Aladdin: Jaffa Cake's Sister is P*ssed Off - Caddicarus

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Bryce McKenzie : Why doesn't Caddy do PS1 games anymore? He should do more PS1 games. We Demand PS1 game reviews you Fanny! I'm kidding of course. You're an amazing content creator and I enjoy the variety of games you cover. Thanks Caddicarus.

Bryce McKenzie : Hey Caddy, Did you have anything planned for Jurassic Parks 25th anniversary? I'd suggest the Lost World Jurassic Park game for PS1. It's a bad game, it has bad controls and is insanely difficult. I'd say good luck.

Mecha Buu : Jasmine on a skateboard? I think this is where the inspiration for that Disney Skateboarding game came from. Also, Jafar had a sister???

Tommy Deonauth's Archives : I get Phailaddin from Phelous on Phriday and now I get a Phailaddin game from Caddicarus! My weekend just got better!

U.D Playthroughs. : This game is Bleh

Andrew Kuder : 13:39 Wait...are those the walking brooms from Fantasia? Wtf are they doing in an Aladdin game?

NPCarlsson : 14:20 I can't stop replaying that part!

DarkHero Gamer : Caddy, you may have a problem with Aladdin not stealing cakes, but you see, only Lex Luthor can steal cakes. He steals 40 cakes. That’s as many as four tens. *And that’s terrible.*

El Gringo Bandito : A like for you and your cheeky Dare reference.

Brandon Croker : How 'bout a nice fresh glass of ARABIAN MILUK??

Tanner Price : 7:22 *MILUK*

Nunya Bizness : Caddy sneaking to that music was just......... DEMENTED.

BOBdotEXE : I miss 2019 caddy...

TheDeadFellow : 1:29 to 1:33 My reaction to Infinity War.

Slapperfish : *[sees title]* Lemme guess, it gets the slaughter.

KayFiOS : 3:30 Rrrrrrrheumatism!

Behonkiss Videos : This game sounds completely BLAEH

ctl eurocollege : 9:46 XD

Nat In Technicolour : I remember enjoying this game a lot as a kid... More proof that I was an idiot and/or had no taste in my younger years.

Jack Spedicy2 : 1:30 When you want to escape life but noone hears your screams and all you can do is pretend to be happy while your inner you wants do die in hell while burning in salt #reletable

Shiro-Luna : This game is more flawed than boring, since this _was_ from the same people who made Croc.

Jussy833 : My dear Caddy, you never cease to make me laugh, and what you did with this Aladdin game is pure gold! XDD

The Cinematic Mind : Jafar Cakes and Miluk. Perfect combination.

Viteral 17 : The emperrors new groove is next!

Think Twice : Aladdin is great, he's just pretending to be the douche Gaston guy because he thinks that's what is going to win the girl. 0/10. HE GAVE AWAY THE BREAD HE STOLE TO TWO ORPHAN CHILDREN, THAT WAS HIS ONLY FOOD FOR THE DAY.

mega jack universe : Dude stop will the deprecation of the original reviews. You find them cringey but it's the reason at least half of us are here buddy

Lunar Loves Sashley : He actually says 'yeah' but your interpretation is better! O-O"

Aidan2814 : The gorrilaz (dare) bit lmao

Blackiecomics : Whoever did the Genies voice in this game must REALLY be proud of this game. I'm not however.

Oddly Even : "I miss the old Caddy, the always scratchy voice caddy. I hate the new Caddy, Rants bout' Pippa Peg Caddy" I always get reminded of that song whenever someone says the "original was better".

The Cringelord, Euan. : B R E A T S M I L U K

TheDracoChick : I'm eating Jaffa Cakes for the first time while I'm watching this. WTF COINCIDENCE???

Jane Kittredge : Thank you for referencing Gorillaz

DoggySporty : I'm pretty sure that's Homer Simpson voicing the Genie again.

Ed_ward : Was that Dan Castellaneta as the genie?

Tazika : I loved this game as a kid. Despite the fact i had all the crash games Spyro trilogy and tekken trilogy i still played this.

AverageJoe : Who's pumped for bandicoot month?!

TheNMan64 : I actually liked this game...oh well

Josh : We need CaDDARE now

Royal 101 : I actually had fun with the game despite its flaws .

ThisIs ReadyMade : It’s coming up It’s coming up It’s coming up It’s coming up It’s coming up It’s coming up It’s *BLEH*

Chloe Urquhart : I've been watching this channel since i was roughly about 13, I'm almost 20 now. And your stupid humour has never failed to make me laugh. Stay on this site forever just to entertain me.

Cartoon Nerd : Didn’t they do the “villain’s sister getting revenge” thing in The Little Mermaid II?

Ike, The Legendary Hero Of Blue Flames : I just gained 100% more respect for Cadi Daddy for making a Gorillaz reference.

Haru Okumra : Caddy has been stuck at 500,000 subs for 2 years

Architect of Gods : It’s DARE!!!!

HAIRCUT : Cyoar! 😉

Funinightmare : Ah I remember this game... It was terrible... And I don't like Aladdin either (Not the film the character) and that's about it from me :)

Zetsuki : Omochao of theee laaaaamp!~ Agrabah has a lot of sand, it's yellow.

Jeff Lamparelli : Caddy, you play different characters so well. Quick J. Hoarsethroat and Daddy Caddy are incredible. EDIT: Also Caddy, be proud of your early videos! They’re still mildly enjoyable, and they’re a staple of how far you’ve come as a YouTuber! 🙂