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hhds113 : Legend has it he still is trying to get the bread and milk

thunderrmuffin : Everyone on the East Coast of the U.S. right now

ChemSurvival : Ah... the classic "fight or flight or buy-bread-and-milk" response to a panic situation. It is deeply programmed into the DNA of mid-Atlantic residents and is one of life's great unsolved mysteries. I bought milk this afternoon.... and I HATE milk!

Vic Dibitetto : Just when I thought I was OUT!!.......they PULL me back in!!!!

Deja Keith : When it snows 2 inches. This is how everybody in the South reacts....(America)

tonyfamous : so did he get the bread and milk, or did he die?

Toon Link : Legend has it, he's still collecting bread and milk.

Stephen S. : This is funny no matter how many times I watch it

Daggaroth : Seattle is experiencing its Bread & Milk reaction right now!

Sarah Blackwell : You forgot the eggs!! Omg you forgot the eggs!! OMG YOU FORGOT THE EGGS!!!

Rose Mcclarin : This all started in January 1978, January 19th in fact....weatherman called for 2-3 inches of snow but what we got was actually 18 inches of snow, more snow than Philly had seen in years and people totally freaked out - snow plows could not clear streets fast enough and many people were not able to get out for almost a week.  I remember this so clearly because I was 5 months pregnant and was planning to go food shopping on the 20th when I got paid - had very little in the house and so after spending hours digging out, my husband spent a couple hours walking to the nearest convenience store which was open 24 hours to try and get some food for the house.  Ever since that storm when people hear we are going to get a lot of snow, and the weatherman freaking everyone out about how much snow and how long we will be stuck in our homes creates a hysteria you would not believe - everyone rushes to the store to get milk, bread and eggs - I've learned my lesson, I don't do the grocery store freak out for milk, bread and eggs but my pantry is always full so no matter how much snow we get we have plenty of food to last us till the streets are cleared again.

Alicia Nicole : literally new england in one video

Vic Dibitetto : 13,593,179....I wonder if it'll hit 14,000,000 by the time that last snowflake hits the ground this winter??....stay tuned.......

sisbrawny : John Stewart's cousin?

RPM RPM : Everytime it snows I have to watch this video. Pure classic!

R0773N : As an obese American myself, people could probably live off their fat until the damn snow melts, and not eat a single thing.

Mommy's World : Vic, this never gets old!!

Scott Abercrombie : Best 28 seconds of my life!!!! Sex included!!!

Alyssa Nanorini : Well...it's that time of year again..

Dwayne Townsend : This never gets old! LMBO!!!!!

Robin Werling : I just fell off my chair laughing....this is so NC!

Bhil Fitch : Just got through a shift at work dealing with people acting like this. 3 inches at most is what the weather reports predict.

Elliott Grimes : "Brace yourselves. Winter is coming." ~Eddard Stark.

Crystal White : thanks for the laugh I got tears in my eyes

Dave Glo : Yep, and that's the headline on the local TV news. Two snowflakes and everyone is running to stock up for a nuclear meltdown!

Clara Marone : I have not stopped laughing since discovering you, OMG your the best!!!!

Mike Billitz : This is not funny to me as I work in the dairy department at a grocery store. This is literally a nightmare to me every winter.

dudestir127 : This is everyone from Virginia to New England right now.

Lebrun Jemz : Atlanta knowing they'll probably get snow Tuesday 😂

Richie B. : Yesterday here in NYC it snowed we were celebrating my wife’s 71 birthday we did not get the bread and milk. Instead I took her to a restraunt to eat Italian food. Today I ordered the bread and milk and a hundred other things. They deliver here thank god. I am praying it’s warm enough to melt the snow on the ground. So far so good.

Tyler Schiavulli : This never get old

sylvia coffey : THEY SAID SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is the part that cracks me up the most

Nicholas Rue : Omg Vic! I'm laughing so hard my face is turning purple! HAHAHA! It's funny 'cause it's true.

MusicOTNight2096 : We have to watch this in my household every beginning of the winter before the first snow. Because as someone who works in a supermarket, I can tell you that this is 1000000000000% accurate. Although, you forgot the eggs. Because peeps have to make their French toast SOMEHOW.

Matt MrTornado : Anyone who disliked this video is clearly NOT Italian.

Natalie B : I'm posting this on my Twitter every time we get snow. I don't care if it's 3 flakes.

Vic Dibitetto : ICEJJfish??? LMFAOOOO!! Act your race.

Randall Woods Jr : it would be great to see you get back home with the bread and milk and scream " i forgot the EGGGGGGGGGGS"...lmao

Zuul 72 : Why is it everyone panics about bread and milk when it snows? I'm going to the liquor store. ;)

Michelle Philippo : oh my god, my sister told me to watch....cant stop laughing

alleyrat1476 Anderson : But Algore said there would be no more snow.

Whispered Metsutan : I can't be sure but you may need bread and milk.

Jersey Representing : This video is now a American custom. There is turkey at thanksgiving, watching the Super Bowl, and now posting the bread and milk guy to social media whenever it snows. Stay safe everyone, I got my bread and milk so I'm good.

Jacob M : I'm pretty sure he has to get the bread and milk

O'najee Burrus : Wow!? Never had so much laughter in a short video :O

Amanda Lee : Literally everyone in Jersey when it snows. Me included.

Laura E. Kelly : And with #FirstSnow 2018, tis the season again, apparently....

johnmarston16 : Heard on the news many stores in North Carolina are sold out of bread, milk, and frozen pizzas. Quality non-perishable survival food.

Not_Plausible : In the end he forgot the milk