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Josh Peck : David, thank you for being so sweet to my sister. Matt, stay away from her.

Abidur : When Josh said “Megan!” I had flashbacks of Drake and Josh

Ashna Rahman : I think EVERYBODY has a crush on Miranda Cosgrove.

Crazy Kenzie : "DON'T FILM HER LIKE THAT, DAVID." Josh is going to do just fine as a dad 😂❤

first name last name : Jason was in ICARLY AND Drake and Josh. He knows who Miranda Cosgrove is.


Shammah : "You look good boob" 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Mikenna Kwiatkowski : Am I the only one who noticed the real freaking hand that came out of the box and threw the pie????

Mariano Roberts Patiño : Josh came over to see if Annie was ok

N1SC4R : 4:09 Josh: MEGAN!!!

Lil Gee Family : Who else thinks that the 4 minutes went by too quickly??

DirtySquishi08 : didn't expect a pie. maybe like a drake bell, but ...not a pie

Jay Savage : Miranda Cosgrove is so Hot😍😍😍

Young Vessel : I'm not kidding, but their is this cute young kid at my school and I guess it's Miranda Cosgroves cousin because she picked him up and they looked really happy together.

Light skinned Leii : Should’ve surprised lil pump instead

kristin shim : "YOU LOOK GOOD, BOOB" *i felt that*

Calli Cobb : *UnCuLtUrEd sWiNe* -david.

Akash Timsina : 4:09 Man I went back straight to high school days... I really felt emotional.....

Haneen ARMY : I wish Miranda would make a channel of her own 😢

Gavin Devine : *MEGHAN!!!*

Missile pro gaming : When Miranda said "you look good boob" my world went back to early 2000

Sri Kanmany : its kinda sad how disconnected josh is from all the people from his show. it’s like most iconic tv shows or movies like full house or Harry Potter, the cast STILL talks about their time on set and the relationships they built with other cast members. hell, he didn’t even invite one of them to HIS WEDDING. he spent all these years with people and it seems like he doesn’t want anything to do with it, this includes the people involved with the show

Malia Manning : Omg it's Michael Jackson HEEHEE HEhE

waffle official : I’ve never smiled so hard to a video before 😂😂😂

ᗰIᗪᑎIGᕼT ᗯᗩᒪK •x• : Uncultured swine 😒

Galaxy Cat : Let's be real. This is the I C O N I C ending of "Drake & Josh" that we ALL wanted.

Zerron 2006 : Wait... how could jason not know who she is? He did her show!!!

Stormy : I can't believe u made a video with Michael Jackson

Nishu : This video was more about Miranda & Matt than Her surprising Josh lol 😂

Aidan Rodriguez : iMiss iCarly

Deejay Combs : When she called him a boob, the drake and josh feels came rushing back 😂 + that iCarly thème outro 😩

manuferreri : damn dude my first celebrity crush

Soulbie : 2:40 when you look like petafile

Jean Reque : This has to be one of YouTubes top 10 videos of 2018. pz

BrunoShark69 : We need a video that matt goes out with miranda

SteveyVlogs : I didn’t know I needed this vlog until now

Alexandra Goel : 3:04-3:11 Josh literally turned into Liza there

KYR_K1TTYZ : after this i watched the nick christmas song and it reminded me of when i watched all of her shows. she was my kid crush

Just Paroding : I love that nickelodeon still shows icarly

Annie S : I low-key ship David and Miranda (soz Liza and Matt)

Sandra Hernandez : This brought so much memories from back then, just watching ICarly and Drake and Josh and all the Nickelodeon shows !

Thanks Ray Ray : Lmao does anyone remember Jason was on Drake and Josh ? The episode where Drake and Josh thought Walter was on a date with another woman. Soo they followed him to the restaurant, hid behind plants, threw a meat ball at him, and he fell. Jason was apart of the staff at the restaurant and helped Walter up off the ground.

Polo playa 916 : She’s so hot

Dylan Is On Fire : I couldn't stop smiling throughout this!

Candy Zavala : ^MEGAN^

Haley's Corner : *but we need a follow up on Miranda’s date with Matt!!!* *UPDATE* Matt never got a text from Miranda, he thinks David probably never gave her Matt’s number but Miranda did follow him on Instagram! He said he didn’t dm her cuz he wanted it to happen naturally. SORRY GUYS IM SO INVESTED IN THIS. If you are too you’re welcome 😏

Yaq : wow this girl so cute

Danni Wills : when he said Megan at the end just gave me life.

Jimin’s Sample of Pasta : Can believe she is alr 25 like wtf

No EnErGy VaMPirEs AlLoWeD : Does anyone else notice that Todd said "Hug me brotha" which is another reference to Drake and Josh. Btw it's at 0:08