Innocent Man Freed After 20 Years In Prison

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Cianisboss : How can someone stay sane after doing time for 20 years for a crime you didn't commit?

ackerman66 : How disgusting is that, that the real killer could go 20 years knowing someone was in jail in his place. That is just unbelievable, truly evil.

mundotaku : This is simply great. I hope he gets payment for the time he was forced in prison.

Gatherer Thompson : In 1999 I was in 10th grade, and the years that followed were some of the most "magical" in my life.. Can't imagine this.. and there's no way to give back that lost time.. Better late than never, either way, but damn..

Brown Potato : And the crazies still believe in "guilty until proven innocent"

Rick Valera : For a while I thought this was a Pepsi commercial.

Darin Cooley : Stories like this always make my heart ache for them

Yuck Foutube : His family hadn't seen him in 20 years? Did they think he was guilty as well?

ZeD : And that's why we shouldn't have the death penalty.


Kaneda : So, just out of curiosity: does he get any sort of compensation? The judicial system failed this man, taking away *20 years* of his life. And while you can't repay that, I would still feel more at ease to know if the government or anything else that isn't that general give wrongly jailed people some sort of monetary compensation.


JJoe : What's the average working class income in America? People who get screwed over like this deserve that x 3 for every year they are wrongfully incarcerated. Frankly they deserve far more, but if the price is too high, people will purposefully get wrongly convicted.

Jesse12489 : Where is kim Kardashian? She fought to free a drug dealer but doesn't help to free a innocent man.

Roy Johansen : The tragedy is that people are incarcerated on –apparently– flimsy evidence. The hope for humanity is that, even under these circumstances, joy and elation seem to beat resentment. THAT, friends, is an example to follow.

UofMichFan : I can't even imagine what 20 years must have been like. I went to jail in 2009 for 10 days for something I didn't do and I know what that felt like. But 20 years? Holy shit I couldn't even begin to know how he must feel.

Angela Angela : God bless him and his family. Heartbreaking to go night after night locked behind bars knowing you didnt do the crime and being wrongfully prosecuted for it.

Michael Moritz : Much Respect to Horace for maintaining hope for 20 years, enjoy your well deserved freedom! Those airport hugs got me

Brock Samson : Beyond terrible that a man should lose 20 years of his life unjustly. Absolutely abhorrent and completely heartbreaking. I can't even begin to imagine the despair he must have felt. I hope his last free years are amazing and wonderful. Good luck to him and his family.

Dave Derby : So many innocent people are in UK prisons and I don't think we have a freedom project.

Yorkshire_Dude 32 : Show him social media, the news and make him listen to some mainstream top 40 on the radio and he'll sprint back into jail ass first.

Rowh X Jerrø : So uh...who will introduce him to iPhones and fidget spinners? 😂

Shia Lebeouf : hopefully that lump on the back of his neck is checked out

JXGaming : cant he sue the state for some millions ?

JWitt30 : Organizations like yours are doing God's work for real. Keep it up because unfortunately this is one issue that will always be.

Kruzio Baal Ollidutse : Bless!

WAgunfun : I hope the state pays him 20 million.

Music : I hope he gets some cash compensation.

Psycrow : And now he can return home and kill people because the 20 years with bad inmates turning him in to a murdere :D or what hahaha

nkooutsider : "Better a thousand innocent men are locked up than one guilty man roam free." – Dwight Schrute.

Devine Fergil : Sooo did hee get 20 million dollars?

Pointl Ess : Here is your $300 gift card to walmart. Sorry about that.

Maxime Cote : USA, land of the free, justice and equality... Moon, land of harvest, rivers and life....

oceanic deviant : taste of freedom is a bottle of pepsi yeah right america never change

saucekite : maybe having no death penalty saved this innocent many have already died in prison...who pays for that "mistake".

Moriarty Vivaldi : This makes me really happy.

jabberman3000 : this guy is going to nightmares for the rest of his life where h''s still locked up

KARZABA GLEZ : The system Like always and those who works for the system!

RenzVC : that pepsi commercial... -.-


SemtexJack : Monetizing emotion

José Dirks : They gave him Pepsi?

javiLP84 : soy yo , y a mi me pagan en millones por año , por haberme encerrado , sin pruebas y mal juzgado , se les cae el pelo al juez y fiscal de turno , Q me metieron en la carcel , en si la justicia a indemnizarme con 40 millones de dolares , minimo ..

Loki2600 : Yeah but he's black though, he committed other crimes, and I'm sure he would have committed many more.

candiduscorvus : This is why we should err on the side of letting the guilty go free instead of imprisoning the innocent.

Smizoke Mizark : should of killed him in there for being black