Third Thumb Changes The Prosthetics Game
The Third Thumb Project Funky Prosthetics

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London-based product designer, Dani Clode designed a third thumb to change the way people think about prosthetics. Clode believes that prosthetics extent a wearer's ability. They shouldn't be regarded as a replacement to part of the human body. The third thumb is made from a series of interconnected parts: a hand piece, an attachment, cables, motors, and two Bluetooth controllers. See more from Dani Clode: The INSIDER team believes that life is an adventure! Subscribe to our channel and visit us at: INSIDER on Facebook: INSIDER on Instagram: INSIDER on Twitter:


CreeperGirl : **Stanford pines has entered the chat**

Lounehkin 루네긴 : Now I have an excuse for drawing people with 6 fingers

Nick Frutos : *Dr Octopus wants to know your location*

Taliah Miller : Third thumb.... I have a second thumb? Edit: Wait, on my other hand. Got it now, just a blonde moment don’t mind me

Maniac Magge : "how many fingers to i have behind my back?"

nope nope : Its all fun and games until an evil mastermind gets his/her hands on one of these, just to create some extra arms

ShibeAscend : Third thumb? Lmao what? I see two. edit: nvm

Shawn Fahoum : My girl always said use more fingers

2000 subscribers without any videos : *i finally can count to 6 with one hand*

ky sputnik : Cant wait for them to make a second brain so my first brain can sleep all day

Mikashi : gee and to think dogs couldn't get any more jealous

Stephan Dalton : We can finally use the N64 controller I believe.


Squid : then they show you the price

Majidah : I've played the new Spider-man, I know how this ends up.

Brian Hope : *_I can finally reach the stuff on the left side of my phone screen._*

Harsh Raj Always free : I always felt like one thumb was missing Now I can grab those boo....ks better

pan pan : *Welcome to episode 2575 of what is going on with my recommended list.*

Profectus : "Which is why I developed this inhibitor chip, to protect my higher brain function."- Doctor Octopus

CypherVn : Why do i have this feeling of emptiness in my hand now

the bull : That's a wrist I'm prepared to take.

TSM_Banna X : the doctor octopus age is close I can feel it

Oliver G.M Donerte 1000kr : Can we please get it between my thumb and forefinger because it is so much space between them!

Yeetus Defeetus : **Stan Ford Pines has left the chat**

Bryson Shepherd : I’m waiting for a “third arm” so I can use the N64 controller

Demo Demo : Nephilim had 6 fingers dun dun dunnn

Christian Farrel : Me: Yeah this is really handy.... *5 MINUTES LATER* *Me : I CANT FEEL MY PINKY HELP*

BubblegumNeko : The author of the journals...

jellypenn : to the people who comment in piano videos saying they need an extra finger

Jademonas S2 : i remember seeing this before gravity falls and wanting it now i want it even more

Anna Tsukiya : With extra thumb, I can double the rate of hitchhiking on the road. :0

Ricardok : Now make a third leg.

David Acosta : Dont point that middle finger at me Oh wait

neopalm2050 : am I the only one here who's slightly disappointed that the thumb was controlled by your toes and not some sort of interface with nerves so it actually acts like a different part of your body?

GetShocked : When you walk, it just opens and closes?

Golden Apple : General Grievous from Star Wars got two

Solrex the Sun King : With this tech, make a naga/Lamia tail you can wear over your legs! You would pump your legs up and down to move, as if slithering. This would make a really cool costume for LARP or Halloween or filming or whatever. Leaning left or right would turn which direction you go. Leaning on one foot excessively would cause the tail to curl up, but if coiling an object, it will squeeze but not crush the object/person. I would buy something like this haha! Imagine using the illusion of making a rubber hand feel like your hand to also feel what the tail does when wearing it!

willyum655 : *Dr octavius would like to know your location*

Lone x : I was utterly confused as to why it was called the "third" thumb when we only have one.... and then I realised we have two hands... *faceslap*

A really cool Potato : Jokes on you. I already have another thumb 4 in total. Polydactyl btw

Morgan Freeman : Next step: make it brain powered. But even without that step this still is really impressive!

BobGreta Wedepohl : Has this "extra thumb" ever been used/considered as a viable prosthetic for a partial hand amputee that lost their thumb?

the bull : That could come in handy.

balluumm1 : Absolutely amazing! I wish you all the best in developing it further. The world needs more people like you. Well done!

Vikrant : *Awesome ! Now give me a high Six*

Mekhi Terry : Do you want people running around like Dr. Octopus? Because this is how you get DR. OCTOPUS!

TacoTacoTacoTaco : You already have to use your feet to control it. Why not just use your feet like hands. 20 fingers then.

Ebanks Studios : -Pinky promise- *Third thumb promise*

CODENAME jitaku : At first i was like... Dude how is it a third thumb. And halfway through the video i realized.. *WAIT I HAVE TWO HANDS!!*