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In this episode of 'Price Points', Epicurious challenges beer expert Garrett Oliver, Brewmaster of Brooklyn Brewery, to guess which one of two beers is more expensive. Garrett breaks down pilsner, Belgian White, IPA, Munich Dark Lager, barrel-aged and fruit sour beers before making his guesses! Still haven’t subscribed to Epicurious on YouTube? ►► ABOUT EPICURIOUS Browse thousands of recipes and videos from Bon Appétit, Gourmet, and more. Find inventive cooking ideas, ingredients, and restaurant menus from the world’s largest food archive. Beer Expert Guesses Cheap vs Expensive Beer | Price Points | Epicurious

Comments from Youtube

p1mpmasterbackhand : This guy is insanely good at public speaking, very interesting and knowledgeable. Any beer company would benefit from having him on their team.

Papaog : Imagine giving this guy a bud light at a bbq😂😂😂

Karen Tan : “Almost no depth at all. You start with fizz and a lil bit of banana, and it just sort of vanishes.” - Just like my ex.

Greg Moore : This guy held my attention for the entire video. That’s hard to do with on the internet nowadays. The cuts and the editing was done well too. Enjoyed it. Now I have to go get some beer....

Dylan porter : I'm a beer expert too but my family uses the word "alcoholic"

Thiago Gasparino : Every time I taste a good beer I'm going to say "zing!" and "Boom!" from now on.

Steve Slothenstein : I'm somewhat of an expert myself Garrett, my tipple of choice is 12 pints of Heineken and waking up in a police cell with a hangover but that's just me.

Giovanni Zumbado : I had this playing in the background to help me sleep cause of that voice. But the way he detailed and described EVERY beer made watch it instead. Now I’m drinking a beer at 2am.

Restless Wretch : "About 2-3x more expensive because of the heavy use of hops." *turns out to be 30 cents less than 3x exactly* *shook*

George P : Give this guy a series where he goes all over the world talking about and trying different types of beer. I would definitely watch that

LuBu4u : 1. Pislner - pislner urquell vs Miller 2. Wheat - Blue moon vs Alagash 3. IPA's - No clue. Could literally be anything. Theres too many IPA's to tell based off just the can/bottle/color/flavor. 4. Dark Lager - Schlenkera Helles Marzen vs Negra Modelo 5. Barrel Aged beer - Westvleteren 12 vs Barrel Aged Innis and Gunn 6. Sour Ale - Wild-Sour vs Boulevard Love Child (Wrong, but not sure) Help me fill in the unknowns if you know the cheaper ones. The cans are the hardest since I mostly figured this out based off the bottles and the colors. Finally all this drinking paid off.

MrJreed1000 : I wish he was an expert on more stuff... I'd like to see more expert videos with him in it

George Ianţa : I don't think I've ever used the word "biscuit-y" to describe anything. I feel like I'm missing out on life

thatgiant : He sounds like dave chappelle when he impersonates a white guy hahaha. Definitely a very talented guy and I like hearing him talk but that really jumped out at me

Jonathan Stewart : I really wish they'd tell us what brands are being tasted.

what : I'm gonna go grab a beer real quick. Y'all want one?

Marcin Sobczak : Too bad being a 'beer expert' didn't get me anything but divorce.

Nick : Expected pretentious reviews over a subjective topic (e.g. wine-tasting) Ended up getting a very knowledgeable & objectively-decided content.

dostuffandthings : Wow! Thanks alternative timeline Kanye!!

Tien : NEXT UP: Cocaine expert guesses Cheap vs Expensive Cocaine

Eddie : If you named the beers you'd have the alcohol lobby suing the channel and possible losing sponsors. This was a great episode but naming the brands would benefit all of us but I understand you have to protect yourself from lawsuits against the truth.

Eternally Angelic : "So why do you think you would be good candidate for a beer expert?" "College"

Mudri : Imagine him drinking Bud light and a glass of water and saying water tastes more expensive :'D

Thexsoar the Bearded : Dammit. I learned something. Well played.

