John Cleese Answers Random Questions from The Tonight Show Audience

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Saint Flow : I love the guy. What a legend.

Brian Prusa : The person making the thumbnails doesn't understand comedy.

Movie Man Mark : 3:06 That black girl at the top left clearly got dragged to this show😂

Nylon : 1:20 Diana Question. Great example of Jimmy reading his guest to determine his own reaction. Sure we all do it... but like that??

Peanut Turner : That ending bit was classic Cleese.

Alice Douglas : His laugh is the greatest

Child of Persia : That's ending though 🤣

rubber chicken : 2:01 Finally someone doesn't play along with the pretended spontaneity!

mustardsfire22 : John's laugh is amazing.

Pendragonthegreat : Ugh what awful audience questions

Keren icehand : Lol😂😂😂😂 I love him😂

Alex gamer109 : I thought his name was John Cheese

TheDavidgearsolid : A legend.

BlastingRobin : that last guy in the audience looked a little like john cleese

cicknave : NOORWAAAY :D

MrUnbelievableAbs : What's the likelihood of fawlty towers returning, and can I be in it?! I can be Lord Melville! Haha

Kamron Grant : total living legend and let him have many decades to come!!!!!!

Gillio : The way he told that Diana question story was amazing, hadn't laughed that much in a long time

Kyle Sullivan : may he live forever!!!!!!!

knytrydr73 : I was honestly expecting one of the other Pythons to be in the audience. LOL

Fredrik Selvig : "These are unselected people. Could be anyone.." Judging from Jimmy's history, I can't say I believe that.

Samantha Perry : The question about rat race is just SO TRUE. snubbed by the acedemy! Anyone agreeee??!

Sandra Nelson : My parents believed that Monty Python was appropriate viewing for children. Hence my totally bizarre sense of humour today.

TheFenderP : Dam, I thought this was an interview with John Cena. Then again maybe it is and I just cant see him

Alan Frost : It seems the older he gets, the more he enjoys humour. Absolute treasure this man, I hope he lives forever.

Strawman Arnie : These questions remind me yet again, how idiotic americans are. Their sense of humor.... man. If only you could repair that as well as the faces you keep injecting.

Sarah Walton : I would like to ask John Cleese if he could make a film co-staring any living or dead scientist from any field, who would it be?

MrUnbelievableAbs : What?! No fawlty?

Irakli Omadze : I would ask "where did Lancelot go after crossing The Bridge of Death?"

krushkash : Do you really find it interesting and funny to ask a man more than 75 years old "what kind of underwear he wear"? So shallow and rude!

Clash Royale With Eli : First

NezihBouali : Perfection of silliness.

RandomThings! : My favourite is Rat Race 🏁 & Fawlty Towers! 😍🙌😇❤️😂☺️👏🖖🙃 xxx

Jack Rox : 3:48 on drugs

Noah Henson : I hope my mind is as sharp as John's when I reach 152.

Isabel :p : KING HAROLD

donneRak 1080p : legend.

Vanessa : Love his laugh!

42jwiener : If I could ask John Cleese a question, it would be, "Of the 5 other members of Monty Python, who would you prefer to eat, and why?"

aft7676 : Gotta go back and binge-watch Fawlty Towers all over again.

IROCONIAN : RIP tonight show. JC saved that part of the show though. I still love you TS!!

dawna : John's laugh is EVERYTHING

Brendan P : Second?

Jonssonwesslen Jonssonwesslen : Love John

salas7146 : John cleese is so hilarious

NHƯ VoVEVO : I'm first

NHƯ VoVEVO : one like

scotsava : 295th?

multiBurnfire : Adore him !!

Jack Rox : First