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Conor : Mercy Days

Tudor Necula : myrrh - see - days

Big Succ : I lost 500 euro on a horse called Mercedes a few weeks ago

NotNamingNames : Good god I wasn't ready for this...

Voodoo Melon : Who else tried to skip the ad? Urgh.

aerodynamicgravy v2 : Howya pat

Lourdes AGK : Ah Francis !! I literally tried to skip this in the beginning

Scott Carey : Mercy days

michael10brown : I literally have no idea what I just watched but I loved it 😂

Tertius Venter : Ads are getting smarter

TheGentlmon : I don't have the money for the new Merceedays, I lost it all down the track Pat

Richie Mckeever : Me CD’s

Evan N oscope : 59k views for a 59k M E R C E D E S

Gareth Quirke : It's six o clock


rarrigan : May the lord have merseedees on you

adamunchy : Mor c dayz

Spartavus : Where is Mercedes!!?

Daniel Kelly : merci d'ais

MMedic : What. Is. That. MUSIC!????? Edit: I'm looking for the original commercial/song used in commercial. Is the music some royalty-free shite added later?

VinceLovesToast : MC Dayz

grincetown : Please. Sit down. There's been a bereavement.

Lachie55 : It's not a potato it's a crisis

TubeYou : some ad for the Toyota boys

Dr Duke : My wife hates me now, I guest she cant handle talk of 'Mercedes' 24X7

TheSligoceltic : If I put 20 grand on a horse at 9/4 an iconic price and the horse wins.... I might be able to buy a new Mercedes.....G,luck!

Conor Hughes : Good man francis

iKiWY : mer sey deys

Liam Carroll : Mersey Daze

kevin bhall : Mercy Days

When The Junctions Wide Let The Rear End Slide : Muerhseedays

Michael Corcoran : Mer Sea Dios

TickleMyPelvis : Tuesdays are the best days for driving Mercedays

frankymacf : Subliminal advertising! Should be banned from our screens!

Charles Bronson : Mare say dez

Moskau43 : I was the guy John’s Dad tried to suck off... For a ride in the new Mercedes. Bet him 9/4 he wouldn’t do it.

Faves52 : Viper. Don't every change.

Dylan Tierney : Mere sea daze

Paul Chillage : Marcey Dates

kiliman : mir c days

Ranchero M : More seed days

Jonathan Ryan : Mars Hades

Shane Tully : Murr cee days

Harry O'Donnell : Me See Deez Nuts

problematic : saw this ad

AVP • : Merception

Berlin Audio : Are ya doin a bit o' test drivin'?


Fly Flicks : My life is 110% better since i bought my new Mercedes. I live on pot noodles and have no heating, but the Mercedes looks so good parked out in front of my apartment.

Voodoo Melon : That wink. :D