Capturing Donald Glover's Motion

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CactusTeam : Okay, now this is -epic- America.

ChloeCanary : This is amazing!!!! And I haven't seen a floppy disk in nearly two decades holy crap ;~;

Swagsin : He hit the shoooot hard

Mr Yohan : Two types of people in this World: - People who are looking for money. - People who are looking for more money. You're of the third type: - Money is looking for you.

Brea Shenae : When pixels dance better than you Edit: dang 800 likes, I’m famous💀

Dio Drando : This is so damn impressive, you are legendary.

Curtis Marler : Using a 34 year old computer to do this is so awesome! A file size of 1.8 MB is unheard of nowadays. You have completed a task which is amazing. Great work and dedication.

ZoneCloned : This is the video Einstein watched before writing the bible

Shadowlady436 : I'm actually glad that this was in my recommended...

Sydney 1410 : Every day, we get closer to god

JedDraws : youtube recommended, you need to promote this video!

Tja hast halt verkackt : Still better than our school PCs.

ChannelOfRandumb _ : This takes MAD talent.

Glue Nigga : *At least YouTube knows what quality content is*

Keon Beats : Now this is art.

Kent Vincent Llano : *Youtube recommended a good video again*

c o z y q u e e n : PERFECT TIMING EVERY CARTAGE 😩😩

DeeVee : *W E L C O M E T O M A C I N T O S H*

It'slegendary Lizard : I wonder where this was made But they’re legendary

Is the universe infinite ? : you see you don't need the latest apple MAC to do something legendary !!

fran : I absolutely love this you're so fricking talented

Dat Jr : This is Floppy Disk

500 Subs With Only 12 Crappy Videos? : I don't know why but I have every slim shady song stuck in my head. I'm not complaining but I can't relax with the thought of someone spitting on my onion rings.

TheonlyLilHomie TOLH : This is perfect

Jinelle Sok : This deserves to be #1 on Trending *and yes I liked my own comment fight me*

Jeremy Boateng : Shouldnt this video be at 2 million views or something and the fact that this im the 452nd comment is even more dissapointmenting

James Thomas : prepare to be famous

Doug Sholly : The part that is most impressive is that you have a working Macintosh...

Zealous TV : who else got an ad where lil yachty was singin chef boyarde and dancing with chef boyarde

500 Subs With Only 12 Crappy Videos? : Looks like something from adult swim.

Mardial : The best video on YouTube

RiRi Mars : How..TF...on that computer.....your amazing....teach me your ways I am your student master..

Angelica : Wow this is amazing!!

Emperor Palpatine : *This is macintosh*

Nye nye Galaxy : Wow how did you do this 👌👌👍👍💖💗💗💗💓👍👌

Bageru : This is what rhey call "hard work" !

Chilled Fox : That's some ancient technology you got there 🐾

LuvYrGurlAsh : I cant stop watching. Awsome vid.

xd Galatic : *How beautiful* -Just like America-

Officially Trapping : Who else can hear the song through the images

Nezrin Grant : How can somebody dislike this? *I MEAN SERIOUSLY*

penmumble : this is actually phenomenal

Chardar Animations : Couldn’t do it in a modern laptop... what’s wrong with me?

Different Things : there's no such thing as the most talented person in the worl- oh.

Waffles : There was obviously a lot of work put into this. It turned out fantastic, but I have to ask.... Are you okay?

Toasted Fan Art : This deserves more views, great work!

thelemoncliquecake27 : infuckingcredible.

RedDragonSlayer : This is a work of art

Rara Cat : Someone do a side by side comparison ~Rox

JayJay Wash : Howwwwwww????????????????????????