Curb Your First Date

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Crusty Plunger : ffs this is a wkuk comedy skit, doesnt count for a curb your meme

Keelan S : too realistic

someBRUHro : Is that Mona Lisa from parks and rec

Aentrus - Claudio Cesar : "She's THE wooOOOAAOOOORST"

BPLNothingChannel : Should have started the music when she said strong independent.

National Socialism : Not how you use the curb meme

Ipledthe5th : He heard nothing else after she said "I air dry"....

Joey Fnuts : All the stars are here!

Barking Frog from kekistan : this cant be real

AHK4680 : My goodness 😂😂 what show is this?

BobsAndVegane : Should have started the song after she said "strong, independent woman".

Will Hall : God, what a sexy little jewess


SwanQueen : 'i airdry' Um.......wot

Retro Mammoth : a good one!

Jay Iyer : jewish girls are criminally underrated

DudeManBro : This is from The Whitest Kids You Know if you were wondering. Which is a comedy that's already funny. The curb music makes it unfunny. You can't abuse curbing something. It can make or break the video.

The Fisting Tree : I am leaving at the words I dont use tampons I am out of there your paying for dinner and I am running

Col. Angus : She looks like a turkey


Robyn Highart : Curbing a purposefully funny video. wat

StevanColberto : *she doesn't use tampons because she's a man💩

Scott P : This is a disgrace to the “curb your meme” movement

Anthony S. : She looks like a Dodo bird.

Alissa Radish무 : She looks like mona lisa

Otakamerd : Sounds like a Business pitch and he wasn’t into what she was selling

Kevin Arthur : Jenni slate

Aidan Rogenes : WKYK

common sense czarnogród : And this is how a mgtow is born.

Bishop Anderson : Please don't let this be real

Sweegy Swag : I've always found this girl to be super attractive

Armed And Dangerous : This is from: The Whitest Kids U Know. 😂

Grandpa Soldier : Whats wrong i see nothing wrong with this

j d : You can't try making comedy using a clip that surprise surprise already was a comedy. Curb your understanding and curb your effort.

FoolishInk : I feel like I'd hear this in this situation

Seth Morris : Ms scabs over here

British Brexit National Interest Announcement : Poor, can't curb your... From fiction

moon bear : WKUK!

Samurott : WKUK

Thomas Bisset : What show is this from?

Rj Ozalas : RUN

frederick steiner : i dont use tempons ,,,,,,,,, i air dry

DAZZA Eustace : this is college humour

Fake from Stake Jarm : Fucking DRYCLEAN

GamingExtraordinary : Holy shit is that the guy from WKUK? Holy hell they're ancient

The Rational : Freebleeding: the grossest thing feminism ever produced.

Jack McElligott : Timing was excellent.

Bo ThatGuyYouDon'tKnow : WKUK lol look up The Grapist for their best skit

kingbradley6000 : this meme is just an excuse to steal other people's content

Sheldon Ray : MGTOW