Capturing Donald Glover's Motion

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Dio Drando : This is so damn impressive, you are legendary.

ISRAAD VISUALS : How many decades did this take you to make???

2 Left Thumbs : Dude, I really hope someone hires you to produce an original music video in this style. This is so awesome!!

Mr. Floop : I came in with low expectations but I nearly shit myself. I’ve seen things like this that have a good thumbnail but suck ass, but this was just incredible. I really love how smooth and pleasing this is to look at, and it’s just legendary. You did a really good job on this m8. Congrats, hope this goes down as a YouTube hit, good luck.

Apex Legendaries : This is -America- *_Art_*

JedDraws : youtube recommended, you need to promote this video!

Guillaume CHEVALLIER : Disney, Pixar, Ghibli Studio (and other Japanese studios), Dreamworks, Illumination or any other animation studio should hire you, you are the ultimate master of animation :o

Earth Is A Donut : Bruh a goddamn many years has it been?

jramos0010 : Better than Rewind 2018!

Advantageous : *Nostalgia*

CactusTeam : Okay, now this is -epic- America.

Jernelle Rosales : Not only did you produce these graphics but your timing to the song was on point...there was a lot of shuffling and you handled like a pro *slow clap* 👏👏👏

Briola Nugent : I always find my way back to this.. Its so cool and nicely done. And I *_know_* it must of been an *_DINGUS_* to make too And the fact that you're still doing it is *_AWESOME_* so much dedication. I want to *remember* this kind of effort when I go off to create my own Art 💕 *_Thank you for the inspiration and Good Luck!_* 💗

Lemonadę : Omg I wish the Macintosh computers were still available I love the look and the rainbow apple

Diana's LPS : just got an ad about google's childish gambino playmoji

Zach King : What hard work and dedication! So much talent and it was amazing to see your twitter updates as you made this!

Zhang Jia hua : Love the slowly zooming out and in. Hands down the best video ive seen today

Rotisserie Chiggen : They got toaster ovens with screens, bruh

Camillla : 2018 Fortnite Kiddies: "Whats that weird Square thingy?" Everyone else who knows: *Facepalms with Disks in hand*

Salmontres : is this the new iphone?

Jeremy Boateng : Shouldnt this video be at 2 million views or something and the fact that this im the 452nd comment is even more dissapointmenting

Birtycle 204 : On a prehistoric computer

Terry Kay : 😱😱 this is it chief!!

Draco dry : This is 8bit on 120fps

sara : It’s nice to know how many talented humans we have! Thanks for this I loved it

Mardial : The best video on YouTube

Aaron Vargas : Love the old Mac setup. It's soooo aesthetic.

Paul Castillo : *_This is a meme_*

S. T. : That was so satisfying to watch for some reason

Rafael Domingus : who the hell are you your work is insane

Kent Vincent Llano : *Youtube recommended a good video again*

Rafael Domingus : reads a digital audio transmission

Firat : i dont get it someone explain pls

Rafael Domingus : look at that re-animating

Mario El Pato Shidori 7w7 : U A R E A L E G E N D

fran : I absolutely love this you're so fricking talented

hallo_ catto : Ahhhh I actually really want one of the original macs ;(

_ Jenocyde _ : I'm pretty sure that PC is older than me

INH : Mission past Respest +

Just a guy who watches hentai : You are very talented my friend

Kadz : *_This is motion capture_*

TheProglitching : 1.8mbs

White Alliance : This was facinating. Simply fascinating. Wow like im speechless this is what the internet was made for, and i thank you

Rafael Domingus : Award.

Hobostarr180 : I'm so suprised you can make such clean animations on a dinosaur from the 90s or some shit

Toasted Fan Art : This deserves more views, great work!

Creepy Susie : Eu queria ter um PC bom desse!

جنى غرايبة : I had a feeling that this is gonna be great when I read the caption

Rafael Domingus : raw

WhenItrains Nooneknows : My god- on a Macintosh?!