Mitchell and Webb's Kitchen Nightmares

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blue 492 : "King Lear is just English words put in order". What a line.

icicle241286 : 1:44 "The only way any of this will help my restaurant is if you stay forever!" Unfortunately, Mitchell & Webb were right on the money here – of the 21 restaurants featured on the first two seasons of Kitchen Nightmares, only two of them were still open within three years of Ramsay leaving.

SaysRobert : I like how the 'fancy potatoes' are just some crisps.

Kenpachi Zaraki : "Keep it up?! I havent't got it up!" LOL I love them

MattyMcCritic : 1:30 "And there's loads of things in there you didn't even mention, like the thing with the potato that might as well be magic as far as I'm concerned.." Lmao, By far my favorite part!

Angelica Guerrero : I feel horrible for Mitchell's character in this! Lol the poor bastard.

Therealgaz619 : Are you pulling my balls? LOL!!! XD

GunnerDH : Will you stay forever LMAO. This is one of the best they've ever done.

Alan Lo : so true... that's why some chefs in the show were so fed up with Ramsay.

SingenStatt Atmen : "You are much better at cooking, that's obvious! That's why you've got a tv show and I've got a failing restaurant!" xD That was *hilarious*! I mean, I actually quite like Ramsay and what he does (or at least what he did in the original British version of K.N.), but often enough there really are completely talentless people in the kitchen who 99% of the time get to stay there the whole time - and Gordon always gives them a new menu and cooks it all out for them to taste, and of course it's delicious, but *that is not the food their restaurant is now going to offer* because the cooks are still shit and they're not Gordon Ramsay. The way David lamented all that just made it so much funnier too... Will you stay forever? Hahaha... x')

Reason UPSB : this one actually makes me kinda sad... 

Jay667b : Over 60 Percent of the Restaurants on ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ Are Now Closed.

floooooooooooooooood : English King words Lear order is in put just

rompster : King Lear is just english words put in order! Howling.

Soundwave : As much as I still enjoy Kitchen Nightmares... this is definitely the truth right here.

DahriusArt : 1. press 1 2. repeat step 1 3. ????? 4. profit

A Skeptical Human : "You need food with BAWLLS"

George A : Ramsey came to a restaurant in my hometown  Norwalk, Ohio this summer. I don't think I want to eat there with him gone.

Lizzie Cook : Helloooo my name's Ninoooo

Fishfingers232 : He had a point...if you really can't cook a simple piece of fish then you shouldn't have a restaurant at all.

Smooth Operator : British comedy is the best !!

La Puerta : Egoraptor, is that you?

MrLTiger : he reminds me of mr. Reynholm

TheReallyReal IRA : " will you stay forever ". . . lol.

Necrobadger : Except in the show, Gordon makes a point of only doing decently easy dishes that anyone who has cooked for themselves once could do, and more importantly, he tries to make things EASIER on the cooks. Still a funny skit though.

Flakes : WOT M8 WOT!

お化け : I'm sure cooking that isn't what they're making it out to be. If someone told me how to cook a meal, showed the entire process and everything... the hard part is already done. It's like being given a problem to solve and the solution sheet to the problem, and all you have to do is copy down the answer to get an A. Anyone can do this shit. I can do this shit. However, I cannot do what Gordon does. That's the difference. I will say it again. I can, even if I haven't been cooking for years, cook what Gordon tells me to cook, so long as he tells me exactly how to cook it. Sure, it might take a few tries to get a hang of it, but if that's the only thing I needed to cook in a day, there's no way in fuck I wouldn't be able to cook it. Gordon is a professional, world-renowned chef because he *designs* meals creatively, using the knowledge he has about the subject. These people aren't professional chefs in the same way. The meals they created don't work and Gordon comes in and *gives* them meals to sell to their customers. This fixes a lot of the problems in their establishment and many of them flourish because of it. Because their customers are essentially being cooked a meal designed by Gordon Ramsay - not by the restaurant chef. And if they weren't given a meal to cook, they were corrected on how to cook it. Those that fail are those who refuse his advice. The important distinction is this: The chef being helped isn't objectively worse because he can't cook a meal Gordon Ramsay tells him to cook. He's objectively worse at cooking because he isn't as good at inventing new meals that people like.

Angry Yogbuscus : D'you do poison?

Dan Harrison King : 0:58 when your work is selling tv's in retail, and a customer asks what the best price you can do is on a £1500 TV thats already had £500 knocked off it

Ginger Scholes : Webb reminds me of Lord Flasheart from Blackadder.

Daniel Verberne : This is satire, comedy, but pretty insightful. I've watched plenty of Gordon Ramsay's shows and this is pretty much on the mark - the whole premise of the show is pretty cruel.

rufio'smousse : balls is just a funny word. watch fry and lauries jane eyre sketch


bob dole : THe funniest part was when he said "cookery"

Bismarck Titanic : Are you pulling my balls?! XD

A J : I must say, Webb does a fantastic job with this character. Although, Matt Berry would be my choice.

PumpkinEskobarr : They need to bring back this show. Netflix.... you reading this?!

David Whitfield : "Keep it up? I haven't got it up, as I'm surprised you weren't the first to say."

lyq3r : I just love British humour.

Euphonyfff : 1:10 "WOT MATE!?" *Zooms in* "WOT!?" Gets me every time.

Sam-pson Smith : after watching tons of kitchen nightmares. this is so SO TRUE.

Keyboard Doge : funny but actually pretty true i think lol

Sybren Maat : How DOES one make those potato things? They look great!

Loren Darcy : Great use of Doves for the music.

AndiGravity : I had a rollerblading coach who was like that (hey, it was a very long time ago). She was this really severe looking German woman who sounded like Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the way she would teach us would be to skate out, show us the move once, and then bellow "NOW YOU DO IT!" And you just couldn't show any fear around her because she'd skate up right behind you and start shouting at you "what are you, some sort of girl?" Frequently, the answer to that question was yes, but that wasn't important. "You skate around here so slow, like you are afraid of falling and hurting your little tush. You should not be afraid to run into the wall or fall down. It is the only way to learn! Move, girlie!" Then she'd just reach out and shove.

NightcoreEncore : This is my favorite Mitchell & Webb sketch of all time! :-D

Dan Data : Is that a Doves song that starts playing? Which track is it?

Mo 2k : this is perhaps the best acting david has ever done. I actually felt sorry for him

Fake Fan : Wooot m8 Wot

NoT ThAtonE : Webb's character reminds me of Flasheart off Blackadder