Funny Board Game
Tired of normal board games and your family Japans got you covered

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This is just plain funny! Smack the lion???


davaa baatar : i think this game and commercial is for reducing population in china since its so crowded laws didnt work but board games will


Justin Ding : Best

Kevin Hur : :o

pdorres : Hahahaha! 350,000 views. WTF? I forgot how to even log in to this thing for the longest time. Glad people enjoy it. It was just a random video on some Chinese website that hadn't yet been uploaded to youtube. The original video was taken down off that Chinese website years ago. Thanks to youtube, Smack the lion lives on!

masato000001 : ネタ・・・・だよな

StarberryWishes : え?!

camp cawaii : @kimmokimmu that is in no way Korean....

GomirofWRA : Wut. O.O

moekanz : BAVARIA!!!

Da Dude : And the orphan wins.

BigDogJay : Hey qtm fuck you

BigDogJay : Hey qtu100

BigDogJay : Funny

Elliot Beach : They should be studying

theKribow : @supermario886438 the winner will still be bieber haha

Israel Zárate Rojas : Si lo viste en WDF show (+1)

Toddgpoole : The best is the kid just getting thrown off the building. They should have saved that one for last.

Ethan Foshay : i want this game

Kaidis B : So.... Draw last and survive...

alejandro esteban diaz conias : @TheCueguy ; what?, no room for justin biever?

Irakly Chorgoliani : WATTA FUUUUUUUUUUCK?!

Luiginumber1 : this is retardedly hillarious

solemnfox : Certainly great for population control, but as the costumes seem to be consumed in the process I'd imagine it's the most sold game ever too!

GameGuyG : lol death for the whole family!

BribubblyTTea : @kingbungee1 same here o__O

iLeetoa : first tentacles and now chinas fucked lol

SirSilentSquall : I'd wanna play with the main characters from Twilight

kingbungee1 : umm....... what the hell did I just watch!?

sorsky : ('A`)

jiggago : lmao i wanna ply that game!

technoguyx : @TheCueguy I hope you win.

Foam Roller : wow... its not japanese for once!

MDCPofficial : killing your family is funny in any language

R00G00 : @snowwhite041192 lmao u saw this on E!

beoXTC : anyone seen BR? (Battle Royal) it's kinda the same

xia0jieqq : #LOL

GeoVII : China's latest effort to curb their growing furry population. XD

ngyf santoryu : The game looks fun , who wanna play with me?

homedog549 : The most suicidal game ever LMAO...

Cole Parker : @99rollingstones well arent you the smart one

akumashindorballomu : the game should be called : Death or Dare . Either way you end up dead XD

Joshua Vogt : This was a real commercial but the game might be fake

ClumsyTaylor : LOL Is this real because it is so funny!

Beverly Dennis : okaaayyy

GetzuCero : 拜拜 (báibai) = bye bye

Mr. Some Gamer Dude : come on [insert in-law that you dont like] lets play [make up chinesse word]..... ...Come on it will be fun! you'll get a Kil...I mean Kick out of this one :) (that was a poor joke T_T)

mscookieperson : well of course it's not a real game xD but if it was 0.o

PSN: G2Xtreme : thatd be a KILLER game! Who needs enemies when you have other contestants!