Watch These FBI Interrogation Tactics Crack Chris Watts, Family Murderer, Into Finally Confessing

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Watch How FBI Interrogation Tactics Cracked Chris Watts, Family Murderer, Into Finally Confessing – Body Language Find out how the FBI cracked Chris Watts, family killer, into finally confessing. Those secret FBI interrogation tactics are revealed. Chris Watts is that northern Colorado man who plead guilty to murdering his pregnant wife Shanann and his two young daughters, Bella and Celeste, on August 13, 2018. We’re going to analyze Chris Watts’s interrogation footage and breakdown body language to reveal the how the FBI and CBI cracked Chris Watts into finally confessing. 0:49 August 13, 2018: Recap of what happened that first day. Chris Watts is video recorded committing his crime, police arrive at the Watts Family Home (as seen via police body camera), then they all go over to Neighbor Nate's house to watch the security footage for the first time of Chris Watts covering up his crime early that morning. 2:29 August 14, 2018: Cadaver dogs search the Watts home, Chris Watts does his media interviews with Denver7, NBC Denver 9NEWS, and Fox 31 Denver, and then the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) begins interrogating Chris Watts. 17:13 August 15, 2018: Chris Watts takes a polygraph lie detector test administered by Tammy Lee, CBI (Colorado Bureau of Investigation) Agent. After Tammy is done administering the polygraph, Tammy brings Grahm Coder, FBI Agent, back into the interrogation room to continue the interrogation of Chris Watts. My Previous Chris Watts Video (noted in the beginning): Watch How Police Caught Chris Watts, Family Murderer, With Body Language - Police Body Cameras Related Videos: Body Language Proof Chris Watts Murdered His Two Young Daughters Does Body Language Prove Chris Watts Murdered His Two Young Daughters? Subscribe to my second channel (More Derek Van Schaik) for more analysis into videos on this channel: Follow me and also send me your future video ideas via social media: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Google+: Website:

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Stan A.C.E : Chris: *closes door* Nate: *turns around* He's NOT acting right at all

Kurupt : i just spent 80 minutes watching both videos on this

Tootsie J : I really don't understand. Divorce wasn't an option?

Natalie Belsha : God bless neighbor Nate and his camera

Lisa Viola : He doesn’t cry about his kids being dead but cries over them wanting to talk to his coworkers 🤮

Kimberly DeOliveira : I knew I couldn’t trust him when I saw him wearing a sweatshirt in 80 degree weather

keeto : it takes a lot of self control to fake empathize with a killer

C Falcon : Whose here read comments while watching video 👍

PhyZeik : Dude investigators are so emotionally intelligent...

judith prins : Imagine being Grahms wife, you better don’t have any secrets

Clairey : "Those" kids! Surely you would say "My" kids. He seems emotionally detached from them.

Nytes1982 : Thank you for not adding any background music.

Charles Confino : They cut out the best part of the interview: Grahm: guiltypersonsayswhat Watts: ..what? Grahm: I think we’re done here

matt m : Female investigator: Chicks are crazy! They played him like a fiddle 😂

Fawzi Salman : To all the people saying he deserved a electric chair or a death sentence in general, Shanann's mother didn't want him put on a death sentence because she didn't want more death in their lives. Instead of killing him fast she surely wanted him to suffer 5 life sentences without possibility of parole thinking about what he did to his innocent family.

Ryan Witter : Love how he started “crying” as soon as she called him out for not crying

FlightRL : Interrogator: What should we give the guy? Chris: Life in prison. Judge: *Say no more fam*

Strombilly : They forgot the most important tactic: saying "killersayswhat".

Neil MacPherson : I bet they make those clocks tick really loud to make time go by slower.

Hangfried : The polygraph examiner wanted to stab him in the neck with a pencil.

Yurek Hunt : Cadaver Dogs are incredible. You say they can find a dead body as long as too much time hasn't passed, but there have been occasions when they have found bodies that have been buried for hundreds of years. On one occasion a man had fallen out of a canoe and they couldn't find his body. The divers searched for 12 days before they brought in the dogs, who took 15 minutes to find him. The amazing thing being that his body was under 30 metres of water and had been there for more than 12 days. Scientists are trying to figure out how they do it because they want to build machines to do it (for airports and mail depots etc.), but they don't understand how they can find a body underwater, or buried underground for 200 years. It's fascinating...

