Aladdin: Jaffa Cake's Sister is P*ssed Off - Caddicarus
Aladdin Jaffa Cakes Sister is Pssed Off Caddicarus

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Caddy is a lad in this video covering Aladdin on PS1. Read that back and you'll get it eventually. CLICK HERE FOR CHEAP GAMES (sometimes less than $1!) EVERY 24 HOURS! = ▼ MORE LINKS BELOW ▼ Don't forget to join the channel right here = Please consider supporting the channel here and check out the little rewards (including credit mentions and 24-hour early access to every Caddicarus ep AD-FREE)!! CADDICARUS MERCHANDISE, GAMING POSTERS, and the 15% off with the coupon code 'CADDY'! = HIDDEN BLOCK! = TWITTER! = TUMBLR! = FACEBOOK! = INSTAGRAM! = Kevin MacLeod's royalty free music! = OLLY'S CAMERA WORK! = And remember to stay beautiful. Much loves!


Bryce McKenzie : Why doesn't Caddy do PS1 games anymore? He should do more PS1 games. We Demand PS1 game reviews you Fanny! I'm kidding of course. You're an amazing content creator and I enjoy the variety of games you cover. Thanks Caddicarus.

ThisIs ReadyMade : It’s coming up It’s coming up It’s coming up It’s coming up It’s coming up It’s coming up It’s *BLEH*

Cartoon Nerd : Didn’t they do the “villain’s sister getting revenge” thing in The Little Mermaid II?

Brandon Croker : How 'bout a nice fresh glass of ARABIAN MILUK??

Doom Demon : 2:14 *J A F F A C A K E*

Lunar Loves Joaquín : He actually says 'yeah' but your interpretation is better! O-O"

NPCarlsson : 14:20 I can't stop replaying that part!

Nunya Bizness : Caddy sneaking to that music was just......... DEMENTED.

KayFiOS : 3:30 Rrrrrrrheumatism!

Toxxicomane : I've been watching this channel since i was roughly about 13, I'm almost 20 now. And your stupid humour has never failed to make me laugh. Stay on this site forever just to entertain me.

The Cringelord, Euan. : B R E A T S M I L U K

Andrew Kuder : 13:39 Wait...are those the walking brooms from Fantasia? Wtf are they doing in an Aladdin game?

TheDeadFellow : 1:29 to 1:33 My reaction to Infinity War.

TheDracoChick : I'm eating Jaffa Cakes for the first time while I'm watching this. WTF COINCIDENCE???

Dream Master : 9:46 XD

El Gringo Bandito : A like for you and your cheeky Dare reference.

Droidicarus : I really enjoy all of the memes sprinkled in here! It was hilarious!

Random wither Amazements : Funniest parts in my opinion 1:31 aaaaaaaahhhhh- 4:12 gonna crash! 4:28 stepping on disks. 4:48 Better aaaaaaahhhh 9:01 fell through 12:57 PRINCESS JASMINE ON A SKATEBOARD 14:23 Totaly done And best for last 11:59 cake shop... I don’t care anymore

aiooty19 : This game is a disease. And Caddy is the CYOAR!

Tommy Deonauth's Archives : I get Phailaddin from Phelous on Phriday and now I get a Phailaddin game from Caddicarus! My weekend just got better!

MidwestMachete : 5/10 on the Gorillaz skit, needs more Drunken Manchester.

BOBdotEXE : I miss 2019 caddy...

Jane Kittredge : Thank you for referencing Gorillaz

Bryce McKenzie : Hey Caddy, Did you have anything planned for Jurassic Parks 25th anniversary? I'd suggest the Lost World Jurassic Park game for PS1. It's a bad game, it has bad controls and is insanely difficult. I'd say good luck.

Mecha Buu : Jasmine on a skateboard? I think this is where the inspiration for that Disney Skateboarding game came from. Also, Jafar had a sister???

Viteral 17 : The emperrors new groove is next!

Ixbran : Fun Fact: Nazira is voiced by Jodi Benson, the VA for Ariel.

Aileen Combs : The one good thing i have to say about this game is that I like the Character Design of Jafar's sister. Shr would look just like that. ^_^

NewWrestlingRevolution : You've not reached Egyptian Level. You saw nothing, man. You saw nothing, yet

Hero Hitman64 : I just gained 100% more respect for Cadi Daddy for making a Gorillaz reference.

Oddly Even : "I miss the old Caddy, the always scratchy voice caddy. I hate the new Caddy, Rants bout' Pippa Peg Caddy" I always get reminded of that song whenever someone says the "original was better".

TheNMan64 : I actually liked this game...oh well

Ed_ward : Was that Dan Castellaneta as the genie?

Crash Schwarzenegger : Oh I remember playing this as a kid Well thats it

TheAverageJoe : Who's pumped for bandicoot month?!

Josh : We need CaDDARE now

mpg272727 : God I love Caddys usage of Croc music in his video

Aster TGR : Oml best Gorillaz reference, love it XD

U.D Playthroughs. : This game is Bleh

HAIRCUT : Cyoar! 😉

Royal 101 : I actually had fun with the game despite its flaws .

Shanks Does Nothing With His Channel : I completely agree with caddy, Aladdin’s voice is really smug and “eheh”

Elizabeth Armitage : I kind of agree with you about Aladdin's personality

Peni Parker : Caddy has been stuck at 500,000 subs for 2 years

Foxylover : I could never finish this game, granted I got as far as Nazira's lair in the final stages of the game but it just gets worse as you continue on. I actually would've loved to see your reactions when you got to the Egyptian levels, they were always a pain for me to progress through

noel noelinski : 5:24 the game explained in one word: BLEH!

DoggySporty : I'm pretty sure that's Homer Simpson voicing the Genie again.

Swanky Jay Toons : 9:07 "Thanks so much... *GENIE WEASLEY"*

Baz The Storyteller : I kept wanting him to call the Genie "Not Robin Williams" .