SteelSeries Rival 310 Review (Large, Optical, 92g, Omron Mech)

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Rovian : You said its not going to replace your main mouse, can you please tell me what mouse you're using as main? thanks.

taycuhtoe : This is the mouse I've been waiting for. Really glad about what they've done with the shape / size / weight and that the sensor position is good too.

VocalEDM : Ducky Secret M review???

Skorpein : Can you do a review on the Qpad 8K Optical?

Mischief : You have got to be f***ing kidding me. I just bought the Rival 300 two days ago and now an improvement has been released that's lighter and has a better sensor. Worst of all, they're selling for the same prices! I could've gotten the 310

blight : I love your camera work, it's so profesional and clear.

pzogel : I like this one better than the Sensei 310. It's lighter (and generally quite light for its size), has a fairly safe shape (compared to the G403 with its somewhat irritating hump) and no major flaws. Definitely gonna pick one up in the future. Btw, both the Sensei and Rival have the 3360.

L1ngyy : The only downfall for me right now is i cant test it in my hand in person, so im a bit worried about choosing between the sensei 310 or rival 310 :(

Muhammad Rahadiansyah : Honestly, i don't know the difference between Rival dan Sensei. Its a very similar mouse, i don't even understand why they both exist

Valkyrix : rival 310, zowie fk2 or scream gen2? i really cant decide can someone help me heh, i use a deathadder 3.5g atm (its old).

HenryPlays : Can you do some comparisons between this and the rival 100 and also the mionix castor?

ჟორა პლიუსი : Which sensor is better ? This or the one from Zowie Ec2/Fk2

Alex A. : In my opinion the middle click is way to soft, I switched from the Rival 300 to the Rival 310 and sometimes I accidently click on the middle wheel while scrolling. Every new product gets improvements but sadly also new small problems. :/

asdf1234 : I watched this and the sensei video and unfortunately in both buttons seems to have horrible pre-travel and they are loose. Definitely a deal breaker for me, shame because rival 310 looks like a great ergo mouse.

B3HOID B3HOID : you should review the Plugable PM-3360 Gaming Mouse. It has the 3360 sensor, Omron switches, pretty big, weighs only 98 grams with out the cable, and just like Zowie mice, it is plug and play :)

SididiYT : Pixart 3366 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Daumex : I switched mine for Zowie EC1-A White. The silicon coating on the sides of R310 irritated my fingers constantly and made them sweat.

Chriisan : I have this mouse, it is phenomenal, although it is quite hard to get used to the heavier m1/m2.

Byte11 : How do you think it stacks up to the 300? Is there that much of a difference. I'm having a hard time finding the 310 in stores, but I can easily find the 300.

r1CKBALLIN : look solid but we cant use 450 dpi wtf

MegpoidNebri : The new Rival and Sensei seem awesome, really does seem like SteelSeries listened to what people wanted. Also on a side note: interesting to see you do testing fully on QC now Zy (at least in the video, i imagine you still went through your usual quake live routine).

zella : Deathadder Elite or Rival 310?

Koray Yetim : rival 300 vs rival 310 vs rival 700. Which would you recommend ?

RyV3TOficcial : ur mouse reviews are better than others

Tom Liu : I returned sensei 310 for the rival 310... fits my hand better... Great review zy, I wouldn't buy another mouse for 2 years but I really love watching your mouse reviews, keep it up man

adam fendri : hi can you plz review the msi clutch gm 40 . i heard that it uses the same sensor as the zowie for half the price

Benjamin Shanks : this mouse is trash, the buttons are AWFUL, loose/spongey BAD

LacrimosaEX : I would be interested in a video comparing or reviewing the mouse software, their features and how you rank them between SS Engine, Logitech, Razer, etc.

Dávid Mikulas : Hello what should I get if i want to play slightly more than casual cs go rival 100 or logitech g203 in my country they are both 35 euros my hand is 19.5 and 10 cm. Hope you can help me :)

Tahu Greig : g403 or rival 310

DR34M : is this mouse good for palm and 17 cm hands ?

