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imaginationLP : Boyle is a big part of the essence of the show. Yes he's awkward, he's not physically strong or very attractive, not super smart, not charismatic, etc. But you know what? He saved Rosa's life, he got married with the woman of his dreams, he adopted a kid a gave him a family, and he's a good cop. Boyle is the essence of "you don't have to be flawless to succeed and be happy".

TheModest Man : Boyle is just the right amount of awkward :D

Brown Gumshoe : When you were binging 9-9 and they upload a new video

taylor b. : like yEAST

Vegetarian Soylent-Green : *"IF YOU LIKE PIÑA COLADUURRRZZZ!!!"* "Dead guy, Charles." "Right, sorry."

mccabber24 : Boyle is why I love this show so much. He's a little awkward, a huge foodie, slightly feminine and none of that takes away, or undermines his ability to be a good friend and a great cop. He's not a "Man's man" But he still does all the things A "mans man" is supposed to do, all while just being himself. I love that kind of message.

Matthew Kenny : My muffin.. my head and i stepped on my muffin.. and and my head and my muffin

Jonny Washford-Murphy : This show seems like the most fun working environment anyone could ever have

Ajah Yancey : Okay but Gina stole that STD scene with "do you have herpes?" 😂😂


Sheila A : "A dry boy is a smart boy"

brian philips : My favourite Boyle scene is s4e14 when he says "From now on the only black male I want anything to do with is you"

Attila The Hun : Anybody else a chemistry nerd who realized Boyle's name comes out of combined gas law, in other words the combination of Charles' law and Boyles' law? No? Just me? Oh well, I bet Amy Santiago would realize it...

syed firdaus : Jake: So, time for me to get out there and spread my wi... Boyle: Legs. Jake: Get out there and spread my legs?! Boyle: Well, either way. Jake: No, not either way. Only WINGS!

Tan Lee Lee : Gina saying in the background "Why won't you use your other hand"

Skippers Flippers : i love how genuine the laughter is at the 7:47 scene. andy’s face 😀


Philip Andrew Soan : The Single Ladies dance still gets me laughing so hard 'til now

Fudge Small : 0:17 he is trying so hard no to laugh 😂

Hoban Washburne : Charles Boyle is my spirit animal.

jdcompas : The STD banter is hilarious!

Jayesh Khanvilkar : "Well, Either way" "No not either way. Only wings." 😂😂😂

Yahya : Boyle says boom!

Loki no Kaizoku : Boyle is usually the kind of guy I hate in every movie and tv series--lame, awkward, and has-nothing-to-contribute-to kind of guy. When Terry introduced him to Cap Holt, I knew I would hate him. And yet, as every episode passes, Boyle proves me wrong. When he caught the old man/robber, and he said, "I am a damn good cop," tables have truly turned, and I knew I was wrong for judging him hastily. It's true--B99 wouldn't be B99 without Boyle.

Yeah Senzo : It's Nikolaj!

The Holy Mackrel : *L I K E Y E A S T*

the musical nowa : my fantasy threesome... of cops on a case!

Fresh Cola : favorite line from Boyle: Jake and Amy are getting married tonight title of my sextape !!! loooool


Accidentally put my real name rookie mistake : seriously there NEEDS to be a compilation of boyle fangirling over jake and amy HAHAA

cheese cake : "Boyle, explain this man a fax machine!" - "Ok! Sir, imagine your printer and your phone have unprotected sex...."

Bikin Film Yok! : "Do you have herpes?" Hahaha Gina just went there.

kingyosh08 : that butternut squash line is criminally perfect for boyle to have yelled

NE8675309 : "Boyle says 'Boom'!"

cherishingstydia : Wuntch and the Vulture disliked this video

Kris : Ray Ray and the BEAST

Cameron Pearce : 3:44 The captain seemed to really enjoy that.

Gaming Random : Boyle is my absolute favorite. He's supposed to be the "awkward loser" of the gang but he's so damn cute in his own ways, not annoying (not many show succeed in this kind of character) , lovable, and have amazing character development. PLEASE BRING THE SHOW BACK. (i know NBC is taking over but they're just half-ass cheap bastards and only make 13 episodes, and later announce 5 more. Like they're too precaution and wanted to see how it's goes first. Don't they know the show get 100% Fresh on Rotten Tomatos?

ThomDoodles : 4:50 single ladies dance

Hazel Hennessey : i haven't watched this video yet but i know this isn't THE BEST of Boyle becus every Boyle moment is the best

The Spaghetticus : My head! My muffin, my head! And I stepped on my muffin and my head and my muffin!

Damian Howard : One of my favourite Boyle scenes is in Season 3, where they lose Cheddar and Charles’ is wearing black glasses, turns around in Capt. Holt’s house and walks straight into the wall. Simple, but funny as hell!

Good Meme : LIKE YEAST

Harry Hayes : "She had a replacement hip with some serious torque" 😂😂😂😂

Perry Carters : The look on Jake's face during that first clip. He looks so profoundly betrayed.

Param virk : changed the likes from 999 to 1k shouldnt have done it .. Nine nine

John Johnston : Boyle is by far the best character in the 99

Agata Kaminska : Jake`s reaction at the yeast part bit was soooo hilarious

Jose Alfonso Taboada : Oh my God I totally forgot about 6:25. I'm done

Gabrielle Pham : say goodbye to Bianca Boyle.. *BIANCA.... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!*