Cyberpunk 2077 Story, Open World, And First-Person Gameplay Details | E3 2018

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Michael H : I just wana see some freakin gameplay

Tucker Austin : I don't care what the game's by CDPR...I'm gonna play it.

Mechanical Keyboard Man : So it's like a Deus Ex perspective, if that's the case take my goddamn money CDPR

Taimoor Shah : If all the entitled brats shut up and sit down for a minute to think, they would actually understand why this game is FP. As the guy said in the interview, this isn't a wide open world game like the Witcher where you're walking through empty fields, this game relies on verticality, and narrow streetscapes, which absolutely would not work in a 3rd person perspective. How are you going to look up at the tall buildings when they're hidden by your characters ass when you try to look up? How are you going to see all the details of the vendors when you're walking through a street, when your perspective is looking down at them from above? I've played plenty of 3rd person RPG's and I would have loved all of them to be 1st person if I knew I was going to miss out on some details. And knowing the devs for this game, there will be lots of tiny and intricate details that will probably be missed if it was in 3rd person. Not to mention that the combat for this game relies on guns, which always excel in 1st person.

Night : CDPR has fostered enough good will within the gaming community to deserve giving them the benefit of the doubt, don't you all think? So how about instead of spewing hate and disappointment everywhere, you take a deep breath and wait to actually see and play the game? Personally, I don't give a damn whether it's FPS or TPS. I just want the game to be good and the perspective I play it from doesn't matter to me.

Q-10 : Yo this honestly sound badass af🙌🏽🔥

kim nics : Comment Section: 95% about Cyberpunk 2077 being FPS 5% anything else

Überflip Tilapia : "We're a narrative driven company, first and foremost" <--- This is the most important thing he said, people complaining about something as trivial as the POV don't actually completely know what a western RPG is let alone how to even truly enjoy one. If something like that effects you THAT much then I pity your weak imagination.

Leriander : 90% of people complaining about FPP and saying "I'll pass" , are still gonna play this game.

Selecko : I've never seen so many entitled manchildren complaining about first person view before. I'll let CDPR decide whether or not their game works best in first or third person. Also, a lot of the whining about needing it to be third person seems to come with the comment "Because we want to see the character we made and their clothing as we progress". Like... what is this? Do you want to play Barbie's Dress Up or do you want to play a game? Kudos to CDPR for aiming Cyberpunk where they think it needs to go to fit the style, theme and narrative of the game.

19thHour : The cyberpunk Prey game we deserve.

Mr Fister : Can't wait for this to get banned in Australia!

. : I was worried that i could be Third Person perspective... It's a relief that it is First Person, now I'm buying it

s l : All u people who are getting angry because of fp r missing out on what will be one of the best games.

Close : Really glad it is first-person and not in 3rd person. 1st person only is much more immersive than the typical shallow depiction.

TrezlySnipes : Has anyone not played an Elder Scrolls game in FPS before?

Abraham Persreikä : I love how people were overhyped for this when the trailer came out and now, so many people are let down because it's not 3rd person? Ridiculous

Almer Reyhan : Do you guys realized there are games like borderlands or overwatch?? These games are fps but there are character customizations and we can still see our damn character in the game smh. Besides its still a first look, it can change when its officially launch.

Philboh8 : This will be sick. Regardless of camera

14UnDeAd14 : You can feel that the game has been in development for 10 years... it is very rich and diverse, but adding a 3rd person will make it even better !

AKTHUNDERDOG : Shut up and take my money! I want that Cyberpunk 2077 jacket from the trailer too!

Iftimescu Vlad : Aww, the first person perspective just threw a bucket of ice water over me. :(

SuperAminAmin : What is the point of customisation when you can't see the character cuz of 1 person it's just pointless


Haschwell : Why people so sensitive over a damn perspective? Ya'll little sissies can sit this one out. Have you guys seen the game? Have you played the game extensively? No? Then stfu? Maybe wait until you've actually seen the damn game before jumping to your silly conclusions. Fallout 4. Waited for a long time for it. Had option for 1st and 3rd person. Game ended up being a let down no matter what perspective you picked. CDPR just keep doing what you do. All im interested in is the product we end up getting whether its in 1st, 3rd or 85th person.

