Billie Jean (violin and guitar cover)

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John Pope : 10 / 10

Archie Bunkerr : Technically great, emotional from 3:10 to 4:10. please stay emotional!

Fred Chapman : What I love most about this is that it's not a straight cover of MJ's Billie Jean—the violin solo is an _improvisation_ on the melody, and a truly inspired improvisation at that! Plus, the rhythm guitar accompaniment works really well with the violin solo. V&G duets can so easily mix like oil and water, but this duet is a beautiful blend. This is how it's done, folks!

Mr. Groot : We missed the videos fitz welcome back.

Kaosware : congrats guys, this was amazing :)

Niccolo Paganini : this ... this is ... this is MAGNİFİCENT !!

Mundo Negocios Web : repito, repito y repito desde el min 3:37 al 4:20. Que hermoso.

Joshua Millson : My god

Sophiasticated : Grea t job! Do you ever have to do any retakes?

Hiram Salas : +10 lince me encanto me suscribo:-)

Kevin Ibanez : Awesome! Love the duet

Nocturnal Snake : A gente aprende a tocar ouvindo caras bons tocando.

Belinda Sanchez : ME ENCANTA BILIE JEAN DE MJ ymas aun magistralmente interpretado por uds. sobre todo me gustaron mucho los arreglos. excelente. yo toco piano, y me encantaría compartir con Uds. una pieza,.

Henry Pacman : En el principio estava mal pero aumento de nivel al bueno , "buen video " has mas porfavor para que me suscriva 🖒

Awang Diandaru : waww pretty awesome.. saluuut

Robert Parham : kinda took that to a weird place, but i enjoyed it

João Vitor dos Santos : Que top!

Franz Pink : AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alfredo Izg : Yo ... This shit's dope

JJ Del Rey : Awesome job! :D can you please do a live loop station cover of This is Gospel by Panic! At the disco?

Sandy Gomes : Fantástico!!!

Julia Sodre : this is amazing. can't stop listening

Adit Jonathan : So effortless.. Love that style of playing

Paulo The Violin Song : Toca demais!!!! Meu Deus

Cheri Gould : wow that is cool!!

Pata Falagan : Such a good coveer!! Congrats I love it!

Raymond David : dude waaat... too good bro.. u killing it

Raquel Salazar : Que bello cover. La música es lo máximo te alegra el alma, el espíritu. Me encantó, lo escucho una y otra vez. Saludos desde Venezuela.

Linda Stahlheber : I loved seeing you live at maket

Lia Tan : FINALLY i encounter another violinist with the chin rest located at the center lol

LioneKunla : High level, my respects #AsiSomos

Amanda Goushehguir : You should come play in Playa del Carmen MX!

Giacomo 01 : That violino It s so rock! Amazing!

Harden R : really really good show!

Ani Pivazyan Los Reyes : Like it

Wouter Osinga : This is amazing!

Kim Sung Min : Amazing 👏👏

SKLyfe : Perfection :|

Jocyjocy : Your amazing and my inspiration to continue

#Bigboss Chicha : wow i love it

What ever : A M A Z I N G