MrPS1111 : Just received my Rival 310 today and I do like it much! It's definitely better quality than the 300 but just a bit smaller. The weight is not as light as I thought it would be yet lighter than the 300. The paddle switches are definitely an upgrade and also the sensor is much more accurate. Glad they took off that rubber coating on the shell. The silicone gripping on the sides are much better and you really don't notice them. The cord is better yet I don't understand why they don't just put on a braided one? The scroll wheel is just ok but I wish it had side to side scrolling especially for a $60 mouse. No weight tuning option which would be welcome and again should be on a $60 mouse, are you listening Steel Series? Another improvement is that it seems that the lighting is brighter and deeper in coloring than the 300 as well. The feet glides are nice and it glides smoothly and quiet. Overall, a definite upgrade over the 300. Nice job Steel Series but it could be better. I feel this will give any of the top mice out there in this category some serious competition. 👍🏻

Khaled : Which one is better the Rival 310 or the Sensei 310 or the Logitech G403 for super sweaty hands like mine with long fingers? or would you recommend something else for my case? (thanks for the professional reviews)

Rapolas Latvys : guys is that normal my rival 300 mouse wheel makes a sound when tapping the mouse

Chris DiGi : Did you aim better with this or the Sensei?

Wave Rider : They basically took a Buick and turned it into a Corvette. Nice 👍🏻. However it doesn't fill up larger hands the same way though. I wish they would have made the 300 like this and kept that wonderful shape, that would have been awesome sauce!

SLiX : Really with Zowie would come up with newer versions of the EC, FK and ZA series with a newer sensor and more colour styles (Like gray with black trim, still fits Zowie low profile character.)

Mateo Peña : Rival 310 or G403 or DA elite? My hand is 19 x 9.5 cm .

Mazupicua : What about the 110?...

Serge Leon : I hope to see and possibly test the feel in a local store as this seems a nice mouse. My hands are 20x10 cm and find it quiet difficult to find a comfortable good gaming mouse specially regarding the thumb buttons which I would use frequently, as I have quiet tall thumbs and often the buttons sit too much to the back of the mouse for my personal comfort. Any recommendations for palm and/or finger grip.

CottonPicker123 Nigger nigger nigger nigger : Can i still use this with small hands and do pretty good? Please answer someone

Aras Žukas : zowie ec2-a or steelseries rival 310?

Nun E Om : Hey guys, how about 20.5cm length/10cm width? Sensei310 or rival310? I'm claw grip

Leslie Lin : but is this mouse good for hearthstone though? i take my competitive hearthstone really seriously ayy lmao

Top Skills : Will they make white version?

MaximalCrazy : Is it worth "upgrading" from g900 to this mose just because of the sensor ?

MaDNiaC : Hey man, I've been following your content for a while and I really appreciate your reviews. I bought my last mouse based on your reviews, an EC2-A and I am a happy with it. But my brother needs a new mouse as his last one got screwed up over time, I was thinking I'd buy one of these new Steelseries mice and give my EC2-A to my brother. I think both Rival 310 and Sensei 310 looks amazing and if I'm not mistaken, they have same tech but different shapes, right? In general which mouse would you recommend? And for an EC2-A user specifically, which one would be your recommendation? I'd appreciate if you could take the time to give me an opinion here as EC2-A was one of your favorite mice ever if I recall correctly. Cheers, have a nice day.

MiTriz : Which is better in term of quality Rival 310 or BENQ Zowie EC2-A ?

LV2-AqUa : So I'm deciding between the g502 the g403 and maybe the g303, I have been leaning towards the g502 and I the weight won't be problem bc I can still flick a mouse with that weight very well. I have a palm/fingertip hybrid grip and my hands are 7-7.25 inches long and 4 inches wide. Suggestions?

YPidu : Is this a mouse for Dota?