Sadiq Mohsin : I would love to be an interrogator but I can't keep a serious face😂😂😂😂

Marcus McKenzie : dude amazing videos, but you NEED to turn your vocals down a bit. You are like seven times louder than the footage, so I'm constantly turning the volume up and down

Test Lightning : Neighbor Nate should open a private detective agency :D

Aida Nieves : the minute he went on TV swaying back and forth and talking with empty eyes I knew he did it ... I miss my friend

Madalyn Leal : “there’s only one person in this room who knows what the truth is, and in about 5 minutes there’s gonna be 2 of us” wow that line

Abigayle’s Adventures : I am the most nervous person when it comes to feeling guilty. I would break. I would accept the fact that I have done wrong.

Anthony Weise : At around 15:20 the agent asks him about what the punishment should be if they find the guy who did it. And he talks about "those kids" "if anything hoppened to those kids".. Now I can't put myself in his mindset, but if something happened to my kid, I would refer to him as MY or OUR kid.

VanillaSlice : Everyone needs a friend like Nickole

31337 TV : The only time he showed actual emotions was when he cared about what his coworkers would think about him. Yup, narcissism.

Fairly Vague : Every time he says ‘those kids’ I wanna break his bastard face

MysticRaid HD : Damn. I wanna be a detective.

SnoWhiteSally : What the hell, he didn’t cry for his kids, but he cried when they mentioned calling his co-workers. Sick man.

Cosmic Centaur : Kudos to neighbor Nate for being suspicious of that monster, and Nickole for being such a good friend.

Luiz : Props to these interrogators really impressive to watch Thanks for your own analysis too this is 1000x better than TV

Lil'Monki : "those kids". Not 'Bella and Celeste'. Not 'my daughters'.

BlackSH0veldeath : Dude. Graham is GOOD at this. He obviously knows everything Derek is saying and those tactics. And the woman seems to be just as talented. At first she eeemed a little shocked by his blaming the wife until she realized why he was doing it (and she probably knew all along. And that was more than likely her intention ) But god damn I started breathing heavy and wondering if I had anything to do wit their deaths ha "wait. Did I fly to Colorado and not remember ???l" I also like how she told him he is a bad liar and how that's a good thing These two were amazing.

Dora Happy Chez Moi Vlog : I would made a lousy FBI interrogator , because I would probably smash his face against the wall.

Victoria Latronica : His voice went high when he was saying no to the polygraph questions.

Chidinma Adogu : Tammy: Why haven't you cried though Chris: YOU WANNA SEE TEARS OH I'LL SHOW U SUM TEARZ

Oochima : Grahm is so good at his job he made *me* want to confess my deepest darkest secrets.

mrray52381 : Please please please cover the 2019 R. Kelly interview!!!!

Nicky J : geez graham and tammy are like my mom when I was a kid. “Now maybe your brother told you to eat the cookies?” “yes” “YOU ATE THE COOKIES?!??”

Bambi M ୨୧ : 4:37 So are we not gonna acknowledge the fresh and potential defense wounds on his neck? Almost *100%* sure Shanna’n fought for her life.

Lela Nesheim : I notice Chris said "I loved those girls" -- in PAST TENSE -- that's a big tell, because he is the only one who knows they are dead.

Don't touch my AFRO! : The only time he shed tears is when he shed em for himself smh.

Crusader Maximus : The nerve of this man. Even Hardened Criminals, like Felons, KNOW kids are OFF LIMITS. That's why Pedo's and child killers are beat or even killed by other inmates in Federal, or even state, prison.

Somali king : He had a life that people would dreamed off.. beautiful wife beautiful baby girls another one on the way what a sick paster

CNN Blackmail Support : This is why I always try to act guilty of something, even when nothing has happened. I'm not going out because a neighbor sees me act odd. "No, officer, he is always nervous, fidgety, and bleaches his knives and clothes and car interior."