How small a hole can a mouse get through? Experiments.

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J ennifer : Bruh those sound effects

Happy Hoovy : Bet you 10 bucks Jerry could go through all of them

Big Texas : Everytime the mouse squeezes through a hole it takes a shit.

Young 27 : Fake the mouse was a paid actor he did an interview with tmz

rwest1833_MGTOW : He literally squeezes the shit out of himself....LMAO

IneptOrange : I love that this is the kind of content my 2am brain enjoys.

Xiao Chuan HE : the mouse gets fatter each time ...

Naughtystimpy : I'm scared every time the shrew comes cos of the music. He's like an end of level boss.

Sandy Squirrel : This scares me. Imagine if the mouse just got stuck. Edit: I mean it got stuck right in the middle of the hole trying to get out

Hi It's Me : The mouse sure does shit a lot

BigWonka : Shrews don't seem to be the most intelligent creatures alive. But they sure do have a lot of determination.

Kat Tarra : The shrew realizing he needs to go on a diet...

Karsten N : So my life has been a lie. A mouse goes for peanut butter and not cheese

GMP Studios : *No mice were harmed in making of this video*

محمد خالد : Moral of the story: no matter what is your abilities, the power to success is definitely depends on determination & backbone.

DMS Inc. : Who else noticed that spider at 4:45?

RockinRob69 : *The mole only got out, cause it took a poo-poo before exiting!*

MrJreed1000 : I call shenanigans on this experiment.. U made the mouse fat with all that peautbutter.. Thats why it doesnt fit

woofsausge : took a dump every time it entered a hole

Angry Durianz : The sound effect of this video makes me cringing so bad. Nice job BTW XD

Mom The Ebayer : 😂😂😂How did I get here!! 🤷🏾‍♀️

Dukaja : I just.. sat here for 7:05 minutes and watched this.. all of it..

slavik hard : ты его перекормил, скоро и в большую дырку не пролезит.

Snowy Chills : And why was this in my recommended

iiValentina09 : When he said "it's a little bit to big to fit" i was like "you mean to Fat"

BigWonka : Lol the sound effects are great.

RockinRob69 : *You keep feeding the same'll need BIGGER holes!!!*


Kitty Gurl : At 4:44 look to your right....

BlacksunWhitesunPleroma : why does this remind me so much of life

VCG Construction : The sound effects make this video!!

VIDEOHEREBOB : Hats off to the sound effects!!

MoviesShowForU : Now just put your d in the hole

ileana banana : anyone else see a magic ghost poop appear at 1:48

FNAF is love Same if it scares me : 4:45 ARACHNOPHOBIA!! (Right...)

Chevee Dodd : This is award-winning sound design. Great work!

Slushy : Why was this in my recommended?

Brody Dozier : Who has the time to watch a fricken mouse go through a dagum hole

Matous K : I thought you would use your own mouse

Joks izSantos : He's commentery is like its live 😂

Caged : These are the types of videos I want to see trending...not some stupid Niki Manaji crap video.


worka miracle : Someone eating my food will make me mad but someone eating my food then taking a crap where my food was has a Deathwish 😒

Cat in a Backpack : *Now the mouse has diabetes...*

DienMsm : @Msm hamster #Msm

Kayla Candy : I love the sound effects lol they're cute

Brae's World : The sound effects are so cringy

Screamin Eagal1097 : Wtf is with the noises

Brae's World : Ik yall see them bugs crawling around

yell at me : This is so funny than tom and jerry.