Watch These FBI Interrogation Tactics Crack Chris Watts, Family Murderer, Into Finally Confessing

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Fairly Vague : Every time he says ‘those kids’ I wanna break his bastard face

Michael Akkerman : Well, let this be a lesson to all of you. Don't kill people.

Natalie Belsha : God bless neighbor Nate and his camera

Jack Jackson : Man I applaud the interrogators, they have an extremely overwhelming job. Like holy crap how they can just calmly talk to a killer like that is crazy, but I suppose someone has to do that job or these guys wouldn't get caught!

Rob G : God they had the perfect life. Colorado is beautiful, kids are super fun. Super awesome neighbors. Pretty wife. This shit is beyond me. What a disgusting human being.

Houchi : Grahm is so good at his job he made *me* want to confess my deepest darkest secrets.

h baby : Can we acknowledge why he keeps referring to his OWN children as ‘those kids’. he seriously has no heart man

Miranda Marie : Glad he got arrested in the shirt he loves oh so much

Mxracer6y : FBI: "The only way they could've left was in your truck" Chris watts: "There's no way cause like i didn't just throw them in my truck" Except that's EXACTLY what he DID do.

no popo's : This SOB cried over his CO-WORKERS finding out but not one, ONE shed of tear for his family. FK I HATE this POS

MIFNP : I am NOT advocating for this narcissistic killer, but if ever arrested SHUT YOUR MOUTH, do not voluntarily take a lie detector, and hire an attorney ASAP. The police can make a non-guilty person seem guilty after a while. Trust me.

Lucianna S. : i don’t understand why he didn’t just get a divorce....RIP angels 👼

Sel : lmao when he looked at the cop all scared cuz he thought he was gonna get arrested

Southtacomamook : I would be raging maniac if my kids were missing. Id be knocking on doors. Kicking in doors. Id have to be sedated. This guy had a perfect life and was willing to kill his children and wife over some strange. Its amazing how weak some men are.

Thomas McCormick : Imagine being 16, getting stoned for the first time and coming home to that detective as your dad.

Chelsea : you break things down so well. great job!

Elena Ht : He rarely says "my kids" he's always saying "these kids" . Its scary how cold he acts

Matt Orsie : Derek, I didn’t want to stay up until 2 am watching your videos, but god damn it I did it anyway.

Madalyn Leal : “there’s only one person in this room who knows what the truth is, and in about 5 minutes there’s gonna be 2 of us” wow that line

Sarah Smiles : You know what's crazy, the only reason that guy started crying was he knew he was caught. And then the thought of being embarrassed at work just devastated him. Didn't cry once about his children.

It's Izzy : Wow! Your videos are so detailed and amazing! The work that was put into this video was beyond outstanding!

TheEndIsVeryNear : How crazy that I kinda grew up with Christopher Watts. He was actually really popular, but also very shy. He stole the girl I had a crush on in 7th grade. Her name was Sarah Robert's. Lol. What a small world.

Nuttch : All the criminals are watching this and taking notes on how to play the FBI now

TRYING TO GET 100 SUBSCRIBERS WITH NO UPLOADS : thought I was going to watch 10 minutes and here I am 47 minutes later

Tanja Buchholz : He's more worried about what people will think about him than his children's lives. Unreal

Talia Thun : His parents already knew about the affair. This whole thing is sickening.

elsaa : 47 minutes well spent

Aisling Schweiger : How is the father of the POS not emotional about his grandkids dying. Wtf is wrong with the whole family

Jordan Madeline : “I didn’t load anything in my truck besides my tools, containers, blah blah “ Lying piece of crap you loaded your whole dead family into that truck.

*Coughx* Is the hoe : I feel like I’ve been apart of this crime investigation

Dumb Freddy : KUDOS to Derek Van Schaik. EXCELLENT best Youtube commentator and far better also than "professionals"on any news channel etc. This is your calling dude.

Jay Critch : damn you have to chill with uploading these videos I got school work to do lmao

Alexa Hernandez : he committed a crime in the most idiotic way, then agreed to the interrogations, lie detector tests, etc. thinking it would be obvious if he declined, then obviously lied. Where did he think he would get away with it 😂

Big Smoke : Drinking game: take a shot every time Chris tells a lie

Mike Vincent : he should be furious with the cop for wasting time interviewing him instead of looking for his family - that's how it should have looked, But because he knows they are dead he doesn't do that

Derek Van Schaik : What do you think went through Chris's head when he was informed that he's actually a bad liar, right before he was about to answer questions about their disappearance?

vValiente plays : Did anyone notice when he said “if these kids aren’t alive... “ the fact that he says “these” makes his psychopath side really stick out, the fact that he has no emotions about it and feels no connection to his kids to even say “if MY kids aren’t alive...” he says as if they’re random ppl and acts like they’re object “these”

Olivia Lukanuski : My heart breaks for Chris’s dad in this. I couldn’t imagine having a child who grows up to be a monster like this. Obviously we do not know all of Chris’s history, but his dad seems loving and supportive. So sad.

Emma Taggart : Chris's voice is always higher when he lies. Like if you noticed this too

siray junior : the polygraph taker lady sounds like mrs. incredible 😂

ChordXY : I sweat a bucket during interviews in general how much more in interrogations like this? I'll probably admit to everything even if I'm innocent just to get through the discomfort.

Mr. D. : I have new respect for FBI agents after this. Graham seems incredibly good at getting criminals to crack.

Ayako Askew : "I've always been a trustworthy person" from chris watts

LITG Sniper : Everytime he lied his voice got shaky and cracked

The Albino Shadow : Who else pees on the side of the toilet bowl to reduce sound?

Vickie : Great police work, also the neighbor with the video put this murderer behind bars. Justice!

Zoper : The polygraph test doesn’t really work effectively, it just gives a great way to make guilty people confess.

Ralf Boi : Low-key the mistress was in on it and planned it with Chris👀🙀

Grilled Cheese : Am I the only one who thinks that death penalty for murder should be a thing?

TheNinjaHug : Actually, polygraphs don't measure a person's truthfulness. They monitor heart rate, breathing, perspiration, and other factors, but the only thing that definitively tells you is whether someone is feeling nervous or stressed in some way. The idea that they can read if someone's telling the truth or not is pseudoscience. Yes, nervousness and stress could indicate a lie, but it could also be due to any other number of things, including the fact that the person is hooked up to a polygraph and is afraid that the police won't believe them. Not to mention, the technicians interpreting the machine's output can be incredibly bias, and their results and judgments have been proven to vary widely. There's a very good reason polygraph results are not admissible in court. That's not to say that they're not useful. Police routinely use polygraph tests to convince suspects to tell the truth, just like they did here. In this case, they didn't need a phony machine to tell that Chris was lying; his raised pitch on every lie was very clear, on top of all of the behavioral discrepancies he displayed those first two days. But they used the results of the polygraph to help soften Chris up and get him to crack.