Lazy Town | You Are A Pirate Music Video

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Mr CynicalOptiMystical : The pirate that followed the map into our hearts

Mr Spectacals : "Are ya ready kids" "Aye Aye Captain" (kids press F to pay respect)

ThatOneDaxSter : Rest in peace Stefan

Pinguino del Rio : When I was a kid, this was my favorite song from the show

PierLuc111 : You can see he freakin' enjoyed his character and job.

Garrulous64 : I love seeing how into this Stefan was. He's such a treasure and he'll be missed dearly <3

hustlinjustin : When the villian is better than the hero.

Antonio Cialfi : Forever number one..... Gone but never forgotten Born a villan died a hero May he rest in peace....

AbsoluteCraziness101 : We will always miss you Stefan Karl Stephanson You will always be the best pirate on our hearts

SonicSpinDash 276 : I didn't know Robbie Rotten was in One Piece.

TheBellsprout101 : People who downloaded Smash Ultimate illegally (colorized)

C. Q. Cumber : The smash community right now

Elizabeth C : Wow, Assassin’s Creed IV: BlackFlag looks great

LD1k : Metro Exodus is an Epic Game Store exclusive. Me: 0:00

Mordecai626 : Rest in Peace :(

John Schilling : This just proves that Robbie Rotten was actually the hero of LazyTown

Tristan Dennewitz : **pirates of the Caribbean music plays in the background**

Ralsei [Deltarune,male,want to have friends] : 0:25 wait wait wha? Precious... *booty* ?XD i'm sorry WHAAAAAT!!!!!!!?

Critical D4V1D : Anyone else got sent here for pirating Enter the Gungeon?

Alex : Wait what, i didn't know that this song came from lazy town

Krosti el paiaso norteño :] : Always be the number one :(

naiyl giovani : He's move He's a robot most important He's ran to the hall like a fox

Polcart : When you realize that Metro Exodus will only release on the Epic Store

Melsbacksfriend : There is a 3ds homebrew application where the banner sound has something from this.

Noobelli : I just realized today that the pirate is Robbie Rotten......

Kairu Hakubi : god, I could never get past those freaking puppets. they are just... disturbing.

Bitch Lasagna : Still a better love story than twilight

Efren Suastegui : You are not human if you don't love this meme

James P. Confident : Rest in peace stefan. This song, simple and fun as it is, really inspires me to be adventurous. Its happy connotations and unyielding desire for its listeners to smile and be transported into a seperate world where the only thing that matters is having a fun adventure really do lift one's spirits. You'll be forever remembered as the pure heart you always were, Stefan.

Vailskibum94 : these songs are way too catchy

Fuck Google : I like the part where the pink-haired girl sings. :-)

Psychonara Productions : Smash Ultimate leakers rn

Chaos Bearded Gaming and more : Happy International Talk like a Pirate Day!

Keirnoth : Me after Metro Exodus announcement.

Bradenplier vlogs & gaming : The show and neighborhood should be renamed to MemeTown

Cat Whisk : When you download a movie before it gets in theaters 0:00

Movie Box : Rest In Peace.

Variety Sensei : beatsaber mod installer took me here lmao

camwoodstock : Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day, mateys. Let us sing a shanty for our capp'n.

Noah Beasley : Full of booty oh no he's going to jail.

Mimi Mae : This was confirmed by Robbie rotten himself that this was his favourite song.

Nicolas Avesani : Gone but not frogotten

Yeet Yeeted : This is what you get when you pirate the Lazy Town series

General Grievous : Rest In Peace, my number one pirate

I_Spot_JoJo_References : 19/09 every year i'm here at midnight

Giovanni Velez : When you realize this song is from Lazy town

Superior Darth : He was truly the best

creemyice : How it feels to be on pirate bay

Monty The klown : Покойся с миром лучший в мире капитан! Rest In Peace the best pirate in the world!

Wolf gaming : You will always be number 1 rest in peace ❤️