Jed Gon' Give It to Ya ("Yesterday" parody)
Jed Gon Give It to Ya Yesterday parody

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Idea for a movie: Jed is the only person who remembers DMX songs Subscribe: IG: FB: Visit: Jed – Jed Feiman Nehemiah – Nehemiah Markos Sarah – Tamara Jones Arnold – Christian Luu Radio Hosts – Gypsi Aponte, Lex Director of Photography – Adisa Duke Sound – Hernando Sierra, Rob Jackson Editing – Vann Fulfs Graphics – Alex Haglund Music – Earl Simmons Color Grading – Adisa Duke Special Thanks: Ebro Darden, Hot97, Matthew Sorbo, H&R


DatDoodle : WTF...this is soo good! I hope YT algorithm does you good!

M Jin : I'm bummed, I thought this was a real movie for a minute.

chocobonita : I love DMX. I remember being like 11 or 12 listening to X gonna give it to ya on my cousin's mix CD in the car lol. It was censored hahaha

Riley Courtier : Have fun getting 1mil views! Or maybe another thousand, I don't know. Youtube is weird.

sodakproud : Yeeeeh booooy!!! Best cross over trailer yet.

Andrew Van Scoten : Laughed so hard my guts spewed out! Thank you guys!!

Fly : now it's time to go listen to some DMX!

Thomas Smith : I would watch this in a heartbeat.

elstabstab : I came on to this trailer not realising it was real. Bit gutted now.

Dimentive : This video is incredible! I laughed so hard. I instantly subscribed! I can’t believe you don’t have more subscribers.

Leo Delaney : This would've been a much better movie! Love it!

King 595 : Brilliant! Do this movie next year

SJW 4LIFE : I wonder how an artist like DMX would be received in today's rap climate. Anyway, damn good trailer

Kristofferson : This needs to be not just a parody.

Zach Hitt : Hahahha this is amazing

Grym Reiper : That is funny as hell! I'd buy a ticket!

Jeremy B : I want this movie made

Paul Sack : That was really good!

Brad Smith : 😂🤣

James Baunach : This was brilliant!

Magneticitist : Bro, y'all been eating long enough now, stop being greedy

MrMoritsume : As a fellow Jed this really resonates with me. Great video!

IDUnleashed : Brilliant well done bro

sonyal33 : I don't know how I got here but I'm thankful.

EMaN00101 : That Audio quality!

zvarwig : How'd people even get pumped up for football games without the darkness?

Xand13 : I would go see this

Jay Walker Comedy : This is great...

joe gibson : Here from reddit

Zec : This is so dumb it might just work!

Ben : This would be better than any comedy that has recently been put out. Loved it.

RiceFromHell : I really wish this had way more views! its so awesome

Adlin Ling : I'm speechless.

kb5zhh : I love this so much.

MrTweedlerdslol : lol is there more or??

deppresio : Best thing I've seen all day.

Erik Carlson : When this coming ou...

Mahone : This has to happen!!!

Dimentive : How do you come up with this? 😂

Rinaldo Olberg : This is insanely intriguing! Could not stop watching!

Crit Warrior : Crowd fund it online. DMX doesn't use the internet so he'll never know!

Blu : I love everyone who worked on this. You are beautiful and amazing human beings.

On D : That is so good...would love to see the Movie

Frankasaurus : Gold

lawrence : funny but teeeeerrible accents. From a brit

anorganicpixel_ : Does he say... The word in this movie?

InternetExplorers : really well made

Dimentive : Yo, your accents are way off the mark. 🙃

youngsaaron : Crooked and rotten teeth brits