How small a hole can a mouse get through? Experiments.

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Джон и Ева : They need some traction. The surface is too slippery for them to push themselves in.


Briola Nugent : I'm glad I've finally watched this *Thanks recommendations* 😂

Camila : How the hell did I end up here?

MsToxicToaster : The sound effects make it so much more fun and appealing to watch, nice video.☺️

G00BY : Sandshrew is very good at burrowing

Alina S. : I love how you had danger music for the Shrew, like it was the villain 😂

SketchAngel 206 : 4:44 ahhhhh spider😬

Tony Fisher : If you use a hammer they can fit through smaller holes.

Clayton Evenhouse : The sound effects are the best

DMS Inc. : Who else noticed that spider at 4:45?

Yogesh Kadam : Legendo sound effects.😂

alotosius : The mouse is getting to fat from the peanut butter, its taking poop almost every time it fits thru a hole just to make more room lol.

Rave Rave : 2:35 find the creature lol

NucularOctopus : This guy sure had some fun with the sound effects

Alina S. : "Mose"

Scary Tales : Rats are cute!

Cornhole12 RBLX : The sound effects are so funny xDDD

Dechen Shingsar : The sound effects made me cry from laughing 😂

Gimberg Preval : *T H I C C* on peanut butter

জা বলব সত্যি বলব : I'm wondering what made me see the whole video😅

FuzzyBlueWolf : Must have spent a fortune on the sound design

Higor Guedes : Don't know why but i want so much to kill it

Tide Pod : why not just jump over the wall

조이스김 : The sound tho.

Alina S. : "Moise"

joshua storm : omg my rats are to fat to fit through any of those holes lol my pet rats that is

Charlee_ Cheese : Wow that mole was such a dang MOLE

KyKn0s : I should have been working right now to meet my strict deadlines, but nevermind, lets watch a rat getting through holes

Zeus Flores : I should be sleeping right now why am i watching a video about a mouse getting through holes Edit: I’ve finally changed “rat” to “mouse” 🐀

Alina S. : Lmfao those sound effects 👌

Tobia Troiani : Them sound effects tho 👌👌👌

Ioann Bolshakov : The mouse got fat XD

Jason Kivell : U sound like melikebigboom

Max Maker : You wonder weird things haha

soft pro gamin. in : You got different music for mouse and Mole it's funny when you suddenly change the music😂😂😂😂

puma slay : The mouse I like what is this knowledge lol 😂😂😂

Channer UK : This is funny as fook. Dunno why!

Matt McCarthy : the misophonia is real...

GABRIEL JACKSON : Is the guy making the eating noises XD

Elvira Forsberg : I LOVE all of the sound effects!!

chris pauli : so cute!

Пенсионер : *Omg this sounds ahahaha ;)*

Yunjin Deng : Where your dope or nope Mathias? Why you making mazes now? Edit: Oh wait sry, wrong channel

Jonny DIY : *god mice poop a lot*

infamous KING CONG : Lol funny sounds ... Got some of everything in that basement lol

Aum Dabke : I died at 1:25 🤯🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂

Only- K : sorry Matthias Wandel I'm creating making video, but no who knows. I hope you can support me. thank all

Alex'sim 100% simulation : J'aime le bois 😘😘

Team Shmo : I love how the mouse kept shiting