How small a hole can a mouse get through? Experiments.

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AdamTGaming25 : Maybe mr mouse doesnt like peanut butter. He wants chocolate

Jonny DIY : *god mice poop a lot*

iiFailALot : dat music switch between mouse and mole.. i cry xDDD

master23 : Everytime the mouse went to one of the rooms, he poop. I guess it helped him counting how many times he had visited that room lol.. :D #justmythought

Trippy Gamerz : This mouse took 8 shits in 2 minutes

Chibi : The sound affects are adorable and hilarious

Brian Gantick : Amazing music and sound effects!! Hahaha.

Florian Mircea Coste : You fed that mouse too much, soon he won't be able to fit any holes...

Oswaldo Villasenor : A spide

Guabaloo : *would've loved to see the mouse come back and fight the shrew to his peanut butter* 😂😂

Ezra Jed : *shrew music intensifies*

The Beat : Just call pest control.

Turtle Friend :D : 4:45 O H S H I T A S P I D E R

Elektrycerz : I'd put a ton of sunflower seeds in the 17mm one to make it regret it's gluttony

Anime Legend : Imagine human being like this. First eat on a plate then shit on a plate. 😂

Logan fletcher : Has anyone else noticed the constant appearence of spiders?

Pat M. : All those peanut butter won't make them fit the holes hahahaha they're so cute except for the pooping part though.

Jasmine : 4:45 look at the bottom right corner!!!!🕷😱

ahmed ghalayini : loveeee the sound effects

Kendall Jenner : Sound effects 😆

Leopardistar TFM : Those mice could’ve just ate the peanut butter on the floor in front of the holes went away came back when there’s more and keep up the routine

AndrewsDoc : Leaving some trail behind......

steven s : This is stupid because it all depends on how small the mouse is.

ToastLord : I hate these sound effects

Termi : Mouse too *T H I C C*

jess ica : I felt bad for it when it was trying to get in the holes for food

Nicholas Toth : How is this popular it just a mouse going though different size holes

Pacifi : this nigga has a whole ecosystem in his garage

BEAST Manning : The mole was cute!!!

Johnny the You Know What : Are you saying mose dude? All I hear when you say the word mouse is mose.

Elvis Jonesus : Pinky could get in , but Brain would devise a way to break the glass.

Annalise : Poor chubby shrew just want some peanut butter EDIT: HE GOT HIS PB!!!

7homes : He goes through a hole to eat. He goes out. He goes back in to take a dump and goes back out

Grace mvangu : This was odly satisfying

Aida CLEOFE : 1:11 The mouse pooped on his leftover peanut butter!

Alejandro Kief : Holy cockroach on a chocolate chip cookie 😱 The mouse 🐁 got fat from eating all the peanut 🥜 butter! LmfreakingAo 😂 the other rodent was hungry 😋

Waver Velvet : That shrew is inspiring.

makayla ramey : U need another sound effect or don't do it at all

GreenAppelPie : Sounds effect are spot on.

Guy So Cry : 5:03 Just give up biiiiiitch.

TheGamingMeatBallHD : like how he’s more worried about if a mouse can fit in a hole more than there’s mice in his house

lala azizi : Too many things inside the stomach,need to poop

IzDaBait B : *gotta love the balloon rubbing sound effects*

Anna Halton : This video wouldn't be the same without the sound effects

beetle juice : How tf did that shrew get in 😂

_ Jsteele_ : This is what should be in my suggested watch list

Maccam : Lol the music And sound effects are killing me

A LavendeRGamer -I do cool stuff : IT POOED

Mike_ X : Does the depth of the hole make a difference?

Philippe Grandmont : Ok, seriously these sound made this video so perfect xD