Couple Arguing - That Mitchell and Webb Look [napisy PL]

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Więcej przetłumaczonych, brytyjskich skeczy można zobaczyć na moim kanale Tłumaczenie: Narutowicz77

Comments from Youtube

Michael Ashely Lewis : But did she use the cat puppet for the crying?

Carlos E R Pimentel : I hope he never leaves the toilet seat up.

Ton of Woot : You've just seen an Oscar winning actress.

Nx Doyle : Lots of people are revisiting, "Colman - The Early Years", because she won a shiny. It's nice.

Logan Schurman : My goodness that was polite

Quartz Hyalos : Wonderful! Reminds me of Monty Python's sketch of the mine worker coming back to the playwright father

Joey a : I'm so happy she won an oscar! Haha I love it!

Steve H : Open fridge door, THIS MONSTER!

ChocolateRob : Just so long as he doesn't leave a cake out in the rain I think they'll be OK.

Mark Pentler : Mark and Sophie were always going to be like this

Lily Scior-Lewis : Such a great reversal of the argument trope

WolfgangLMclain : ... Honestly, though? I've been in a steady relationship for about a decade now. This is 90% accurate.

LabradorIndependent : "Who do you think we should cast for this one?" "Oh I'm not sure, there's a bit of emotion in there, perhaps a *future Academy Award winning actress* " "Yeah, that sounds about right"

simonisable : This is actually quite clever

Xenon : So much milk!

Hugh Smith : Oscar winner there lol

qhsperson : I suddenly have an odd feeling about the Mitchell/Coren marriage.

rick Woods : These two really should do a film together now.

Boril Boyanov : What a wonderful world would that be!

Matthew Vorster : Well you know...sorry.

Richard : I think living in such a world would be soooo much better!

Danish Nerdess : "I will never see that quiche again!"

Stex Bomb : so much!

cobitp : Well said, and interestingly I read your whole post with David Mitchell's voice in my head!

Jaxcab73 : Seeing he's Polish, I think he has the right to write his descriptions in the language, without being hounded by people who so far up their own ass that they think English is the only acceptable language in the world. Mandarin has more native speakers than English. As neither are native to him, if he was going to put in a different language he'd be better putting it in Mandarin. You'd still complain then though.

Atheer Al : its behind all arguments, misery and fights.. the fridge door...

Henry Wallace : Sophie and Mark in a few years...

James Shih : SO MUCH MILK...

Josh Jaya : was a joke lol, sorry for opening the racist door xD

Henry Lees : very good comparison, especially at the start

Josh Jaya : Well put in in English you git. Why can't a man get his damn descriptions in English for once!!!!

delia raw : someone just suggested that david mitchell and olivia colman should star in fifty shades of grey,after seeing this i completely agree.

nomadicification : Wow, misogynists. Misogynists everywhere.

eloscuro07 : WOMEN. Sort yourselves out.

Ellis Thomas : Title in English, video in English, description in Polish... Makes a lot of sense.

Shannmeister : It's always the quiches that suffer. Sniff!

Pahu : I love the way he said Good.

soundslave : I'm a bloke. The tall'n'boney look doesn't appeal to me at all.

soundslave : I was just saying I prefer shorter women, taller women seem more 'man-ish' to me.

soundslave : My comment gave off the impression that I was offended?

littlemissmello : XD

BritishKidTeamUK : It's only wrong if that's how you want a man to treat you.

littlemissmello : is it wrong that I'm slightly turned on by David in this sketch..?


soundslave : A taller woman is a positive thing?

Murasame : @Mal0o0rie She didn't get mad that he was sleeping with another woman but she did when he left the refridgerator door open and ruined a quiche and some milk. Not as funny when it's written but that's the gist of it xD

Mal0o0rie : can someone explain me the discussion ? i'm french and I have to work on it but I don't understand everything ! I don't ask a translation but I would like a summary please ! thanks =)


2Koranteng : I don't like children, I don't want to have any and if I did, it wouldn't be with you - LMAOOO