Ora D : Dude has the most amazing voice. I'd listen to him talking all day.

James Macdonald : Could listen to this guy talk about beer all day; not the hero we deserve, but the hero we need 🍻😍

Nick Schwartz : This series really highlights the difference in expertise that the guests posses. This man is incredibly knowledgeable but not pretentious about it. He clearly possesses a huge amount of experience and information, but doesnt pretend like you're an idiot if you don't know what he's talking about. It's also an indicator that someone is an ACTUAL expert when they are completely open about their enjoyment or practical use of inferior products, he has no problem saying that he'd happily drink a lesser quality beer because of price. A lot of "experts" reject the possibility of enjoying these cheaper products, instead acting as though if you aren't buying the best then you might as well not buy it at all. Alcohol in particular seems to encourage this response. I am currently working at a Coors-Miller distributor, and the number of bars and restaurants that flat-out refuse to offer cheaper products is ridiculous. I agree, I'd much rather have a meticulously crafted and carefully brewed beer, but I'm perfectly happy with anything cold; especially at restaurants where I spend like $2 on a pint of coors instead of $9 for a pint of -insert expensive beer brand-. I've been in the beer business for 4 years, but I'm perfectly content with a cheap beer. Don't get me wrong, I love Dogfish Head, Upland, Rebel, and many other higher quality beers, but it's not always practical to pay $15 for a 6-pack when I can buy a 24 pack of Miller for the same price. Experienced experts are happy to compliment the strengths of inferior products, but can easily identify the weaknesses. They genuinely enjoy the product they are talking about, and understand that sometimes you don't want to (or can't) buy a pricier version. Real experts like the man in this video are also very well acquainted with the manufacturing and distribution processes. They don't just look at the flavor, but they know where that flavor comes from and how much it costs to get it into the product. If you pay more for a beer, you shouldn't expect a "better" flavor, you should expect a more complex and difficult to achieve flavor. He nails this point on the head, explaining how the manufacturer likely achieved the taste of the beer and where it came from.

Dakota alphadrr : Good video. I don't usually like these videos but this guy was really well spoken.

placeholder03 : This guy is awesome, great commentary and passion for his craft.

John Manoochehri : One off the classiest and most interesting experts so far on this series.

Sab. : I'm take Alabama Boss over a "beer expert" any day

Clarissa Chen : He is very funny and informative in an attractive way. Great video!

Arthur Downey : Great presentation. Its It's like Reading Rainbow for beer!

The Leap Fitness and Health : So the moral of the video....typically cost does equal quality! hehe

Antonius Imbiri : My dad's also a beer expert... But everyone calls him alcoholic

1ofsolitude : This is the 2nd time I've watched this video the whole way through. I could listen to this guy talk about a wet carrot.

Oscar M : So... are you telling me this is not Chris Rock?

Stefano Gomez : With $0.25 I can buy a gum ball.

p l : But dont take my word for it, DRINKKINNGG RAINBOOOWWWW

Siu Dam : He did an excellent job explaining things. I like the quick history intro, ingredients, and physical traits explanations. Very informative and quite engaging. I'm not a beer drinker, so I learned a lot.

casualsuede : I just had a Brooklyn Brown ale yesterday and it was glorious. Thank you, mr. Oliver.

Asahi Super Dry : Amazing video !! your beer knowledge is worth its weight in gold 🍻

Paul Zach : He sounds like Jason Sudeikis!!

JustinTorrecampo : This guy has a bit of a Neil deGrasse Tyson sound in his voice

laowhy86 : BTW this guy was the best yet. What an awesome, knowledgeable personality.

esilenna01 : Incredible knowledge, engaging, great character, personality and very interesting. Best expert by far

Russell : If the ingredients are all exactly the same, how do different companies make their recipes stand out? It sounds like every beer would taste the same.

Sarah Martin : Your videos are two quiet! if there is ANYTHING else happening around me, I can't hear the video.

Štěpán Daněk : Guy should visit Czechia, the capital of beer (mostly pilsner tho)