Syed Ayaan : That guy was openly talking about Cyberpunk 2077 and you guys end it with "that's all the time we have"?!?!

Jedidja den Otter : Crap first person... at least give a choice for toggling between third and first person like skyrim.

Borch Tre Taccole : This comment section seems to be full of spoiled childrens. The game is not third person, so what? As a matter of fact, that's not a malus. You can't have everything you want, people.

Blaž Bohinc : To all people hating on FPP - you're not using your frontal lobe very much, are you? Or listened to the interview? It doesn't make any sense to make it TPP because of how the world is made. The density, the play style, indoor fights - TPP would hurt gaming experience. Also - Destiny 2 is FPP and you see your character very often. And the guy said it's an RPG. You'll see your character in every conversation, transitions, skill usages.. not to mention mirrors, game menus. I mean.. honestly, you're just blindly hating on the game from a developer that proved itself to be the best we have in gaming world. If they made it FP, they have a very good reason to. Have a little trust in them, will you?

Jakaviusful : I love you CDPR. I respectively pass.

EVANS : I was hoping for it to be in 3rd person, but they've earned my trust their judgement. Also I need that Cyberpunk shirt

Dannythegreat93 : First person ? well it was nice while it lasted, I hate first person games.

binary1123 : First Person or not, let’s not be that kind of community please, CDPR hasn’t disappointed us with their games, let’s just wait til we can really get our hands on it to judge it properly

Electric Man : I also wished for 3rd person but I would still wait for some gameplay to see how it looks and plays. It would be huge singleplayer world singleplayer RPG with NO MICROTRANSACTIONS at all. That is enough for me consider a purchase considering all the other games will absolutely have some kind of system to squeeze money out of you. Also, it has a CDPR stamp on it so quality and passion is a given.

A J : Someone please create a patent for 3rd person option!

Saitama : My balls are jiggling

Admiral Turtle : First Person Driving? Well I’m going to crash

bloodcorer : Well if you don't like the first person view you can go buy Anthem...

John Bobbitt : Why is everything becoming first-person? UGH!!

Miguel Ferrandis Perez : I loved that they went with thoose super cars with turbos as it seems on the back of the wheels, i mean like retro futuristic cars instead of flying cars, i prefer way more retrofuturistic, like 80's look rather than the new futuristic athmosphere.

Ali Taimoor : First-person!! Seriously!! That's too bad for me. I waited for three years for an update on it and now they say it!. DIe Scums...

This is not a smurf account. : Customization and your characters look are a big part of this game needs to be third person. In games like destiny we are okay with first because the game is ONLINE with other real people and friends who SEE you and you show off your look that way. Why would I or anyone care about customizing their character to show it off to no one? It's MORE immersive in a single player game to let the player SEE their character.

OneTruePenguin ToRuleThemAll : All of you moaning about 1st person shut the hell up, if CDPR made that decision then it is the right one, they know what they are doing and they're trying to make us have the best possible experience. You will still be able to see your character in dialogues, item menu, and maybe while driving a car or some other activity. I'm 100% buying this game, CDPR take my money!

Proggy Froggy : I did not picture this game in any other way than first person. Even if you had a 3rd person option, I'd still switch to 1st person, just like Elder Scrolls, Fallout. The game is built around 1st person so that's how it'll play best.

cba12334 : NOOOOOOOOOOOOO First Person???????????????

anchico89 : love the 1st person perspective. this and smash bros were the stars of E3

Димитрий Ксай : Only 1st PERSON !?!??!?!? CD Projekt Red - think again

Dankman : I 100 procent believe in CDPR with this project

Clutch Tactics Gaming : Cyber punk looks like its going to be amazing can't wait. Was there a release date announced ??

Gamers Threshold : I am not sure about first person.....but it's CD projekt red so I think I can trust them.....but still first person is a big disappointment for me