How small a hole can a mouse get through? Experiments.

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BHuang92 : That was a SHREWED experiment

Mom The Ebayer : 😂😂😂How did I get here!! 🤷🏾‍♀️

BlackMetal Warrior : This sounds is really great, very funny Thanks for your video.

GFTW : Where exactly is your experiment at? It better not be in your house because there were spiders and everything crawling on that floor

How do you know I’m not big ? : Now good content.

Joyce Ha-Yoon Kim : The sound tho.

Sloth Slimes : Haha 😆 I love how the music changes when the shrew comes lol 😂 great video 😝

lickylicky564 : the sound effects tho.

Bradley T : Uhhh, hey buddy heh uh... Where'd you get those licking noises from???

Gimberg Preval : *T H I C C* on peanut butter

N a n c y : Theyre too thicc

AJ : The sound when he get s trough holes and when he eats is so satisfying.

Cyproduction : It was pooping so much to get thinner lel

Splash Attack TCG : This mouse clearly goes by the take penny, leave a penny policy.

rewer : It’s official now, that mouse and cat are both liquid.

Mr B : This was fun to watch, thanks. The problem is this: You will need diff. sized holes for diff. sized mice. Yes, my brain is like Einsteins. :)

Morisha Kalyan : "moose"

WOONABA : Fat acceptance people will get so triggered LOL

Xraxy Xraxy : This mouse is paid actor.

spritz Berry : I find it satisfying yet disturbing when it makes it thru a hole

Kaiser Zephan : So they shit and eat at the same time o.o, good to know. If they do that on a carpet it means they found something to eat.

Aux1M OP : Mouse: wtf? No moisturizer

CavyCuteness : The sound effects tho😂

Štěpán H : 5:30 - From that moment I did not keep up and started to laugh. The mole is a pretty stubborn beast (:-D plus the sound of stretching through ... (:-D

AbigailAshley : Idk why this sounded interesting to me

Carol Smallz : 3:30 was the mouse pooping?

micha : 5:27 me trying to fit into summer clothes

Vênus : Essas "sujeiras" dentro dos compartimentos são as fezes do rato? Are these "dirt" inside the compartment the mouse's stool?

Parrots4Life : Omg I have never seen such a determined shrew before. Well.....I've never seen one actually. BUT THIS ONE IS PERSISTENT. My argument makes sense to me... This is my first time at your Chanel and at first it seemed like a cute experiment. But those sound effects....that shrew....omg. Yes. Just yes. SUBSCRIBED

Team Shmo : I love how the mouse kept shiting

CONVICKTO Group : 4:44 Quem viu a aranha 🕷?

Heidi Stewart : Love the sound effects

Carol Smallz : What if the mouse got stuck in one of the smaller holes.... Someone would have to take it out...

JakobeBryant : At 4:44 another animal was crawling around but I don't think it smelled the food... Look at the bottom right Edit: Wait at 5:02 u could literally see it walk through the middle I'm dumb 😂

DMS Inc. : Who else noticed that spider at 4:45?

The Meme Overlord : I dislike the sound effects

izidor : 5:30 holy shit these sounds are killing me

Alice Brown : There are two different mice...

jalil : A persistent mouse 👏👏👏.

Jonny DIY : *god mice poop a lot*

デヴィんDehvin : That eating noise had me dying.

Goldndrago : 4:44 Sooky scary spiders

cristian rivera : The mole got so stretched after the first hole that it could enter any diameter now 😂😂😂😂😂

Awsm2 : Disliked because of the shitty sound effects, good video tho

G00BY : Sandshrew is very good at burrowing

xXPenguinGamingXx : the sound is killing me!

MisterHamsterGlimpse Boi : Poor mouse :(

Regina Losinger : Can’t believe I am watching this... great sound effects

ovii b : Omg the sounds i love it 😂😍

ETS2_MP_KSA : Who else realised the spider walking at 2:35