Stolen bike awareness video please share

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The Crashing Dad : WHERE ? City, state?

Ethan Wood : Sorry to hear of your loss, so many crackheads out there. The only thing I can do to help you is to donate money to some kind of a kickstarter or whatever. If you start one just post the link and I got some bucks on it.

Markus Magnon : Greetings from germany. Would be helpfull if you can share a picture what it looks like. And maybe where you are living. But when I see your bike here in Berlin I comment again. I keep my eyes open.

Philitron128 : What area do you live around? I can look through craigslist, and there are even entire online communities who look around for stolen bikes.

Sole' Roi : Do you have a picture of your steed? I will share this video on my socials and a pic would help immensely.

Philitron128 :