Capturing Donald Glover's Motion
Capturing Donald Glovers Motion

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With Macintosh 128k & Macintosh SE computer, MacPaint & Macromind VideoWorks/Director software. Total working time: 3 months Total file size: 1.8MB Total frames: 1300 frames The complete progress (Twitter thread)


Marissa Ilianna : I don't remember this part of Bandersnatch

w0nd3r : what if we go extinct and this is the only video that aleins see

Birtycle 204 : On a prehistoric computer


Mardial : The best video on YouTube

Eddie Meredith : This Mac works faster than my 2011 MacBook Pro.

Diana's LPS : just got an ad about google's childish gambino playmoji

꧁Slay Queen꧂ : Proof you don't need the fanciest programs and equipment to make art.

Tyler Botkin : YO run! There's a DINOSAUR in your house!

Kent Vincent Llano : *Youtube recommended a good video again*

THUURMINATOR : You are an ARTIST, keep it up

:Dracodry : This is 8bit on 120fps

Ortamorso : Donald Glover: This is America Me: This is art

k. e. : That was.. an odd form.. of simplistic beauty. well done! Worth the hard work!

Kadz : *_This is motion capture_*

boti : *This is Amer...AMAZING*

Malteaser Midnight : The movement is so fluid and natural! it's really impressive!!! well done :D

Just-in K. : *Welcome to Macintosh*

Fight Food - Boxing Stories : I often wonder how many floppy discs it would take to store the Godfather Trilogy on? ‘Here you go buddy, ive made you a copy of the Godfather Trilogy’ and hand over a stack of floppy discs.

ISRAAD VISUALS : How many decades did this take you to make???

Colorjoy MSP : This Is -America- *Iconic*

PRNAVY : We all live in 2019 while this guy is livin in, 19- somethin

Xanderz 101 : Mr. Krabs these computers are so old we need new- Mr. Krabs: *n o*

shaya : It’s nice to know how many talented humans we have! Thanks for this I loved it

Dio Drando : This is so damn impressive, you are legendary.

Juliana : Is it just me or is YouTube actually starting to give me good recommendations

Something New : capture a mans motion, you capture his soul

N B-A : -America's Got Talent Has Entered The Chat-

GioDaYvngGod : Did u somehow go back in time in 1993 and create a transversal elapse to get this song then decide to post this 25 years later *Cause dat computer old af*

CactusTeam : Okay, now this is -epic- America.

Nicholas : Sucks that corruption allows for others to profit from this much work. Great job tho.

LUCCY : Omg it’s the save button

snowstorm209 : Dat animation be FLAWLESS!!!!!

theripper451 : Now THIS is quality content

Mr. Floop : I came in with low expectations but I nearly shit myself. I’ve seen things like this that have a good thumbnail but suck ass, but this was just incredible. I really love how smooth and pleasing this is to look at, and it’s just legendary. You did a really good job on this m8. Congrats, hope this goes down as a YouTube hit, good luck.

gokurocks9 : This looks like it was motion captured, that's how accurate this really looks. Extremely impressed

Colton Parker : Holy shit, That was probably one of the best videos I've seen on here.

Cringe Ass Nae Nae Baby : This is unironically amazing

Rubikari : This is awesome, I would never be able to have the patience to do all that rotoscoping. Never.

Nezrin Grant : How can somebody dislike this? *I MEAN SERIOUSLY*

Haydn Anderson : I always forget the opening to this song, and it catches me off guard every time. edit: oh hey my name's kinda in the video

White Alliance : This was facinating. Simply fascinating. Wow like im speechless this is what the internet was made for, and i thank you

Alex The dragon : Omg this is actually one of the best YouTube videos I've seen on yt your flipping AWSOME!

MMoRPG : Leon: What the? Donald Glover: This is America Me: This is beautiful Dunkey: That’s a zombie!

fran : I absolutely love this you're so fricking talented

King Kiro : you did this on a Macintosh. this is 2019, not 1886.

markos : turn your speed at 0.25x and go to 1:24 keep stopping the video and i will see ;) your welcome

Denis Freire : Sensacional Pt-Br Amazing English

Live Love Life : 1.4k dislike really 🤦‍♂️ great work I'm late on this 🔥🔥🔥