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get born : hahaha he's got the perfect dj voice .

Livzeh : That tescolated quickly....

Beth Bastone : Fantastic. Wish this happened in my Tesco.

Techno International : SONG?????

Fabian Dee : I'd be willing to wager this only works out in predominantly non-Muslim areas outside of London

D Jeffery-Hughes : Great video! But could have put the camera on Auto Focus...

Gem Louise : I love how no one cared and you didn't get some pathetic security guard running up and bustling in thinking they're all it getting all aggro etc etc, big up to Tesco's for that.

Fee Xxx : Judge rinder brought me here haha

jack townsend : Amazing mate 😬😬 come down to cov!!!

ReeceGamingTM : Fantsfish :D

Kervell Joseph : pmsl...brilliant. keep going lad.......

satizfaction : Absolutely hilarious!

Mysticalvids HD : Lol I live in Wistable

underneonloneliness2 : He's now on judge rinder

Animania Lol : Hi I'm the kid who walked up to you on Herne bay :) if don't believe look at my video

Jake Gayler : Awesome ! Made my week watching this. 

Zachary Porter : The song's "Dreamer" by Alex Ross & Lorenzo. Excellent Video Lee!! :) #OneManBand  

Girls Love : Saw you today in ASDA Sittingbourne BRILLIANT made my day xxx so funny

Pianoshaun71 : Well LOLZ !!!

Rick DX : Funniest guy on YouTube!

youtubak777 : I wonder, that the security of tesco didn't kick you out. Btw. You can arrive into any of our tescos in czech republic too :D

SeanysShow : I've only seen a couple of these videos Lee but they are Fantastic ..well done mate ! :)

Freder Snorlax : I dig his style. Rockin a good bulge too.

IngwerNinja : omg i knowww those ppl

Tallica Maiden : i love this!

Jiwon Chang : I love how he wears the same tights in every video. What if he never washed them lol

Butters Stotch : Love your work! If you're performing this"up the north" how about working in a George Formby mash up. You're a DJ. Work it Mafaa!!!!

Johnny Morrison-Howe : This guy.

Pooks Meister : what is the song called at 1.38

Thomas Perry : Anyone know the name of the song?

Ash Ward : Love it lee on judge rinder

Matt Hamilton : someone please tell me the name of this song?

James Thomas : Oh my god this is perfect

Tommy Lee : lee boy you deserve so much more subscribers you should have millions my boy

DexDark : I work at a tesco express i would love it if you came in lol

Unexpected Object : make more :D 

Leikbrot : What a legend ! 

Darren Smith : Seen disco boy an his m8 in manchester picadilly outside the big wheel they are well class 

Aiden Brooks : What's the song ???