Aladdin: Jaffa Cake's Sister is P*ssed Off - Caddicarus

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Bryce McKenzie : Why doesn't Caddy do PS1 games anymore? He should do more PS1 games. We Demand PS1 game reviews you Fanny! I'm kidding of course. You're an amazing content creator and I enjoy the variety of games you cover. Thanks Caddicarus.

NPCarlsson : 14:20 I can't stop replaying that part!

Tommy Deonauth's Archives : I get Phailaddin from Phelous on Phriday and now I get a Phailaddin game from Caddicarus! My weekend just got better!

El Gringo Bandito : A like for you and your cheeky Dare reference.

U.D Playthroughs. : This game is Bleh

Bryce McKenzie : Hey Caddy, Did you have anything planned for Jurassic Parks 25th anniversary? I'd suggest the Lost World Jurassic Park game for PS1. It's a bad game, it has bad controls and is insanely difficult. I'd say good luck.

BOBdotEXE : I miss 2019 caddy...

Mecha Buu : Jasmine on a skateboard? I think this is where the inspiration for that Disney Skateboarding game came from. Also, Jafar had a sister???

Behon : This game sounds completely BLAEH

ThisIs ReadyMade : It’s coming up It’s coming up It’s coming up It’s coming up It’s coming up It’s coming up It’s *BLEH*

Mr. ON : Caddy, you may have a problem with Aladdin not stealing cakes, but you see, only Lex Luthor can steal cakes. He steals 40 cakes. That’s as many as four tens. *And that’s terrible.*

Andrew Kuder : 13:39 Wait...are those the walking brooms from Fantasia? Wtf are they doing in an Aladdin game?

KayFiOS : 3:30 Rrrrrrrheumatism!

Nunya Bizness : Caddy sneaking to that music was just......... DEMENTED.

TheDeadFellow : 1:29 to 1:33 My reaction to Infinity War.

Cartoon Nerd : Didn’t they do the “villain’s sister getting revenge” thing in The Little Mermaid II?

ctl eurocollege : 9:46 XD

Aidan2814 : The gorrilaz (dare) bit lmao

Doom Demon : 2:14 *J A F F A C A K E*

aiooty19 : This game is a disease. And Caddy is the CYOAR!

The Cinematic Mind : Jafar Cakes and Miluk. Perfect combination.

Lunar Loves Joaquín : He actually says 'yeah' but your interpretation is better! O-O"

Blackiecomics : Whoever did the Genies voice in this game must REALLY be proud of this game. I'm not however.

MidwestMachete : 5/10 on the Gorillaz skit, needs more Drunken Manchester.

TheDracoChick : I'm eating Jaffa Cakes for the first time while I'm watching this. WTF COINCIDENCE???

Jussy833 : My dear Caddy, you never cease to make me laugh, and what you did with this Aladdin game is pure gold! XDD

Nat In Technicolour : I remember enjoying this game a lot as a kid... More proof that I was an idiot and/or had no taste in my younger years.

Think Twice : Aladdin is great, he's just pretending to be the douche Gaston guy because he thinks that's what is going to win the girl. 0/10. HE GAVE AWAY THE BREAD HE STOLE TO TWO ORPHAN CHILDREN, THAT WAS HIS ONLY FOOD FOR THE DAY.

mega jack universe : Dude stop will the deprecation of the original reviews. You find them cringey but it's the reason at least half of us are here buddy

Oddly Even : "I miss the old Caddy, the always scratchy voice caddy. I hate the new Caddy, Rants bout' Pippa Peg Caddy" I always get reminded of that song whenever someone says the "original was better".

AverageJoe : Who's pumped for bandicoot month?!

Brandon Croker : How 'bout a nice fresh glass of ARABIAN MILUK??

DoggySporty : I'm pretty sure that's Homer Simpson voicing the Genie again.

Josh : We need CaDDARE now

Toxxicomane : I've been watching this channel since i was roughly about 13, I'm almost 20 now. And your stupid humour has never failed to make me laugh. Stay on this site forever just to entertain me.

Viteral 17 : The emperrors new groove is next!

Jane Kittredge : Thank you for referencing Gorillaz

Ed_ward : Was that Dan Castellaneta as the genie?

Droidicarus : I really enjoy all of the memes sprinkled in here! It was hilarious!

TheNMan64 : I actually liked this game...oh well

The Cringelord, Euan. : B R E A T S M I L U K

Tazika : I loved this game as a kid. Despite the fact i had all the crash games Spyro trilogy and tekken trilogy i still played this.

Ike, The Legendary Hero Of Blue Flames : I just gained 100% more respect for Cadi Daddy for making a Gorillaz reference.

Zetsuki : Omochao of theee laaaaamp!~ Agrabah has a lot of sand, it's yellow.

Haru Okumura : Caddy has been stuck at 500,000 subs for 2 years

HAIRCUT : Cyoar! 😉

Aster TGR : Oml best Gorillaz reference, love it XD

Architect of Gods : It’s DARE!!!!

Aileen Combs : The one good thing i have to say about this game is that I like the Character Design of Jafar's sister. Shr would look just like that. ^_^

Tanner Price : 7:22 *MILUK*