How small a hole can a mouse get through? Experiments.

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J ennifer : Bruh those sound effects

Love Life : 24 million hits for a mouse eating peanut butter and shitting everywhere😂😂😂

Krazee ThugNutz : What I am doing with my life......

Kerrylle Playz : Who laught because of the sound effects?!?!?!?!?😂😂😂😂

Rick : Damn bro the shrew soundbase is dark af, no way that's a nice shrew

IneptOrange : I love that this is the kind of content my 2am brain enjoys.

James Starter : Sound effects are to much for me on this dose of edibles

RHCPsTv : this mouse shits more than it eats.

THTSound : 23 M people with no life, great times we live

yanksny : I love how he eats the peanut butter and takes a shit in each one

Chevee Dodd : This is award-winning sound design. Great work!

Robert V : I think the Shrew ate one of the craps.

Minh Nhân : I like how the mouse and the shrew got their own theme.

multi gamer : When the mouse eats it sounds like it's saying subscribe

oklikeuknow : This is what it takes to get tens of millions of views these days

BigWonka : Shrews don't seem to be the most intelligent creatures alive. But they sure do have a lot of determination.

Forrest Munden : Love the sound of the mouse trying to fit! lol!

Chethan Mark : one rat was hurt in the making of this video

Brea'sBeauty& Beyond : I need to know their diet. Because I need to get my bowels moving like theirs are

lil bod : how small a hole can a -mouse- shrew get through

ThomasTrucker : Who else realised the spider walking at 2:35

Pink Mamba : the intruder wasnt a mole or a shrew it was a vole they have suprisingly similar habits to mice...I have voles and mice and they both quite I know voles eat peanut

giammira : At each time the mouse went through I celebrated opening a bottle of champagne with double sound effect

Clayton : The music and sound effect made it so enjoyable to watch! 😂😄

iTechSavvy : Lol 1:48 looks like a piece of mouse poop magically appears in the farthest to the right box with the mouse nowhere near it. It’s probably dust or something

DMS Inc. : Who else noticed that spider at 4:45?

TABBY : This mouse be like *_sound effects_*

GiGuVu Bird : When you watch too much of Tom and Jerry 😂😂🐀🐈

Robert V : I was scrolling down at the home section and...

George Iceman : That's what i call entertainment.

AbigailAshley : Idk why this sounded interesting to me

L E C K Y : 4:00 ... Hamster mutation with mouse?

Iván _Gameplay : José cómo termine aquí xd

xXFADE MASTERXx : I swear when I was little everyone used to say a mouse could fit through a pen space.

Zoro p : At 8:00 you could clearly see the mouse getting paid for his great performance

Mom The Ebayer : 😂😂😂How did I get here!! 🤷🏾‍♀️

187StrikeKing : OMG sound effects im in tears this video is awesome

PCLHH : Your garage / workshop is full of interesting activities at night... I guess one can say: holy moly!

its me : Also ist 17mm das kleinste was sie geschafft hat❤😊?

Dev Verma : But I never saw a mose.

Caged : These are the types of videos I want to see trending...not some stupid Niki Manaji crap video.

msyami yugi : oh if its a hamster its really cute!! Giangalian hamster

Lil pmup : That mouse shit everywhere it went

Ahmed Abdelrazzaq : The question is why it's easier to get out 🐀

Lisa Lein : It squeezes the poop right out of them haha!

Armando J : The sound effects tho 😂🤣😂🤣

Indi : Why I watching this? :D

Glenn Jacobs : Thats enough youtube for me today.

The High Pixel Theater : Dats one big fat mouse XD

Ken _YN : 5:00 U can see that 👀😏😍🏃💨😂😂😂