Third Thumb Changes The Prosthetics Game

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CypherVn : Why do i have this feeling of emptiness in my hand now

Maniac Magge : "how many fingers to i have behind my back?"

Poke : I'd be careful if I were these scientists. First, it's an extra thumb. Next, it's 4 extra limbs. And finally, *Doctor Octopus*

Matias Welz : I've played the new Spider-man, I know how this ends up.

jellypenn : to the people who comment in piano videos saying they need an extra finger

SmilingIpad : It took me too long to figure out why the it was called the third thumb and not the second thumb...

ky sputnik : Cant wait for them to make a second brain so my first brain can sleep all day

No Brakes : I cant wait to jack off with this.

Shawn Fahoum : My girl always said use more fingers

exactly 9999 subs challenge : I'm actually happy with five fingers

ItzaMeZeeZee : Where do I buy this piece of interesting shit

p00pyp4nts : Wanking will never be the same...

veru : I mean... Dr Octavius thought the same thing and look what happened

Arda Drawing : What if you walk with it? All the toes move so...

sam neale : Great, so now I want a prosthetic thumb

Isaac Aren : *cue Gravity Falls theme*

T-Mass : super cool unitlllll you gotta move your toes to use it. i'm out

Demo Demo : Nephilim had 6 fingers dun dun dunnn

Matt Welch : While this definitely seems like it would fun to mess with, I don't think it would be very practical for someone with a fully functioning hand. Nothing about this video gives me any real confidence that this can become a seemingly natural movement or reflex. Everyone in the video appears to be focusing very hard on simple actions, like slowly moving and stacking toy blocks. Even once your brain learns to associate toe movement with the functions of the prosthetic, you're probably always going to react and move much slower than a natural reflex. I could also be wrong, I don't claim to be any sort of expert on how the brain adapts to technology.

Zuzu : I hope they make an autonomous pair of legs so I don't have to walk with any effort anymore lol

the bull : That's a wrist I'm prepared to take.

Solrex the Sun King : With this tech, make a naga/Lamia tail you can wear over your legs! You would pump your legs up and down to move, as if slithering. This would make a really cool costume for LARP or Halloween or filming or whatever. Leaning left or right would turn which direction you go. Leaning on one foot excessively would cause the tail to curl up, but if coiling an object, it will squeeze but not crush the object/person. I would buy something like this haha! Imagine using the illusion of making a rubber hand feel like your hand to also feel what the tail does when wearing it!

Juan Curmina : Next step: Dock Ock.

Slamarchy : Spider-Man PS4 (2018)

vivoslibertos : I need this, My median nerve is severed and don't know if it's gonna fully heal or not.

Shaba Laba Ding Dong : Great another finger to finger punch my bussi with : Very nice invention. Some people can use their small finger in the same way as this prosthetic. The rest of us has to train for it.

Rebel Trooper Chris : That is weird , but kinda cool at the same time! *But don't go editing the human body please*

Sownheard : The future is now old man

Mark Z U C C : Has anyone tried jerking off with this yet?

Flayflay Calbit : 0:49 *DELIGHTED LAUGHTER*

the bull : That could come in handy.

Tim Draeger : Somehow I doubt that this is actually useful for anything.

Sarah : iThumb coming 2020

Lucitaur : She didn't change how we think about prosthetics, though; people were always trying to 'upgrade' their personal functions with technology, just not in a gimmicky way. Also, it's a second, not third thumb (and no, the fact we have a thumb on the OTHER hand doesn't matter because this is a modification of a single hand, and a single hand has one thumb). So overall this is neat, but highly pretentious.

pedro pablo garcia herrera : Que tristeza siento que me falta otro pulgar, seria fantastico tener esa protesis

Freefire 56 : Now gamers need this to be more efficient

JaveyDones : Prosthetic is actually neither a replacement nor an addition. It is simply an artificial limb, it does whatever it is needed to do. So the lady in the video can chill saying “they’re ACTUALLY used to extend people’s abilities”.

Ebanks Studios : -Pinky promise- *Third thumb promise*

Grade A Garbage : when doc ock is shook

Doctor bunny : [Delighted Laughter] I thought the girl was trying to do a evil laugh but ok

Mike Godwin : Technically it's the second thumb on whatever hand you attach it to. But I guess with the way she set up the controls you can't have four thumbs. Oh well I guess back to the drawing board. ...... lol

mary : When they walk their thumb spazzes

BLUEBERRY BOO : So this is how we're gonna evolve

TrickyFun Nation : 0:45 Rambo saying he's OK just after he fell out of helicopter from 200 ft height in the minefield activating 3 antitank mines :D

Mr Sir : She said this was 3D printed. Does anyone know where I can get the files?

Dominic Cook : It took me longer than I’d like to admit how it’s a third thumb

Mang Led McGee : I think a neural connection or eye/cheek sensor that has tensorflow learning to identify the optimal times to activate.

Lonex : I was utterly confused as to why it was called the "third" thumb when we only have one.... and then I realised we have two hands... *faceslap*

David Anonymous : Great. Now make a few hundred more fingers and a dozen more wearable prosthetic arms for us would you.