PEWDIEPIE so Bad at My LEGO game - But is it poor design? (My Reaction)

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PewDiePie : This was super interesting and let me just confirm we are 100% idiots here. The game sort of became a background for us to mess around and if it's any relief, we did progress shortly after. We still had fun throughout and it wasn't too frustrating. I don't think anything would be worth changing and as 9 year old I would've loved to play a game like this with a friend. Ok, maybe keyboard prompts wouldve helped in the beginning.

Nitro Rad : This was incredibly fascinating. Hearing a developer react to somebody playing their game and explaining their perspective from a design viewpoint, and considering what they could have done differently accordingly. I would love to see you do this again with people playing your other games!

Game Sack : This is eye-opening to me. It really is interesting to realize the different perspectives that devs and reviewers and also just regular people all have of the same game. You're seeing someone play through it the first time and getting ideas about button prompts, etc. And how going through that door isn't as obvious as it seems. As a reviewer I'm always like "How am I supposed to know how to do THAT?!!" and now I know, thanks to this video. You've done it hundreds of times making it... how could you NOT know? However I think this is why some indie games are crazy-stupid difficult. The designer finds it easy because he or she is building it and knows exactly what to do, so they keep making it tougher and tougher until THEY are challenged because otherwise they think it's too easy. That way there's no gradual curve in difficulty. Makes me realize how hard making a game that has a good difficulty curve must be.

Meme Insider : YOU created LEGO STAR WARS? You are the King.

Nathan Glover : "PewDiePie would be a great play tester, highlighting all the bits 9 year Olds would get stuck on" Oof!

Paulo Jr. : The guy who made LEGO Star Wars is part of the 9 years old army? That was a surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one.

Firstname Lastname : "You've been asking me for months to play this game" >Plays for about 5 minutes, can't even figure out how to start the first level Totally worth the wait

Reviewer Guy : Damn... 7 year old me figured this stuff all by himself, with no internet...

dontcheckmychannel : My guy, I can assure you that I, as a nine year old (at the time) did not get stuck on anything in the hubs. I did, however, not make it through the battle of Kashyyk on the console versions until I replayed the game a year ago. This isn't bad game design. It's stupidity.

RickToons : The fact that you designed LEGO Star Wars, helping to basically cementing the Lego game series core mechanics is pretty incredible. I can't wait to see what else you do!

whiz 85 : "...and all the bits nine-year-olds would get stuck on." I don't know if that was even a joke or not, but I still laughed.

GMMReviews : *NO.* Something I can't stand these days is messages, and "hints" popping up every 4 seconds to tell me how to play the game. Let me figure it out. Having a big button prompt reminds me I'm playing a video game, and kills my immersion. Pewdiepie was clearly just goofing around with his friend here. This seemed more like a skit than a lets play. Don't change your design philosophy because some famous YouTuber, and his friend dressed in drag didn't hit the right button, because he was using a keyboard, and wasn't paying attention. I bought the first Lego Star Wars on release day when I was 10 years old. My friends came round to my house, and we had a blast playing it. We didn't have any problems figuring out what to do, or what buttons to press. I love these games, and I love your channel. If you read this, I must ask, do you still make games? Other than your 'director's cut' version of your older games?

Camo 64 : Well, to be fair on the bit of finding the first level, he’s playing THE COMPLETE SAGA version rather than the ORIGINAL Lego Star Wars game. If I recall correctly, when you boot up the ORIGINAL game for the first time, the camera pans towards the episode 1 door. Most people playing TCS would have already played the original game and would have already known how the level doors work. It probably would have helped to have a similar camera pan in TCS though

Will Terry : To be fair, I was actually 9 when I got the game and I had no problems. Though a little playing dumb for QA never hurt anyone.

Samuel Forster : He is both an idiot and playing dumb.

Pixels Ltd : "All the bits 9 year olds could get stuck on" I see what you did there!

Syphist Prime : I think his biggest problem wasn't reading the 2nd best form of entertainment as a kid, the instruction manual. Back in the days this game was designed it expected you to read it. That doesn't mean the design is flawed, it just means it is dated. Not to mention the Cantina is not the original hub. The one in the original game is designed in a much better fashion. You are placed right in front of the 3 episode doors with one of them green and 2 of them red. You were much closer to them and were the center of attention. Not to mention the game is an adventure game so the goal is to kinda figure things out. It's what adds do much play time to the games.

Holodomor : I think Pew have lost interest in videogames long ago.

Lewis Zerlewski : it's funny, I remember having _some_ of the same problems, but I knew the general rule of every Lego game ever: Smash EVERYTHING! if you haven't found that stupid key, or 'last piece', just smash the ENTIRE scene to studs, collect your riches, and maybe you can progress. playing this now, it's all so obvious because I've done it (and repeatedly with the other "Lego" games). but if you could have added tips for all that jazz, and maybe just a pause menu item that turns it on/off

Juan Salvo : Please react to someone speed-running the games you have worked on. It would be interesting to see what you have to say.

