SteelSeries Rival 310 Review (Large, Optical, 92g, Omron Mech)

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SididiYT : Pixart 3366 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Andrea Tan : Two new videos in one day?! Y E S. I don't know if it's just me but whenever you upload a new video I immediately watch it!

Benjamin Laude : Never closed Pornhub this fast before.

Linus Bondo Jensen : You legit make the best mouse reviews there is on YouTube! You are honest and you never miss a thing! After I watch your video I really feel like i know the mouse in and out! Just keep it up and I'll be happy at least! ;)

VocalEDM : Ducky Secret M review???

Rovian : You said its not going to replace your main mouse, can you please tell me what mouse you're using as main? thanks.

blight : I love your camera work, it's so profesional and clear.

L1ngyy : The only downfall for me right now is i cant test it in my hand in person, so im a bit worried about choosing between the sensei 310 or rival 310 :(

Skorpein : Can you do a review on the Qpad 8K Optical?

- Evan's Mad Zoo : Best FPS mice are FK2 and G Pro. But many people prefer shit like G502 and stuff smh... If only they knew what they're missing!

B3HOID B3HOID : you should review the Plugable PM-3360 Gaming Mouse. It has the 3360 sensor, Omron switches, pretty big, weighs only 98 grams with out the cable, and just like Zowie mice, it is plug and play :)

IBRAHIM : Dose he have moron switches

Mischief : You have got to be f***ing kidding me. I just bought the Rival 300 two days ago and now an improvement has been released that's lighter and has a better sensor. Worst of all, they're selling for the same prices! I could've gotten the 310

L4xeus : Seems like a very nice upgrade from my 300. But I can't justify throwing another 60$ when my old one works just fine and I'm not on that level of gaming for the improvements to make a difference.

RyV3TOficcial : ur mouse reviews are better than others

Juan Diego : If you sold all your mice would would be able to afford a 1080 ti lmao

asdf1234 : I watched this and the sensei video and unfortunately in both buttons seems to have horrible pre-travel and they are loose. Definitely a deal breaker for me, shame because rival 310 looks like a great ergo mouse.

Wave Rider : They basically took a Buick and turned it into a Corvette. Nice 👍🏻. However it doesn't fill up larger hands the same way though. I wish they would have made the 300 like this and kept that wonderful shape, that would have been awesome sauce!

quakecon2009 : What the top 3 mice out there at the moment in your opinion for quake champs?

Nuqman Hafiy : Just picked it up from the shop . BEST GAMING MOUSE EVER

sad meme boi : Just had a Rival 300 that needed replacing. Ordered a DA Elite and sent it immediately back because of the fucking retarded grip rubber placement, and shape (used to love it though, used my DA1800 for 8 years). Then I got a Zowie EC1-B. While the mouse itself felt nice to hold, I hated the side buttons and scroll wheel, and the tiny, tiny feet had so little surface area that my otherwise super smooth mouse mat felt uneven, as if there were grains of sand underneath it. Sent it back. Then I ordered this one. Feels significantly smaller than the 300, but against my prediction, I love the size. Shape feels great. Buttons are great. Despite what you said, I love the scroll wheel. Super happy with it. Thanks for the review.

Mythical Chris : Love your mouse reviews

2px : Hey Zy, you should do a comparison between the Rival 110 and the Sensei 310 :)

Carlo Fernandez : SteelSeries advertised the Rival 300's 3310 as having "true 1 to 1 tracking". What makes them say that this sensor is the 'world's first' true 1 to 1 tracking.

Esquivo : You are our Bob Ross of mouse reviews

jonnolags : spicy

silvercrow : It would be very interesting to see Razer Basilisk.

digital : Did you prefer the Sensei or the Rival when playing quake?

DiabetesboY : Nice. I`m going to buy this because my DA got broken. I hate Zowie because reasons.

HEADLESS : could you do a video on the Delux M618 Plus Wired Ergonomic Vertical Mouse? It says it's for gaming and very comfortable, would like your opinion on this.

Anh-Quan Le : next will be the rival 110

NoNonSense : can u do a plubable mouse review?

Ian Lastname : Man I was really looking forward to the new steel series mice but I'm still left wanting more. Wish they would just come out with "the perfect mouse" (even though there's no such thing) My perfect mouse: Ec2-A Shape Finalmouse weight G-Pro side buttons G303 right/left clicks G-Pro/G303 middle click (Unsure about scroll wheel, prob finalmouse's though) 3360 sensor Software (for toggling between DPI's more easily and color options) SOME COMPANY MAKE IT HAPPEN PLZ

s a s k ev1 ツ : fk2 or g403 wired ??

Nun E Om : Hey guys, how about 20.5cm length/10cm width? Sensei310 or rival310? I'm claw grip

SCP 106 : Can you make comparmison beetwen Rival 310 vs Deathadder Elite ?

Flyfeuhhh : I would really enjoy a comparison between this and the Rival 300

MrPS1111 : Just received my Rival 310 today and I do like it much! It's definitely better quality than the 300 but just a bit smaller. The weight is not as light as I thought it would be yet lighter than the 300. The paddle switches are definitely an upgrade and also the sensor is much more accurate. Glad they took off that rubber coating on the shell. The silicone gripping on the sides are much better and you really don't notice them. The cord is better yet I don't understand why they don't just put on a braided one? The scroll wheel is just ok but I wish it had side to side scrolling especially for a $60 mouse. No weight tuning option which would be welcome and again should be on a $60 mouse, are you listening Steel Series? Another improvement is that it seems that the lighting is brighter and deeper in coloring than the 300 as well. The feet glides are nice and it glides smoothly and quiet. Overall, a definite upgrade over the 300. Nice job Steel Series but it could be better. I feel this will give any of the top mice out there in this category some serious competition. 👍🏻

Edgy Teen : This or razer deathadder elite, please already answer because I have unknowingly bought the DA Elite almost a week ago and might be able to return it in the next couple of days.

sm0k1 : wow this looks really good. i will order it with your affiliate link.

bino : no one plays quake in europe anymore its such a shame -.-

JadCSGO : Hey Zy, with the addition of these 2 mice coming out, do you see yourself using either of these two over something like a G403 or a G-Pro for FPS Gaming?

Wunderbar : What's your main mouse?

Gawad Frog10 : this mouse will beat ec1-a, ec2-a and logitech g403

Ludvig Holst : Aw man, all I want is Zowie EC2-A with better side buttons, and a 3360 :(

Monster Mapping : I have a very uncommon hand size, 18 cm long and 10 cm wide so it's really hard finding a mouse D:

Rhode : Im getting some deja vu. Is this a reupload?

pzogel : I like this one better than the Sensei 310. It's lighter (and generally quite light for its size), has a fairly safe shape (compared to the G403 with its somewhat irritating hump) and no major flaws. Definitely gonna pick one up in the future. Btw, both the Sensei and Rival have the 3360.

Lamss : Rival 310 or Sensei 310?

AlexTheSniper19 : rival 310 or new zowie ec2a this a purchase In the future please help!