Pokémon Detective Pikachu Trailer (2019) Ryan Reynolds, Justice Smith, Ken Watanabe

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DreamcastGuy : Uh this is 50 times cooler then I thought it would be!!

Just Some Guy with a Mustache : Dammit. Pikachu's charming now. My hand's moving on its own! It's moving towards the "Pre-Order Tickets" Button!

IzzulIqbal1 : DP = Deadpool DP = Detective Pikachu Im sorry...

FitzP Official : OMG. Can't wait for Deadpool 3 when Ryan mentioning himself as Pikachu

regaming 101 : Deadpool as Pikachu? my life is complete.

Frank West : As much as I wanted to hate this when I heard the idea, it seems like it could go alright.

-Sir WESLEE- : *I'm sure like most came into watching this trailer ready to hate, but for some reason hearing Ryan as Pikachu I had the weirdest smile on my face like I didn't wanna like it, but now im curious.* DAMMIT 😅

liontuitt : This could either be really amazing or really terrible

Xpresnvdy : Brooo these lsd hallucinations are becoming too real.

thebatman : I'm glad they didn't do an ordinary trainer getting badges or something like animated movies. It's different and fresh. I'm actually going to watch

Cyranek : is this actually real?

marcel ps : *Feels weird when you hear Pikachu with Deadpool voice*

i am as dead as the meme on my pfp : Stan Lee died so this could happen. Thank you Stan Lee.......thank you.....

Aun Ali : Audience : *insert jaw dropped Pikachu meme*

UnRivaled : Everyone has 1 question : "This movie will make my chieldhood better or worse?"

Lps Josellyn heartgold : Wow they’re actually going to release this movie

Sorenmine : The part where mr. Mime used Barrier actually gives me hope for the movie.

Ghosty : This is something nigahiga would make. Only this is an actual movie.

TheEdgesphere : I'm betting Deadpool 3 will feature Pikachu jokes.

Warrior J Gamer : I really wanted to hate this then I heard Ryan Reynolds voice then everything changed.

Cole Snyder : .......sigh......take my money.

Toy_Bonnie : Is pikachu adorable or what?

Tiaam Du Nord : *I feel like this could actually work*

Tomás Moura : PLS Lets let pokemon grow this way... Tired of kiddie pokemons...


Santa Hoovy : I never thought i needed this *Until i just did*

Fran Bartoluci : You can't tell me Nintendo officially licensed this..

DarkVillain - Gaming : Ash is still 12?

Michael Galindo : 0:39 "DATE OF ISSUE: 12". Get it? They literally had obsessive Pokemon fans hand-craft every detail of this movie's world. I am flabbergasted.

Oak : .....I thought this was a joke. I still think it is.

TheBmans bunker : Wow asthetics look amazing. And the pokemon look decent. And pikachu is being voiced by Deadpool........ *Seems legit to me*

Crazelord91 : Never have I needed something so much without knowing it, until now

Allarian : Ryan Renolds as Pikachu?...Life is complete....

M0VIE NEWS : 🛑 *Pokémon: Detective Pikachu* 𝑀𝑜𝑣𝑖𝑒 avaiIabIe #NOW >> t.co/nUWL1AYgsC ሽ Trending film! #DetectivePikachu Unglaublicher film!! Sehr zu empfehlen, es auszuprobieren!

Arimaツ : DeadPool destroyed other universe

Fish Smell Bad : What

Zencho : i wasn’t expecting Ryan Reynolds to be pikachu

ICURSEDANGEL : this movie is gonna be *lit* asf 😍🤩 or am i the only one who thinks that?

TheGhostlyVortex/TGVortex Official : Pickachu is so cute! Edit: I'm actually excited for this.

Cloud Sky : i thought i seen everything now but nope.... talking pikachu in the real world?? at least it's funny if they breeded a pikachu with ryan reynolds in the daycare and out hatched a talking one.

FrontLineFox 20 : Only ever really cared about the games. Always saw the anime and cards as kid stuff. But this, this I may well check out.

Amirul : ˙Americanizing beam˙

Kerven Metayer : I hope Raichu is in this movie

foxy ! : I WAIT FOR THIS MOVIE!!!!!

Payton Tate : I'm down for this

vinh nguyen : Is this an out of season April fool joke?

Augustine Wong : am i the only one admiring pikachu's hair textures and ignoring the story

Little Wolf : Ryan Reynolds was not the right choice for voicing pikachu... in a funny attempt they should have had a raspy, deep Brooklyn nyc accent for pikachu. Something unexpected and fun

Ocean of Sand : I don't know what to say about this. This almost seems like a joke at first.

HauntHunter : Maybe this is actually a prequel to a later movie where Pikachu is older and voiced by Danny Devito.