VLOG1: Wine Talk - Malbec, Jazz, Cheese, Rose Vanilla Candle

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BenyQuinonez : I feel like you posted this many times. In the same hour..

Mohamed Medo : ... VLOG1: Wine Talk - Malbec، Jazz، Cheese، R

heather villamizar : coctel queso y rosa de vainilla

José Alejandro Segovia Perez : Nice :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

sangravee jamdonphai : ฉันคิดว่าคุณชอบทานวายมากัป็นพิเศษ


Edgar García : what an instructive video, very good

Jorge Ortiz : if he spoke that language was understood

Quang Hùng : video very good happy new year

Lintang Trissaputra : nice vlog girl I like you you a sexy heheheheh yeahhhh and good job for you channel good luck and I won't rose vanilla candle hehehehehehehehehe I want to try how about is feeling if I eating candy

augusto salazar : very good video, nice job

Mariana Castillo : Buen vídeo, eres preciosa!

Suzana Stojanović : Super joj je otvaranje za flase!

Silvio Gonzalez : que dira esta chinita para la salud

assasin01 hola : Jfncismslabfusjfjxkd vino de mi pais. Excelente

Wahyu Wirahanto : Don't follow it,, mineral water is better than this!

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Trung Hoang Minh : I love Israeli fruit in the Winter but does it not taste bitter knowing what's going on in Palestine? But how can we expect things to improve whilst China are still in Tibet! Head in the clouds.

Hendri Js : Something positive this video1D

Sajaka id : ... VLOG1: Wine Talk - Malbec, Jazz, Cheese, Rose Vanilla Candle

Pedro Castaño : jeje, interesante instrumento para abrir el vino

Adriiian Ortiiizz : Felicitaciones por tu video buenisimo

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wrenluke elhanan : What is brand wine you're favorite?

Bấy Bỳ Sữa : VLOG1: Rượu vang - Malbec, Jazz, Cheese, Rose Vanilla Candle

aliyah sophia tatiana : nice video of wine. good job

Amin Fahri : wawwwwwww comelnya ni paras

Luis Alejandro Saavedra Delgado : Arrechisimo, calidad el vino que muestra

Cruz José Gómez : Excelente vlog, con recomendaciones practicas, para una buena velada. me gusta

HvMzA BvTmVn PeS : I don't understand japanese

Sergio Marcano : la publicidadddddddddddddddddddddddddd

donis vicente : sometimes instantly. Just as positive words can make someone smile or a well-timed humorous quote can make someone laugh, our thoughts react to the world in real-time. You have complete control over

Ylse Garces : VLOG1: Wine Talk - Malbec, Jazz, Cheese, Rose Vanilla Candle is a very tempting video

Prian Weve : ta tomando alto fernacho la loca

hongquang vu : VLOG1: Wine Talk - Malbec, Jazz, Cheese, Rose Vanilla Candle

Leizyl Ballesteros : I love drinking wine.....its good to our health


Md.Monjurul Islam : You have a good appetite cheers and thank you too much for your wine research practically shown demonstration how to mix wine drink for taste you should to add about price list of wine for interested

Minh Tri Nguyen : Whilst looking for a charging spot for my electric car it came to me. Just another lie we bought from the Lib Dems. Close to Nirvana.

Jesus Enrique Leal Perez : VLOG1: Wine Talk - Malbec, Jazz, Queso, Vela de rosa vainilla

Max Pacaya : me parece bueno el producto

Alan Silva : Um bom vinho , e´ massa d+.

Jairo Rodrigues : parabens gatinha vamos vinho juntos rsrsrsrsrsrs

ricardo lagioia : Excelente vlog. Muy intetesante

KHA NGUYEN : I don't go to the pub often since I hate commercial lagers, but I was drinking an American Pale Ale with a friend yesterday and it really got us thinking. More in it than most St. Andrews.

Arib Wibowo : don't make up anymore, you have beautiful just the way you are

Dj LaNota Mix : haha dame un trago y salud

Topu Raihan : wine talk this video is a vlog

Tusharvijayworld : the video very nice foennjhfvj kj

Hani Mojo : Nice video, thank you for sharing