Stevie Ray Vaughan - Little Wing (07/11/1983)

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El Mocambo, Toronto-Canadá(07/11/1983)

Comments from Youtube

rick neal : Are we sure he only had 10 fingers?

poohkie752000 : listening in memory of my dad who gained his wings tonight 💜

Andrew Westhoff : One of the most beautiful pieces of music ever written, interpreted by one of the most legendary axe slayers in history.

slaznum1 : I think Jimi would like this version

Charlie Hustle : This guy wasn't human. Something supernatural is flowing through him. He doesn't even think about what he's gonna play next it just pours out. Unquestionably the greatest I've ever seen or heard play a guitar.

Michael Senior : Hendrix wrote the song, and SRV is paying homage to him here and pouring every ounce of his Hendrix influence into it, while still making it his own. So I don't think one can say his version is "better" than Hendrix's--it is just beautiful in its own right, and Hendrix would be very proud to see his tune honored by such an amazing talent as SRV. Hendrix and SRV left us way too soon.

Mygabrielle74 : This is the greatest guitar playing I have ever witnessed in my life. Completely fell out the chair. I have listened to all the "so called greats" and this man makes them ALL look amateur. Almost laughable how much he has separated himself from everyone else. I don't meen to offend anyone, but if you watch this, and not say he is hands down the greatest who ever walked the planet, you have no idea what your talking about and I have no respect for your opinion

Will Pable : His vibrato is so harshly intense but so soft and intricate at the same time, amazing.

Scott Hufford : stevie made a deal with the devil. Nobody knows what stevie got, got the devil got guitar lessons

Ramson Cole : *sound of jaw hitting the floor...*

estevao marcos : Obrigado barbudo badijidu por me mostrar que ainda existe musica boa AMO SRV<3 Vlw Nando!!!!

Brandon Craig : Greatest to ever pick up a Strat!

Sandra Smith : Much respect.......wish he could have stayed around a while.

Floyd 710 : el mocambo, who ever was there, you lucky sob

Pat Mcfee : Are you kidding. I mean are you kidding!!!!! Stevie was his guitar and his guitar was Stevie. He played in a world no other can go to. His soul was all anyone could ask for when he played and sang. Don't compare him to anyone. It can't be done. He is what everyone wants to be that plays the guitar. It can't be done. Sorry our king of guitars is gone. May he be living it up playing for the angels on the other side.

Billy Pilgrim : Saw SRV in Dallas, It must of been this year 83'.  He opened for the Moody Blues, I had never heard of him.  My buddy and I smoked a big fatty, 8th row and SRV came out and blew us away.  We were like little children on a holiday trying to figure out how someone could be such a badass guitar player.  He was magic!

Fucklilwaynendrake : Never seen someone put more soul into guitar than this video. At 4:05 i swear he comes back from an out of body experience.

Finn Sullivan : This is the greatest thing I have ever seen. Thank you.

Duncan McCloud : If Jimi and SRV could have played together...

Jason Smith : A master of tone . a great student of soul almost beyond comprehension. Srv is a legend . can you make yourself cry from one note? Lost in the mix of sense and non sense perfectly timed , srv is music . ...that place guitar players go to sometimes ..... Srv was there all the time

BerzerK : My life span increases by 1 month everytime he plays that litte riff 1:40

The brotherhood of the wolf : WAIT A DAMN MINUTE! This performance isn't apart of the DVD!!!!!

MrJohndahle : My favorite, of all time...When He passed, Prince came along.

Anthony Humphries : and he was only 27 in this like wtf

Dave Mercado : 4:04 comes out of spell, says, "Did you see that?"

Joanne Boor : Unmistakably the best there ever was or ever will be.. SRV you are missed!!!

Mick McClellan : STV was a truly amazing musical genius who had a spiritual connection with the instrument he played, this footage is awesome, and gave me goosebumps, thank you for sharing:) Peace 2 all

Andrew Westhoff : The El Mocambo is the ultimate SRV experience.

NS5009 : I listen to this song everyday...and I still get chills, everyday

muddeer : Jimi opened the door; he showed what was possible with a guitar. SRV mastered it.

Mick McClellan : SRV (I should always spellcheck My Bad)

Olusegun Duduyemi : This is the most beautiful thing I've heard all my life.

Adrian Avila : Band :SRV and Double Trouble SRV - Guitar Chris "Whippin" Layton - Drums Tommy Shannon - Bass RIP SRV

Christian Timpe : 3:34 holy shit that progression wtf

Two Stroke : and this Guy only ranked at number 12 on 100 top guitarist ever (rolling stone magazine). what a shame!

Faiçal Nagat : Great It was more better than Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton

TheLongWind 1984 : I'm kind of numb after watching this. Holy shit that was scary good!!!! His technique is insane, his picking, holy shit the hand slides, even his open notes sound amazing.

coltrxne : The way he adds the E and B string harmony on top of the bending melody at 4:22..... Legend

Dan Frankford : u notice how the greats died before there time srv, randy, jimmy, dimebage rip

Timothy Howard : I don't care how many times I watch this performance. My jaw is always on the floor, I'm smiling ear to ear, and I'm shaking my head in amazement multiple times. 2:57-4:05 his wah tone is absolutely disgusting. Including Stevie's mind blowing attack of speed from 3:57-4:05, that even he's amazed by! 4:51-5:16 a jam in the vein of 'Power of Soul'. Then 6:51 till the end is 'Castles Made of Sand'. Stevie takes you on an absolute journey that just blows your mind!!

Big Slay : You can definitely tell John Mayer is a big SRV fan.

Phukenell : bloody goosebumps..very incredible

Celtic Prince : Insanely talented!

Palmer Gagnon-Boucher : Jimmy would be proud & happy his legacy was passed on

michael eckert : sounds exactly like his studio version... how is that possible. only god can do these things

Carlos Leiva : Vaugham + Hendrix. Whatelse?

Brian Jon Boeckler : I have looked, and I have never, NEVER found a better version of this song, props to Jimi H, but Sheeeeet......

Tony DeGregorio : Imagine walkin in to your local guitar shop and hearin some guy playin on this level.

VVV73 : Wish I was there and seen this concert, The greatest display for guitar mastery and feel, totally in one with his weapon and the zone.