Curb Your First Date

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Dwight : He heard nothing else after she said "I air dry"....

Keelan S : too realistic

Aentrus : "She's THE wooOOOAAOOOORST"

Akaakaaka ak : Incorrect use of meme and seems to be from a show.

someBRUHro : Is that Mona Lisa from parks and rec

Crusty Plunger : ffs this is a wkuk comedy skit, doesnt count for a curb your meme

Sniper Warfare84 : Not how you use the curb meme

AHK4680 : My goodness 😂😂 what show is this?

Daniel Bateman : legitimate fear

scannaunderscore1 : Air dry?

FredIsMyName22 : this isn't great

Barking Frog from kekistan : this cant be real

Patrick Darling : All the stars are here!

Aaron McCommon : really just gonna add something from one comedy show to another comedy show. pointless.

Apple : Id fuk

kingbradley6000 : this meme is just an excuse to steal other people's content

lewis morrison : Doesn't properly count, but his face when the music starts was hilarious

Anita Bonghit : what did you expect when you went on a date with a buzzfeed senior writer

Vincent Van Gogh : That's Mona-Lisa Saperstein from Parks and Rec

BobsAndVegane : Should have started the song after she said "strong, independent woman".

Laxis 710 : Ok so I've been watching a lot of twkuk and also these curb memes and holy fucc what are the odds

Ankur Roy : Bahahaha XD Wtf !!!


Lapidot : 'i airdry' Um.......wot

Retro Mammoth : a good one!

Eva Braun : Ewww.. she's a strong independent woman gross

MrMarbles0Xecution : lmfao

Jay Iyer : jewish girls are criminally underrated

DudeManBro : This is from The Whitest Kids You Know if you were wondering. Which is a comedy that's already funny. The curb music makes it unfunny. You can't abuse curbing something. It can make or break the video.

Cool Jesus : face droppin faster than british exchange rates...

The Fisting Tree : I am leaving at the words I dont use tampons I am out of there your paying for dinner and I am running

Col. Angus : She looks like a turkey

Justice Warrior : WTF IS AIR DRY???


Robyn Highart : Curbing a purposefully funny video. wat

StevanColberto : *she doesn't use tampons because she's a man💩

LIberations army against freedom : And this is how a mgtow is born.

Jungle Queen : I'm a strong independant woman. Uh i dont use tampons i airdry.

Andrew : sounds about right

MarklarsonTube : Jenny Slate

Perfect_Poop : Run and don't look back!!!

Otakamerd : Sounds like a Business pitch and he wasn’t into what she was selling

Mrius86 : He looks like he is in desperate need for a gallon of PCP.

Pyre : That guy looks like a psychopath

Kevin Arthur : Jenni slate

Alexander Moreno : This is funny af lol

PaperMoon : Help me pls I don't get the joke PLS HELP ME I DONT UNDERSTAND

Ashley Biz : Isn't she the girl that says "MONEY PWEAAASSEEE"

deidjera : Run...

Bo ThatGuyYouDon'tKnow : WKUK lol look up The Grapist for their best skit