Kirstjen Nielsen Confronted By Activists In Mexican Restaurant

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Boi Julio : Gawd that was next level *R E S P E C T* To the protestors👌 And she actually had the audacity to eat at a Mexican restaurant 😂 What a joke

Jonathan Velasquez : That was gold

Gabe Cooper : Build that wall

Marilia Batista : She deserves this!!! Shame on you!!!

Paul Proulx : That was awesome!

FLYNN : Fucking cunt Nielsen!


Kristin Bozant : I dont understand the separation. Why dont they deport both, kids and parents ? Im asking a real question ....

Greg Kisinger : Why are people protesting against ILLEGAL immigration and the people who try to enforce our country's immigration laws? Wouldn't it be more appropriate to protest against THOSE WHO ENTER THIS COUNTRY ILLEGALLY AND OUR PREVIOUS DEADBEAT, CAREER POLITICIANS WHO HAVE TURNED A BLIND-EYE TO ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION FOR DECADES?

JCS : she deserved it. She's a monster



Ashyelec Anroy : This is call a real satisfying video ...

Cheshire Cat : SO SATISFYING!!!!!!!!

Michael E Fiedler : Every person participated in the protest deserves a medal of honor.. She really doesn't deserve to eat in peace.. Trump and his arsekisser deserve a revolting population. Unbelievable, shame on them all.

cquinnb : I love this song

flahoos : And if you're thinking about taking a break from Washington D.C. and returning to Clearwater for your Mexican Food, Kirstjen, you'll get the same here. You can't come home after what you've done. PARIAH!

heyhbk : Great way of getting that 'treating people with respect' message across by turning around and treating people like crap. Just shows these protesters care nothing about the actual people being effected by immigration policy, they just want future victims to toe the party line.

Paul C : just call 911 on them and have them arrested for causing a public disturbance. there's a reason they're called 'illegal aliens' and have to be locked up.

Reggie Lee : They actually did her a favor by shouting her out of the restaurant. Think about who works in the kitchen of restaurants... especially Mexican ones? I can only imagine the assortment of bodily fluids that she would have been eating in her food if she stayed and ate.


Fatima Moreno : These protestors are awesome! Thank god for people like them!

Christopher Martinez : SHAME!

Mike Marchlik : Where is the manager of the restaurant? This is crazy.

The Relik : Proud of you people to stand up to injustice ! That's the real America !

JWM : You do realize these laws have been in effect for like 25 years right? And Obama enforced them as well? But nah, it's Trump's and Trump's cabinet's fault. Got it.

Robgoren : McDonalds has been legally allowed to refuse service to the homeless, so why can't we refuse service to anyone wearing a MAGA hat, an ICE agent, a cop?

X S : Cancer for her kid!

Rick Grosser : Awesome....

Eric Kim : It takes an equal amount of arrogance and stupidity to behave the way these "open border" libtards behave. These are just tantrum throwing children that need a good beating.

Eternal Carnage : I can't be only one thinking "What does mexican food have to do any of this?" place probaply isn't even run by mexicans

YouStupidBunny : China built a wall and they have almost no Mexicans.


DB Donovan : These disrupters exemplify the evolution of dangerous psychotics domestic TERRORIST groups of the Socialist LEFT. They have gone from whining & complaining about losing to viscious, physical insane FORCEFUL threats being made toward people TARGETED by the LEFT... very much like the Democrat Nationalists & FASCIST NAZIS did to the Jews before WWII. With their mob rule, the NAZIS thought nothing of picking on Jewish children either. Yes! No sanity or civility on the LEFT. They have become the monsters they fantasized about on the RIGHT, that in REALITY, never existed! Only their delusional mob will applaud them. These TERRORISTS should be psycho-analyzed for prolonged feelings of extreme hatred that have damaged their perspective on reality & then gently placed in Obama FEMA Camp rubber rooms, where they can rock, moan & masterbate all day.

Mike Oxlong : Soooo they were just doing their jobs and enforcing the laws of the american government right? Then people got angry, so Trump tries to please everyone again by reversing the laws that were put in place to make the people happy to begin with and just pissed everyone off again. Makes sense to me.

End Boss : "When liberals react" season 1. Each episode takes place in each month of the year, where liberals find something else to be upset about because they refuse to seek professional help and learn coping skills. In the season finale, they take it too far and get shot by the people they are attacking.

Guanfei : Of course, leftists consider only those who share their views have the right to live in peace, or just live. Those guys look more and more like the fascists they claim to fight. "Don't say this, don't do that, do as I say or I'll harass you anywhere, anytime, and if you don't agree with me, I have the right to use violence. Right you don't have of course. Only I and those who agree with me are allowed to talk"

Pine Forest : These protesters should have been rounded up and put in a concentration camp! And in the future that is exactly what will happen to all those who interfere with President Trump's policies and those of other Trump family members in other Trump governments.

TheOneFromFuture : lol, shouting shame like it does anything. A bunch of idiots. You don't fight Nazis with sticks. The left should learn from Stalin if they want to get anywhere.

mackjeez : It wasn't even a Trump era policy but one that had evolved during the Obama administration due to immigration loopholes that were used by illegal immigrants because of the Obama administrations carelessness in their immigration policies . This issue should have been solved then but was quickly blamed on the Trump administration by the media when it was found that the picture of "caged" children was found to be from 2014, to negate the backlash the leftist media pushed the issue further ignoring the specifics. Good job being ignorant of facts.

Twistedmist : If you think she is responsible for adults choosing to break the law and get separated from their children then there is no hope for you. Stop blaming those enforcing the law and start blaming those breaking the law. If these people want asylum they only need go through the real border crossings and claim asylum there, yeah its a process and its probably drawn out and bureaucratic but you get to keep your kids with you.

4perf : I'll bet the waiter offered her water.

Dave R : Wouldn’t eat and spending money at a Mexican restaurant help provide fo Mexican family’s 🤦🏻‍♂️

Kevin : Abolish ICE? Oh boy we got some true Social Justice Warrior idiots in here...

Philippe Herzig : lol training facism kids?

DNModular : Is a restaurant the right place for this sort of thing?

RossKempOnYourMum01 : Trump will win a 2nd term

Sticky Fingers : Actually, they fixed the problem, adding dna testing for families to not be seperated. How about you quit trying to ruin someones dining experience, not just theirs. Libtards.

CK1 : Bullies. Ignorant bullies.

Pizza Time : We can’t get that wall built quick enough