91-Year-Old Grandma Guesses Pokemon Names

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I don't deserve subs : Alexander Charmander

Diet Bleach : Hamilton evolves into Mousey and then evolves into a Blue-Eyed Jerk.

Twigryph : So I’m naming my next Charmander Hamilton.

Joanna Aye : Jenna marbles in the future 😍❤️😂

Milly Dawson : What did I just call him……… ham…… hamilton?? mousey charmelion!!! Your ridiculous

Schilt Shots : “You battle them” 😳 “That’s mean!”

Preston Cherry : Granddaughter: His name is Blastoise Grandma : That’s not a BLACK TOY is blue and white Granddaughter: No it’s BLASTOISE Grandma: Well you have it your way and I’ll have it my way, but I am not calling that thing BLACK

H Trex : Who's that pokemon? It's *Hamilton*

tomboi13 : 1:15 was that sound even human

Ahmad Fuad : "he's having a little trouble with his tail......... Yeah he's burning up" 😂😂😂

Vi11ag3r : brb naming my charmander hamilton

Electric Anims : Evolution of squirtle: Tumbleweed Poor-turtle Pieces

Alden Johnson : This will be ash I future games now. "HAMILTON, I CHOOSE YOU!!!! "

Republic of Finland Mapper : I don't know, a *_S T R A W B E R R Y ?_*

Bradley Gilmore : -Goes into Pokémon Go to rename charmander “Hamilton”-

Jake Roosenbloom : *"I'm not calling that thing black"* 😂😂😂

Moonblaze Draws : "You can't battle people! That's a beautiful animal!" My heart melted ;v;

ASH Greninja : Black toy😂😂😂😂

brianna : she’s so precious

SissorsPlayz : "War turtle.. Poor turtle?"

Flutterpup AJ : Charmander Hamilton, My Name Is Charmander Hamilton.

lordmurd2 Balloonboy : Hamilton

Rasheena Thomas : Say hello to halimton guys he replaces charmander from now on.

Jasmine the Fallen Angel : OMG this is so cute

Schilt Shots : “Ohhhh yeah”. “A- Ribbon that’s your name!”

JACOB FLOW08 FLOW : Look the 91 granma when he sayd on worturdle she said poor amd thats really bad to say so like if you angree

Shareen2004 : Charmander Hamiliton sings way better than the **Real Hamilton**

ASH Greninja : Boulda-tour😂😂😂😂

Dansk MSP : 3:00 im dead😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Katarina Mirkov : evolution of Charmander : -Hamilton -Mousey -Blue eyed jerk

Lyla Schanz : I want this lady to live forever

Chris Ghysel : He does kinda look like a Hamilton...

kaseit : I'm naming my next Bulbasaur Ribbon.

Marlyn Lora : It's so beautiful that this woman gets to live this long

ProtoMario : Lmao coincidentally one of the first Pokemon in Gen 1 was Nick named strawberry to explain the naming system.

Virginia MacRill : I'll call him Hamilton. I DIED because I was just listening to Hamilton music when I found this!

Omar Santiago : Loved it.

Wolfi3dqPaNdA :3 : “My name is ALEXMANDER HAMILTON”


/Auriv / : HAMILTON 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Joseph Wayment : They should try this with David Attenborough bet he knows a few.

Simon Whiley : Old lady called him Hamilton Alexander Charmander

ACE!!! : This keeped me from killing my self. Hope for humanity

Eun Moon : Hamilton is acutally very fitting

Blade Knight : What is he going to squirt :'D?

tran tom : Your lmao

Louis Emery : You can have that same conversation with anybody over 50.

Emalynn Pennington : LOL

tara bock : *Hamilton*