Lazy Town | You Are A Pirate Music Video

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Mr CynicalOptiMystical : The pirate that followed the map into our hearts

Mordecai626 : Rest in Peace :(

Garrulous64 : I love seeing how into this Stefan was. He's such a treasure and he'll be missed dearly <3

Mr Spectacals : "Are ya ready kids" "Aye Aye Captain" (kids press F to pay respect)

hygor bohm Hubner : I've always found ironic how Robbie was the self-proclaimed "laziest" person in Lazy Town, yet did a shitload of work and effort every day to make others lazy.

You Sunk My Fishy : Rum in his honor! Our #1 Villain and our Captain! He truly has gone down in history!

Nyerguds : Rest in peace, you magnificent entertainer. A toast to Stefán Karl Stefánsson, our favourite pirate.

Trash Queen and King : May you find that precious booty in the sky.

SongsForYou : Rest in peace stefan karl as robbie rotten, your going to be miss thanks for all the memories on the lazytown.

Hyper Rabbit : Rest in peace. You will be missed and you are number one

DiggyDog : See you, space pirate.

Digitalistic : Rest in peace. You'll always be number one.

Noobelli : I just realized today that the pirate is Robbie Rotten......

Boccs : Rest in peace, Stefan. You were the best pirate.

Avery Lopez-Baines : Uh....where's the ninja?!

SitraDoesAnInternet : Rest in Peace Robbie... At least Sportiflop cant disturb you anymore...

Ph3n0m3n4L : Rest In Peace Stefan. You were part of many childhoods.

Nuuriell : Rest in peace, Stefan. <3

Pain au melon : God is it tears on my cheeks ? So much teenage memories. You were a great actor Stefan, Rest in peace our Number one vilain 🙏

Mr. Sir : When Disney says the new Clone Wars episodes will only be on their own paid streaming service

Erik Nilsen : Playing this at full blast to honor this man.

Bradenplier vlogs & gaming : The show and neighborhood should be renamed to MemeTown

Zankaras : Rest in Peace,pirate number one...

я стёпа : * *INTENSIVE PRESSING F* *

Ekku : Gone but not forgotten

LEWDUN : Rest in Peace

Vailskibum94 : these songs are way too catchy

Crimson Grey : I guess he is a pirate since he'll be off to sea :,(

CephasRed VS. : Rest In Peace dear Stefan Karl (Robbie Rotten), you had an amazing voice and played an amazing character. "Wind at your back, Lads, wherever you go!!" - Robbie Rotten 😪

Lucasthesomeone 124 : You will always we the best pirate in our hearts

Breaking Stephanie : Press F for Robbie

Alex : Wait what, i didn't know that this song came from lazy town

LayaIsDaOne 101 : This was my favorite lazy town song and now that Stefan has died, it breaks my heart when I hear it. Rest in peace Stefan . Cancer never wins. You are still number one

A-man E-man : I remember this guy. Rest in peace, completeing your last voyage.

Matheus Siqueira : Rest in peace... You are a pirate in heaven now.

NevvySyndrome : He was the #1 pirate...

creemyice : How it feels to be on pirate bay

marty prouse : God night sweet prince.

TheChapelx : Thank you Stefan Karl Stefansson for the memories, the memes, the music and the entertainment.

eksmad : YOU are a pirate. AND you are Number #1.

Nico Robin : The new One Piece opening looks lit

S.P randomness : Rest in piece Stefan Karl Never forget the most respectable man in history

TH3_AV3NG3R_03 : Rest In Peace, Robbie Rotten...

Mei Muumi : Thank you for the childhood memories and for bringing further joy to our lives... 8-21-18

RassilonTDavros : Farewell, Stefan. Now he’s sailing that last uncharted sea.

If it has a hole, there is a way : An unreleased Pirates of The Caribbean movie

Ave O : Rest in peace, Stefan Karl.

caroline jackson : now he's a pirate in heaven

The Doctor : Rest in peace, Stefan. :c

Dániel Sindel : Rest in Peace Stefan! You are the number one and you are the Pirate! Goodbye from Hungary! 😩😭😭