Itch-HeSay : I sometimes forget that Pewdiepie was originally a gaming channel

Pepsi Man : "Is he an idiot, is he playing dumb?" Like any true fence sitter, I think the answer is somewhere in the middle.

danwaigand : He's goofing off with a friend for the camera. I had little to no problem figuring out what he was having issues with, and I was using the PC Version. I got lost in one of the Degobah levels but eventually figured it out. Spoonfeeding people what to do is frustrating, but not as much as time-based button mashing during "interactive cutscenes... or more commonly.. quicktime events, which i loathe.

Drek Is KrEk : I mean, I beat all of these no problem when I was six so....


Tealgamemaster : This channel is the gift that keeps on giving.

BayLaugh Animations : I certainly wasn’t one of those 9 year olds that got stuck on this. I played the original when I was 6 and I got through most of it just fine. I was going to defend Pewds by saying “yeah, but I played a lot of video games when I was 6” but then I remembered that he literally founded his career on playing video games.

aprofondir : Now I'm reminded of why I don't watch PewDiePie's videos... He is so insufferable.

yan shooter defron't : The game was 9 years old proof but apparently isn't pewdiepie proof Jokes aside is funny how some quality of life changes that happens in sequels of a game or in updates works, even a small feature like a button to organize the inventory that sees minor but when you play a outdated version and this don't have this "minor feature" you feel lost and confused

Coded _Ragon : I don't watch pewdiepie anymore for personal reasons. But I would gladly watch you watch pewdiepie play a game while talking about said interactions with said games.

Alucard : *cough* git gud scrub.

Diego Antonio Rosario Palomino : this is so sad , can we get Jon a psychologist ?

gNightrow : Working out What to do Withought Prompts are Part of the Fun otherwise it is too easy, this is why People Joked about the Cuphead Game Jurnasist.

Wolf. : Lego Star Wars Complete Saga on DS was a huge part of my childhood and I'm currently playing the Xbox 360 version. It appears there is no Grievous Wheel Bike minigame on console, which is a shame.

Kev's Channel : you designed the lego starwars games? needless to say, your a legend

pejnismiggle : Idk man, I don't understand how you can be a fan of... that. You're so calm and collected and seem shy, while he is a babbling screaming idiot. And I don't understand how ANYONE can go more than 10 seconds listening to a man try to do a women's voice.

Bomb Bro The Plush : The ds version is super buggy after a while I managed to get ships in hub lol Although this game was my think when I was younger (Original trilogy)

Clickbait37 : you own my childhood.

Linn FTW : I'm certain that the Wii version of Complete Saga had button prompts.

xd : This game is the dark souls of lego games

Jose Tomas Campos Robledano : Don’t worry man, they are the idiots here 😂, as a kid I played both games by separate and later the complete saga too. Thank you and the development team for making one of the games that marked my childhood

The Progenitor : Kids react to GameHut reacts to Pewdiepie reacting to the game Lego Star Wars

Cam 3155 : Ill say all of them, Pewdiepie is an idiot but if you havent played something like this you would be kinda lost with the controlls and level layout.

CutePuppy351 : You don't understand how unique it is to follow a developer that developed a ton of your childhood games and watching them review someone's gameplay footage for design flaws.

Kay Kay : Although I can't stand Pewdiepie - I'll watch YOUR video because I respect YOU. I'm not promising I'll like it - but here we go.... EDIT: Okay, I'm still not sure that I'm too hard on him (although, YOU did basically call him a 9 year old). Yeah, it seems like some prompts would clarify what you're supposed to do. But, didn't the game come with an instruction manual? Why bother spending the time implementing hand holding - if they spent their money on a game, can't figure it out, and don't even bother reading the documentation at that point? I guess my real question then is - didn't you guys have ANYONE beta test the game or recorded new players playing at any point? Why was I under the impression that having beta testers was normal?

Darth Vegas : Damn. You had the game signed by God Lucas himself. Now that's epic.

Windy Hill : The answer is definitely: idiot.

The Laughing Rabbit : Idiot AND playing dumb. Has he ever been serious when playing ANY game. Sometimes as an excuse to not have to play a game for the fans by just crapping about in one everyone wants him to play.

codeHusky : I remember this design confusing me a lot when i was younger, but I still did figure out how to use the doors. I think they were mostly just screwing around and then actually forgot about the main room.

Colton Hernandez : Funny enough, Trey Parker (Co creator of South Park) talked about watching Pewdiepie play the first South Park game, The Stick of Truth, and used it to better design the sequel. He talked about how he used the pewdiepie playthrough as a stand in for the average player to see how well designed the game was.