John Cleese Answers Random Questions from The Tonight Show Audience

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Saint Flow : I love the guy. What a legend.

Brian Prusa : The person making the thumbnails doesn't understand comedy.

Movie Man Mark : 3:06 That black girl at the top left clearly got dragged to this show😂

Nylon : 1:20 Diana Question. Great example of Jimmy reading his guest to determine his own reaction. Sure we all do it... but like that??

Peanut Turner : That ending bit was classic Cleese.

Alice Douglas : His laugh is the greatest

Child of Persia : That's ending though 🤣

rubber chicken : 2:01 Finally someone doesn't play along with the pretended spontaneity!

mustardsfire22 : John's laugh is amazing.

Pendragonthegreat : Ugh what awful audience questions

Keren icehand : Lol😂😂😂😂 I love him😂

BlastingRobin : that last guy in the audience looked a little like john cleese

Zoinksberg : I thought his name was John Cheese

TheDavidgearsolid : A legend.

cicknave : NOORWAAAY :D

Gillio : The way he told that Diana question story was amazing, hadn't laughed that much in a long time

knytrydr73 : I was honestly expecting one of the other Pythons to be in the audience. LOL

Fredrik Selvig : "These are unselected people. Could be anyone.." Judging from Jimmy's history, I can't say I believe that.

MrUnbelievableAbs : What's the likelihood of fawlty towers returning, and can I be in it?! I can be Lord Melville! Haha

Kyle Sullivan : may he live forever!!!!!!!

Kamron Grant : total living legend and let him have many decades to come!!!!!!

Sandra Nelson : My parents believed that Monty Python was appropriate viewing for children. Hence my totally bizarre sense of humour today.

Samantha Perry : The question about rat race is just SO TRUE. snubbed by the acedemy! Anyone agreeee??!

Alan Frost : It seems the older he gets, the more he enjoys humour. Absolute treasure this man, I hope he lives forever.

TheFenderP : Dam, I thought this was an interview with John Cena. Then again maybe it is and I just cant see him

Sarah Walton : I would like to ask John Cleese if he could make a film co-staring any living or dead scientist from any field, who would it be?

Cheese Stix : These questions remind me yet again, how idiotic americans are. Their sense of humor.... man. If only you could repair that as well as the faces you keep injecting.

MrUnbelievableAbs : What?! No fawlty?

Irakli Omadze : I would ask "where did Lancelot go after crossing The Bridge of Death?"

42jwiener : If I could ask John Cleese a question, it would be, "Of the 5 other members of Monty Python, who would you prefer to eat, and why?"

Clash Royale With Eli : First

NezihBouali : Perfection of silliness.

RandomThings! : My favourite is Rat Race 🏁 & Fawlty Towers! 😍🙌😇❤️😂☺️👏🖖🙃 xxx

Jack Rox : 3:48 on drugs

krushkash : Do you really find it interesting and funny to ask a man more than 75 years old "what kind of underwear he wear"? So shallow and rude!

Noah Henson : I hope my mind is as sharp as John's when I reach 152.

Isabel :p : KING HAROLD

donneRak 1080p : legend.

Vanessa : Love his laugh!

aft7676 : Gotta go back and binge-watch Fawlty Towers all over again.

IROCONIAN : RIP tonight show. JC saved that part of the show though. I still love you TS!!

dawna : John's laugh is EVERYTHING

Brendan P : Second?

Jonssonwesslen Jonssonwesslen : Love John

salas7146 : John cleese is so hilarious

Việt Mobile : I'm first

Việt Mobile : one like

scotsava : 295th?

multiBurnfire : Adore him !!

Jack Rox : First