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Comments from Youtube

Rachel Rolison : *Matt getting Miranda Cosgroves number is iconic.*

Abidur : When Josh said “Megan!” I had flashbacks of Drake and Josh

Kenzie : "DON'T FILM HER LIKE THAT, DAVID." Josh is going to do just fine as a dad 😂❤

Calli Cobb : *UnCuLtUrEd sWiNe* -david.

aznpikachu215 : 3:36 - ""YOU LOOK GOOD, BOOB"!" 4:03 -4:10 - *Pie goes to Josh's face* MEGAN! I feel the good vibes coming back ^_^

abby gigliotti : now we’re gonna need updates on matt and miranda

Joydan Wellman : I’ve never smiled so hard to a video before 😂😂😂

Haneen ARMY : I wish Miranda would make a channel of her own 😢

DirtySquishi08 : didn't expect a pie. maybe like a drake bell, but ...not a pie

Jay Savage : Miranda Cosgrove is so Hot😍😍😍

Mariah Cook : “you look good boob” THAT HIT MY CHILDHOOD IN THE HEART, WHY DID I WANNA CRY?! 😩😭😭

Trishi : This video was more about Miranda & Matt than Her surprising Josh lol 😂

Alize : 3:18 “it’s from your sister” “Yes..” THE WAY JOSH JUST KNOWS WHEN DAVID SAID SISTER

I’m a Disappointment : *So how is Matt and Miranda going!? 😂*

Effin Akash Riffin : 4:09 Man I went back straight to high school days... I really felt emotional.....

Dismyname : Didn’t realize Miranda Cosgrove was just being herself on iCarly

Nicole1 Koushyar : Miranda: I thought what u said was great 👍🏻 David: what did I say? Miranda: “hi”

alexandra ayana : 3:04-3:11 Josh literally turned into Liza there

Zc 1993 : She never stops smiling/laughing. I LOVE it 😍😍😍 I want to meet her!!!

Danni Wills : when he said Megan at the end just gave me life.

Logan Byrd : When Miranda Cosgrove becomes a part of the vlog squad.

Sri Kanmany : its kinda sad how disconnected josh is from all the people from his show. it’s like most iconic tv shows or movies like full house or Harry Potter, the cast STILL talks about their time on set and the relationships they built with other cast members. hell, he didn’t even invite one of them to HIS WEDDING. he spent all these years with people and it seems like he doesn’t want anything to do with it, this includes the people involved with the show

Nadin User : It was soooo sweet when josh shouted megan I am crying

Mr. Muscles : When he said "Megan" the memories came flooding in 😭

ᗰIᗪᑎIGᕼT ᗯᗩᒪK •x• : Uncultured swine 😒

Janae Tovar : “Sorry I didn’t invite you to my wedding.” “Thanks for not tweeting about it.” 😂😂😂💀

Joni Sabri : Just what picture you like in person dancing crazy.

jmancini : I never laughed so hard in my life😂😂 this video is too fkn funny

Nicolette Forte : Can u reunite ICarly...... and then reunite Sam and Cat? just asking tho,

Nycisej : I know miranda she's carly from tv show "icarly".

JW Fan : David's slowly working his way to getting Drake & Josh back on the air

Wow ido that : 1:38 David:how’s Gibbi? Miranda: he’s great Kinda like my childhoods complete

Francisco Agustín Rosales : El Ayuwoki Da Mucho Miedo Hee Hee

Emma Plenzler : Btw love the last part. *"MEGAN!"*

Just Paroding : I love that nickelodeon still shows icarly

maria m : If Matt king and Miranda cosgrove start dating that would be everything

Velia Rodriguez : who else noticed the icarly music in the out tro

Alize : Her smile and energy and laugh and just everything the SECOND she comes in the car. Ugh. Lucky to have grown up with her

Gerry : *Alb pero si es el Ayuwoki Hee-Hee* :V

Harley Quinn : My goodness how is Miranda so nice and kind like wow I wish to be as sweet as her

kristin shim : "YOU LOOK GOOD, BOOB" *i felt that*

T. Savis : he needs to get jerry trainor now

Mary : Miranda: *”you look good boob”* 😭😭😭😭❤️

L& T P : First time watching these videos! So great!

Bryan Medina : omg is michael jackson hee hee

Lexi Villa : "Sorry for not inviting you to my wedding" _thanks for not tweeting about it_

Beyond The Sass : Lol..who still laughs at 'i forgot who you are for a second'😂😂😂

PTX Girl Nina : 3:09 tbh thats cute how he is like *"thats do nice thank you"*

Cyclops : I think of Icarly more