads make youtube possible people. but beside that, this kid is fucking adorable as shit. i jus want to squeeze his little screenwriting self -____-